Saturday, December 7, 2019

Day of Giving

Today is a big day of gift giving here at The Collector. My daughter's birthday party is this afternoon and before the party starts I'm going to the post office to mail a pile of packages for my card collecting friends (and one eBay buyer.) A handful of cards I planned to send out were being held at COMC and, since they included a Secret Santa gift, I had to request shipping on these the week before Black Friday. 

It's a relief to finally be able to send these gifts out because I received my Secret Santa gift on Monday. CaptKirk42 of the blog Curly W Cards drew my name out of the hat and sent three wrapped packages (I'll save the largest one for a future post..)

Before opening these two packages I'd assumed that one would be a retail fat pack of new product like 2019 Topps Update or something and the other would be single cards.

I assumed incorrectly. Both packages from Kirk were loaded with cards from all of my favorite teams, including the Devils team set from 2019-20 O-Pee-Chee..

..and Devils cards from back in the days when they actually won a few games.

Six Red Sox, including a serial-numbered Matt Barnes auto...

And a bounty of Brett Favre cards! 25 in all! I haven't had time to check how many are new to my collection, but my guess is that three or four of these were needs.

These Chrome cards are fantastic! I remember buying as much 2004 Bowman Chrome as I could find that year - which wasn't more than a few packs here and there.

So many cool cards here, including the 2004 Bowman's Best and Fleer Showcase. I definitely did not have that Standing O football in the middle.

Kirk also sent a Brett Favre Starting Lineup figure, which is timely given my recent posts.

Brett Favre is by far my largest player collection, but the only PC I prioritize ahead of him is..

I had gone months without adding any new Peter Worrell cards until recently, and it means a lot more when they're part of a care package. Kirk, thank you so much for this very thoughful Secret Santa gift!

Here are some of the hand-picked singles I received in the COMC shipment. Normally I would make this a second post but there's so much going on I didn't want to drag it out.

I prioritized thicker cards since I have an abundance of thick top loaders sitting in my closet. The Clemens Museum Collection was $0.37 - cheaper than a flagship set filler of a nondescript Braves reliever! The Banks Museum single was $0.46 - cheaper than a Topps Big League set filler of a failed Yankees prospect! The Soto copper parallel was $2.25.

Two more exquisite singles, which I bought previous to the Chara and MacKinnon. Staal cost me $1.44 but if I'd waited until the BF sale I could have grabbed it for under a buck - as I did with the Subban relic. The Pedroia patch was the most expensive item in this order at $6.20.

These were the only other cards that cost $4 or more. I was especially thrilled to add an Aaron Rodgers relic to my Packers PC for just $4.75. The Soto Heritage RC cost $4.48. I was busy hunting down his singles during the World Series. If I had the cash to buy high-end prospect autos he's the one guy I'd go "all-in" on right now.

The rest of my keepers, including another Favre. The Green foil at the bottom right is Sean Doolittle. I've wanted an Oakland A's card in that color for a while, and Doolittle is one of a handful of Nationals players I've cheered for recently. I was very happy Kirk's Nationals won the Series this past year. Hopefully they can bring back Steven Strasburg and/or Anthony Rendon to defend their title, but even if they lose a big-name free agent I wouldn't count them out next year ;-)

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, December 5, 2019

COMC Black Friday weekend in review

Did you do any Black Friday shopping on COMC this past weekend? This is likely the first time I did not have anything shipped to me during their annual sale. Their "specials" continue to be less and less special every year, and setting a minimum purchase of $99 just to earn free shipping (by Dec.23?!?) was such an insult that I refused to qualify (but I nearly did anyhow...) 

Since the cards I purchased won't be in-hand for quite a while I might as well share my thoughts on them now.

I had $17 in challenge credit before the sale, and I will give credit to the COMC gatekeepers for keeping those challenges open the whole week leading up to the sale. There were four cards I immediately wanted to jump on, but only two of them were discounted - both by the same seller:

This Orlando Cepeda second-year card was $8 before the sale. I grabbed it for $5.29 on sale, which allowed me to add this to my cart:

Solly Hemus sounded only vaguely familiar to me but it's a 1952 Bowman rookie card in good shape (I hope), and it was only $2.69. That's good enough for me. 

