Saturday, August 27, 2016

Damn Yankees

A couple weeks ago I wrote on my "personal" blog about Yankees rookie slugger Aaron Judge and lamented that I sold his rookie card too soon - especially after he debuted with two homers in two games. Since then he's cooled off considerably - which pleases me as a seller and as a Red Sox fan.

However, I've now got seller's remorse over another record-breaking rookie, Gary Sanchez. 

I picked up this 2013 Bowman Sterling Prospects Japan Fractor Gary Sanchez card for $1.80 on COMC in early June with the intention of flipping it for a few extra bucks. 

What the heck is a 'Japan Fractor' anyway?

It took a lot longer than expected, as Sanchez was still in triple-A at the time. But a month later I sold the Sanchez card for $4.50. I don't want to know what it would sell for now. 

It's not a rookie year card of Sanchez and Bowman Chrome usually carries a bit more cache than Sterling. But still.. it's #d to 25, Sanchez is red-hot right now, and he's been talking (tweeting?) about leading the Yankees to the playoffs - which was unthinkable about a month ago.

The Yanks have been in need of a rebuild for years, and Brian Cashman finally pulled the trigger last month. You have to give him credit for the deadline deals he made and the prospects NY has brought in at the draft and the deadline. A lineup of Sanchez, Judge, Greg Bird, Clint Frazier, and whatever free agents they throw money at in the next few years is going to be deadly. 

But I thought we'd have at least a year or two to relax and enjoy the pennant and wild-card races sans Evil Empire, especially this year with the Red Sox doing all they can to give David Ortiz a proper postseason send-off. 

Sigh. I never thought I'd say this but... I miss A-Rod.

This is the crossover candidate I mentioned in my earlier post. Paid $74.65 on 4SC. 

[Hat tip to The Lost Collector who wrote about Gary Sanchez earlier today and is probably enjoying this a lot more than I am]  



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