Monday, August 29, 2016

COMC Mailday!

My latest order from Check Out My Cards arrived at my door this afternoon. I don't love their new shipping rates but it's understandable. What frustrates me is that they are taking longer to ship out orders.

When I started buying from COMC they would ship all the cards in their WA warehouse right away (usually within 2-5 business days) and if you ordered anything from their Canadian warehouse those would be shipped separately and arrive 2-3 weeks later. This probably cost them a lot of money and hassle, which is why they scrapped that. I have no issue with that, either.

But this order that arrived today contained zero cards from their Canadian warehouse. I requested shipment on Aug 13, and t should have arrived one week later..maybe ten days, tops. Instead I had to wait 16 days. And I paid an extra buck due to the price increase. Pay more, wait longer? Not cool, COMC.

Rant over. 

Here's a few scans of the cards I was waiting for. This is the first time in a while that I didn't buy any graded cards or higher-end singles. I think the most I paid for any one card was $12.50 - for the Martin Brodeur Hockey Heroes card at the top left:

all these are PC (the Ovie is a glossy parallel)

I really like the 2015-16 O-Pee-Chee Platinum set. Target had some packs but almost all of them were tampered with (lousy punk kids) so I bought a handful of singles instead. 

I love, Platinum

The regular O-Pee-Chee Update RCs were dirt cheap, thanks to Upper Deck ePack users flooding the site with singles:

Max Domi is underrated.

Some random stuff I picked up. The Exquisite/Immaculate base cards are really nice - and surprisingly affordable - and the Perry jersey was $0.75 (thanks again, ePack!)

I don't really collect much football anymore, but I needed this Brian Urlacher Finest rookie to finish off my set. Only took me 16 years!

Low-end Red Sox were a significant portion of this order. I got a pile o' Dustin Pedroia cards, and a few assorted Sawx - past, present, and (possibly) future.

Last but not least, I scored a few vintage singles. This 1955 Bowman Enos Slaughter was only $4.80:

The surface on this card is very clean and I can't find any creases. However I'm not sure if the card is miscut or just off-center. It wouldn't be the first time; I bought  a 1968 Topps Roberto Clemente and a 1975 Robin Yount RC from COMC that were badly miscut - and a pair of 1952 Topps commons (Eddie Yost and Sibby Sisti) that PSA returned as trimmed. 

Either way, it's a nice vintage card of a Hall Of Famer  for under $5. Can't complain.

And finally.. the newest additions to my 1956 Topps collection (I'm still hesitating to use the word "set") :

The Erskine and Maas were $7-8 each, and are very clean. I'll send those to PSA eventually. The Ray Moore (white back) is a little iffy. The corners are a bit softer than I'd like, and there seems to be a tiny crease at the top right. I don't have my microscope nearby so it looks more like a crack... but it's not horrible. And it was only $2.05. 

I'm up to 36 cards out of 340 from the 1956 Topps set, though I might sell three of the subpar singles in a vintage lot. 

Have you bought anything from COMC lately? What do you like/dislike about the site?



  1. What a fantastic haul of cards you landed there. I am partial to the Henrique auto but truth be told, all those rookies are great and I love seeing vintage baseball!

    1. Thanks! There really are a ton of deals to be had on that site. The Henrique auto was $1.86! A lot of his stuff is still cheap despite his 30-goal season last year. And the OPC rookies were all a buck or less (except the Eichel.)

      Vintage cards are a lot of fun to collect and read about. There's one blogger who writes about his 52 Topps baseball finds. The cards are pretty worn but his stories are interesting!

    2. That's just awesome. I agree, Henrique's stuff is pretty cheap given his resume and I'm a little glad. I have a number of Henrique stuff and am always looking for more!

  2. I've been looking at it but I haven't had money to do so..