I had $65 remaining from eBay sales and put $60 in my COMC account. It was all I'd planned to spend during the weekend. With my total up to $69, I made an offer on another vintage card and it was accepted:

Really thought I had a 1956 Topps Richie Ashburn already, but I guess I added it to my eBay watch list and never picked it up. This was an auto-accept at $36.20; the seller had another '56 HOFer I needed, but I could only afford one and chose the cheaper card so that I could pick up some Packers.

The backs of these Flashback Fabrics cards are weak (like most non-base cards these days) but it's an actual game used swatch, and..

It's numbered 4 of 399! This would be my first Favre card numbered #4/xx, so I gladly paid the sale price of $11.73.

Then we have this Jordy Nelson Immaculate Numbers relic. I absolutely overpaid for this. 

When I came across this last year it was priced at $20.25 ($16.25 on sale). That was too much for me, so I left it on my watch list all year. This Black Friday weekend, Nelson was on sale for.. $16.25. I got tired of waiting so I grabbed it. What could I have bought instead?

This Calvin Johnson relic is available for under $16 right now. On sale it was less than half that. Sigh.. the price of being a Packers fan..

To be honest I could have purchased both cards. I had enough room in the budget for Megatron, but instead I spent my remaining cash on a couple of Boston boys.

I added this Zdeno Chara to my Exquisite set build for just $3.75. That left me with $4.40. There was a Sterling Sharpe relic that I really wanted priced at $5.24 ($4.50 on sale.) I made an offer of $3.75, and the seller countered with the sale price of $4.50. I didn't have $4.50, I had $4.40. So I offered him that, and he declined.

Then I tried the same offer with a card priced at $5.25 (not on sale). This seller accepted:

That was it. My Black Friday shopping was complete, and I had... six cards?!? A new personal low by far. 

Then Cyber Monday came along and some of the cards on my watch list were discounted even further. I decided to clear them out, and added another $10 to my COMC account. With $2 more in challenge credit earned late Monday night I had $12 to spend... but what to spend it on?

The Calvin Johnson relic was now $6.25 and I agonized over it. I really wanted to grab a Taylor Hall auto even though I know he's not long for New Jersey and will probably be traded by the end of February. But $7 for an on-swatch auto was too good to pass up:

That left me with $5 - not enough for Calvin, but enough to add another Exquisite single:

Nathan MacKinnon cost just $2.49. I'm now down to five needs in the 30-card base set.

With my remaining $2.51 I added two more Brett Favre cards:


There were three copies of this Pinnacle Inscriptions Favre - one unpeeled for $2.75, one peeled (and scratched) for about $0.65, and this peeled and (hopefully) unscratched copy, which cost me $1.20. 

This Panini Illusions Favre sold at $0.75 then resurfaced for $0.68. I double-checked my TCDB have list, confirmed I don't have it, and added it to my cart.

That left me with $0.63, just enough for this odd-looking Dave Andreychuk milestones card which, if turned on its side, notes his 500th goal.

That's... better?

How did you spend your Black Friday weekend? Did you get any great deals on cards, gifts, or anything else?


Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Starting Lineup - The Lost Years: 1990 edition

In 1990, Kenner significantly reduced the amount of baseball and football players produced in their Starting Lineup line. The MLB set was once again their largest, but the 87 player checklist in 1990 was roughly half the size of the 168-piece set in 1989. Same for the NFL line, which was reduced from 122 in 1989 to 66 in 1990. 

As I mentioned in my previous post, the NBA checklist increased in 1990, going from five players to seventeen. NHL figures were still three years away, but if Kenner had produced the 94-player set I listed in my 1989 mock checklist, there's a high probability that the 1990 edition would have checked in at around 50-55 figures. That means no more obscure subjects like Peter Sidorkiewicz, Paul MacLean, or Petri Skriko. From here on out it's stars only (for the most part..)

 *new player added in 1990

custom card by Gavin
Adams Division

Boston Bruins (3)

  • Ray Bourque
  • Craig Janney*
  • Cam Neely

Buffalo Sabres (4)

  • Dave Andreychuk
  • Dale Hawerchuk (traded to Buffalo in June 1990)
  • Daren Puppa*
  • Pierre Turgeon

Hartford Whalers (2)

  • Ron Francis
  • Pat Verbeek

Montreal Canadiens (4)

  • Shayne Corson*
  • Stephane Richer
  • Patrick Roy
  • Denis Savard (traded to Montreal in June 1990)

Quebec Nordiques (1)

  • Joe Sakic

custom card by Gavin
Patrick Division

New Jersey Devils (3)

  • Kirk Muller
  • Brendan Shanahan*
  • Peter Stastny

New York Islanders (2)

  • Mark Fitzpatrick*
  • Pat LaFontaine

New York Rangers (3)

  • Brian Leetch
  • Bernie Nicholls
  • John Ogrodnick*

Philadelphia Flyers (2)

  • Murray Craven*
  • Rick Tocchet

Pittsburgh Penguins (4)
  • John Cullen*
  • Paul Coffey 
  • Mario Lemieux
  • Mark Recchi*

Washington Capitals (2)

  • Dino Ciccarelli
  • Kevin Hatcher*

custom card by Gavin
Norris Division

Chicago Blackhaws (4)

  • Chris Chelios (traded to Chicago in June 1990)
  • Steve Larmer
  • Jeremy Roenick*
  • Doug Wilson

Detroit Red Wings (1)

  • Steve Yzerman

Minnesota North Stars (3)

  • Brian Bellows
  • Jon Casey
  • Mike Modano*

St. Louis Blues (2)

  • Brett Hull
  • Adam Oates

Toronto Maple Leafs (2)

  • Vincent Damphousse
  • Gary Leeman

custom card by Gavin
Smythe Division

Calgary Flames (4)

  • Doug Gilmour
  • Al MacInnis
  • Sergei Makarov*
  • Joe Nieuwendyk

Edmonton Oilers (3)

  • Jari Kurri
  • Mark Messier 
  • Bill Ranford*

Los Angeles Kings (3)

  • Steve Duchesne
  • Wayne Gretzky
  • Luc Robitaille

Vancouver Canucks (2)

  • Trevor Linden
  • Paul Reinhart

Winnipeg Jets (1)

  • Phil Housley (traded to Winnipeg in June 1990)

The 1991 and 1992 Starting Lineup sets were even smaller than this. I'll probably combine the NHL mock-checklists for those two years into one post and wrap up this series next week. 

Thanks for reading!


Monday, December 2, 2019

Starting Lineup - The Lost Years: 1989 Edition

I'm going to do something a little different for the 1989 series of Starting Lineup sets that weren't. In my last post I briefly mentioned Kenner's 1989 NBA series. After producing 85 NBA figures in 1988, Kenner made just five the following year.

Five new figures are better than none - which is how many NHL figures Kenner produced in 1989. So here's my mock checklist for the 1989 Starting Lineup NHL series (we'll get back to the NBA at the end.)

*new player added in 1989

custom card by Gavin
Adams Division

Boston Bruins (5)

  • Ray Bourque
  • Craig Janney*
  • Andy Moog*
  • Cam Neely
  • Glen Wesley*

Buffalo Sabres (4)

  • Dave Andreychuk
  • Phil Housley
  • Christian Ruutu*
  • Pierre Turgeon*

Hartford Whalers (4)

  • Kevin Dineen
  • Ray Ferraro*
  • Ron Francis
  • Peter Sidorkiewicz*

Montreal Canadiens (6)

  • Guy Carbonneau*
  • Chris Chelios
  • Mats Naslund
  • Stephane Richer
  • Patrick Roy
  • Bobby Smith*

Quebec Nordiques (5)

  • Jeff Brown*
  • Michel Goulet
  • Guy Lafleur* (signed with Quebec in July 1989)
  • Joe Sakic*
  • Peter Stastny

    custom card by Gavin
    Patrick Division

    New Jersey Devils (5)

    • Sean Burke*
    • John MacLean*
    • Kirk Muller
    • Walt Poddubny (traded to New Jersey in June 1989)
    • Patrik Sundstrom*

    New York Islanders (2)

    • Pat LaFontaine
    • Brent Sutter*

    New York Rangers (4)

    • Tony Granato*
    • Kelly Kisio*
    • Brian Leetch*
    • Tomas Sandstrom*

    Philadelphia Flyers (6)

    • Pelle Eklund*
    • Ron Hextall 
    • Tim Kerr*
    • Pete Peeters* (signed with Philly in June 1989)
    • Brian Propp
    • Rick Tocchet

    Pittsburgh Penguins (4)
    • Rob Brown*
    • Paul Coffey 
    • Mario Lemieux
    • Dan Quinn

    Washington Capitals (4)

    • Geoff Courtnall*
    • Dale Hunter*
    • Mike Ridley*
    • Scott Stevens

    custom card by Gavin
    Norris Division

    Chicago Blackhaws (5)
    • Dirk Graham*
    • Steve Larmer
    • Dave Manson*
    • Denis Savard
    • Doug Wilson

    Detroit Red Wings (3)

    • Bernie Federko (traded to Detroit in June 1989)
    • Gerard Gallant
    • Steve Yzerman

    Minnesota North Stars (5)

    • Neal Broten
    • Jon Casey*
    • Dave Gagner*
    • Mike Gartner
    • Larry Murphy

    St. Louis Blues (4)

    • Brett Hull*
    • Paul MacLean* (traded to St. Louis in June 1989)
    • Greg Millen*
    • Adam Oates* (traded to St. Louis in June 1989)

    Toronto Maple Leafs (3)

    • Vincent Damphousse*
    • Gary Leeman*
    • Ed Olczyk

    custom card by Gavin
    Smythe Division

    Calgary Flames (6)
    • Doug Gilmour
    • Al MacInnis
    • Lanny McDonald*
    • Joe Mullen
    • Joe Nieuwendyk
    • Mike Vernon

    Edmonton Oilers (6)

    • Jimmy Carson
    • Grant Fuhr
    • Jari Kurri
    • Mark Messier
    • Craig Simpson*
    • Esa Tikkanen

    Los Angeles Kings (5)

    • Steve Duchesne*
    • Wayne Gretzky
    • Kelly Hrudey*
    • Bernie Nicholls
    • Luc Robitaille

    Vancouver Canucks (4)

    • Trevor Linden*
    • Kirk McLean*
    • Paul Reinhart*
    • Petri Skriko*

    Winnipeg Jets (4)

    • Dave Ellett*
    • Dale Hawerchuk
    • Fredrik Olausson*
    • Thomas Steen

    Kenner significantly increased the size of their baseball set in 1989, producing 168 figures. The NFL set slimmed down a bit, from 137 players in 1988 to 122 in 1989. Our mock hockey set expanded somewhat, going from 80 in '88 to 94 in '89. (It gets smaller in 1990.) 

    As for the 1989 NBA series... it appears as though Kenner had planned to produce a full set that season:

    As you can see, the checklist on this Kelly Tripucka figure lists very few new players - just two Celtics aside from the expansion Heat and Hornets. The three Hornets players, Ron Harper, and Larry Nance (who isn't even listed) were the only figures produced. Also the collector cards look exactly the same as the 1988 NBA series. If anyone has any info about why Kenner failed to follow through on a full 1989 NBA set please let me know!

    Kenner made just 17 NBA figures in 1990, but at least the cards were current and the checklist back was accurate. Perhaps basketball figures just weren't selling as well as baseball?

    I'll have a mock checklist for the 1990 Starting Lineup NHL series by the end of the week, and then (hopefully) some actual sports card content to follow.

    Thanks for reading!


    Saturday, November 30, 2019

    SLU - The Lost Years (a 12 Days of Christmas preview)

    This December, The Collector will be celebrating Christmas with a look at some of my all-time favorite toys, games, and gifts. Included in the series will be sports action figures such as McFarlane SportsPicks and Kenner Starting Lineup. I wrote a post about SLU figures in general a few years ago and my 12DOC post(s) will expand on my experiences collecting them as a kid. 

    In the meantime, I've been working on something adjacent for years. It always fascinated me that Kenner produced MLB, NFL, and NBA figures starting in 1988. However NHL figures were not produced until 1993. (The 1989 NBA "set" is another topic I'd love to tackle someday.)  

    I thought we could fill in the gaps with a mock checklist of figures from every team from 1988-1992. Since we can't create custom figures, I've enlisted the help of Gavin to create some custom cards for each "lost" year of Kenner SLUs. 

    In 1988, Kenner produced figures for 132 MLB players, 137 NFL players, and 85 NBA players. (h/t Hockey isn't nearly as popular as those sports in the United States, and that was also true thirty years ago. That being said, one third of the 21 NHL teams at the time were based in Canada - and the top teams and players of the mid-late 1980's were Canadian as well. And so our checklist will be roughly the size of the 1988 NBA series - 80 players. Here they are:

    Adams Division:

    Boston Bruins (4) 
    • Ray Bourque (Norris trophy winner led Bruins with 81 points)
    • Reggie Lemelin (4th in NHL with 2.93 GAA in 1987-88)
    • Ken Linseman (2nd on Bruins in reg. season scoring, 1st in playoff points)
    • Cam Neely (led Bruins with 42 goals in 1987-88)

    Buffalo Sabres (3) 
    • Dave Andreychuk (Sabres' scoring leader with 78 points in 1987-88)
    • Tom Barrasso (Runner-up for Vezina trophy tied for 5th in NHL with 25 wins)
    • Phil Housley (led all NHL defensemen with 29 goals, tied for third on team)

    Hartford Whalers (3) 
    • Kevin Dineen (tied for team lead with 25 goals in 1987-88)
    • Ron Francis (led Whalers in scoring with 75 points, co-leader in goals)
    • Mike Liut (3.18 GAA ranked 7th in NHL, 25 wins tied Barrasso for 5th)

    Montreal Canadiens (6) 
    • Chris Chelios (led all Habs defensemen with 20 goals, 61 points, 172 PIMs)
    • Claude Lemieux (second on Montreal with 31 goals in 1987-88)
    • Mats Naslund (second on the team with 83 points, won Lady Byng trophy)
    • Stephane Richer (50 goals tied for 6th in NHL in 1987-88, led team)
    • Larry Robinson (40 points in 53 games, second among Canadiens blueliners)
    • Patrick Roy (2nd team NHL All-Star led league in save %, 3rd in GAA)

    Quebec Nordiques (2) 
    • Michel Goulet (led Nordiques with 48 goals, 2nd team All-Star)
    • Peter Stastny (tied for 5th in NHL with 111 points in 1987-88)
    custom card by Gavin

    Patrick Division:

    New Jersey Devils (3) 
    • Aaron Broten (57 assists tied for team lead, second on NJ with 83 points)
    • Kirk Muller (led the Devils with 94 points in 1987-88, 14th in NHL)
    • Pat Verbeek (team leader in goals with 46, second in PIMs with 227)

    New York Islanders (4) 
    • Pat LaFontaine (Islanders' leader with 47 goals, 92 points in 1987-88)
    • Denis Potvin (led Isles defensemen with 51 points in his final season)
    • Billy Smith (4-time Stanley Cup winner was 8th in NHL with 3.22 GAA)
    • Bryan Trottier (second on Islanders with 82 points in 1987-88)
    custom card by Gavin

    New York Rangers (4) 
    • Marcel Dionne (scored his 700th career goal in '87-88, finished second on team)
    • James Patrick (45 assists was third on Rangers, first among defensemen)
    • Walt Poddubny (led Blueshirts with 38 goals, 88 points in 1987-88)
    • John Vanbiesbrouck (4th in NHL with 27 wins, 3rd with 1,513 saves)

    Philadelphia Flyers (4) 
    • Ron Hextall (3rd among NHL goalies in wins and games played, 2nd in saves)
    • Mark Howe (All-Star was 3rd on Flyers with 43 assists, 4th in points with 62)
    • Brian Propp (Flyers' leader in assists and points in 1987-88)
    • Rick Tocchet (31 goals led the Flyers; 8th in NHL with 299 PIMs)

    Pittsburgh Penguins (3) 
      • Paul Coffey (5th among NHL defensemen with 67 points in just 46 games)
      • Mario Lemieux (NHL MVP led league with 70 goals and 168 points in 1987-88)
      • Dan Quinn (second on Penguins in goals with 40 and points with 79)

      Washington Capitals (4) 
        • Mike Gartner (led Capitals with 81 points, tied for 9th in NHL with 48 goals)
        • Clint Malarchuk (6th in NHL with 3.16 GAA, tied for NHL lead with 4 shutouts)
        • Larry Murphy (second on Caps with 53 assists, 22nd in NHL among all skaters)
        • Scott Stevens (Norris trophy runner-up led Capitals with 60 assists)

        Norris Division:

        Chicago Blackhaws (4)
        • Steve Larmer (41-goal scorer in 1987-88, finished second on Chicago with 89 points)
        • Denis Savard (All-Star finished 3rd in NHL with 87 assists and 131 points)
        • Rick Vaive (second on the Blackhawks with 43 goals in 1987-88)
        • Doug Wilson (led 'Hawk defensemen with 24 assists, 32 points in just 27 games)

        Detroit Red Wings (4)
        • Gerard Gallant (second on Red Wings with 73 points, third on team in goals)
        • Glen Hanlon (tied for NHL lead with 4 shutouts in 1987-88, 9th in sv% & GAA)
        • Bob Probert ('88 All-Star led NHL in penalty minutes, led Red Wings in playoff points)
        • Steve Yzerman (team leader in points with 102, scored 50 goals in 64 games)

        Minnesota North Stars (3) 
        • Brian Bellows (North Stars' All-Star finished second on team in goals and points)
        • Neal Broten (4th on Stars with 30 assists, 5th in points with 39 in 54 games)
        • Dino Ciccarelli (led Minnesota with 45 goals and 86 points in 1987-88)

        St. Louis Blues (3) 
        • Bernie Federko (7th in NHL with 69 assists in 1987-88, led St. Louis in points)
        • Doug Gilmour (Blues' second-leading scorer led team with 17 playoff points)
        • Tony McKegney (led Blues with 40 goals, third on team in points and assists)

        Toronto Maple Leafs (4) 
        • Al Iafrate (Toronto's All-Star in 1988 led Leaf d-men with 22 goals and 52 points)
        • Ed Olczyk (Maple Leafs' leader with 42 goals and 75 points in 1987-88)
        • Borje Salming (Leafs' elder statesman was second on team with +7 rating)
        • Ken Wregget (5th in NHL with 1,490 saves, tied for 5th in games played)

          custom card by Gavin

        Smythe Division:

        Calgary Flames (6)
        • Hakan Loob (1st Team All-Star scored 50 goals and led Flames with 106 points)
        • Al MacInnis (second among Flames defensemen - and NHL defensemen - with 83 points)
        • Joe Mullen (5th straight 40-goal season in 1987-88, finished 5th on Flames in points)
        • Joe Nieuwendyk (Rookie of the Year led Flames with 51 goals, 5th-best total in NHL)
        • Gary Suter (led all NHL defensemen with 91 points, 6th among all skaters with 70 assists)
        • Mike Vernon (second among goalies in games played and wins, 4th in saves)

        Edmonton Oilers (6) 
        • Glenn Anderson (one of six Oilers in the All-Star game, 4th on team with 88 points)
        • Grant Fuhr (Vezina trophy winner played 75 of 80 games, led NHL in wins & saves)
        • Wayne Gretzky (Playoff MVP led league in assists with 109, traded in September '88)
        • Jari Kurri (shared team lead in goals with 43, 3rd among Oilers with 96 points)
        • Mark Messier (second on Oilers - and 5th in the NHL - with 74 assists and 111 points)
        • Esa Tikkanen (5th on team with 74 reg. season points, 4th in postseason points)
        custom card by Gavin

        Los Angeles Kings (4) 
        • Jimmy Carson (scored team-leading 55 goals as a 19 year-old in 1987-88)
        • Bernie Nicholls (3rd on Kings with 32 goals and 78 points in 65 games)
        • Luc Robitaille (L. A.'s All-Star led team with 111 points, tied for 5th in NHL)
        • Dave Taylor (Kings' captain scored 67 points in 68 games, 4th on team)

        Vancouver Canucks (3) 
        • Greg Adams (Vancouver's All-Star was second on team in goals and points)
        • Stan Smyl (Canucks' captain was 4th on team with 37 points in 57 games)
        • Tony Tanti (led Canucks with 40 goals and 77 points in 1987-88)

        Winnipeg Jets (3) 
        • Randy Carlyle (led Winnipeg blueliners in goals, points, and PIMs)
        • Dale Hawerchuk (Jets' captain finished 4th in NHL with 77 assists and 121 points)
        • Thomas Steen (fan favorite was 6th on Jets in assists and points)

        I would assume that the Gretzky figure would have been re-painted in Kings colors once the trade went down, but the card would be left as shown. Also I tried to include every team's top players but some lesser names were left out (such as Mike Bullard) if I didn't think they were "collectible" enough. 

        In my next edition of "SLU - The Lost Years" we'll look at the 1988-89 NHL season and series. Perhaps I'll cut down on the stats for that one :-)

        Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!