Tuesday, August 30, 2016


On the same day that my COMC order arrived in (the general vicinity of) my mailbox... my BGS order arrived in my COMC inventory.

It consisted of one card:

I submitted this two months ago, back when Mazara was a leading contender for AL Rookie of The Year. At the time, BGS 9 exampls of this card were selling on eBay for north of $250. Now they're about $150. Which is fine with me...I paid $32 ungraded so I've got no more than $50 into it. And I still have it. That is to say, I haven't sold it.

Tbh, I'm not sure if I want to sell it, keep it, or upgrade it. If I were to sell it I certainly wouldn't sell it now (unless I got impatient and/or saw something else I'd rather have - which has happened before.) And it might be tough to upgrade since there seem to be a lot of BGS 9's circulating and not a whole lot of 9.5's (I dont have a Beckett membership so I can't see the Pop report figures on this particular card). 

Plus it's always tough for me to upgrade a card I already own when I could buy a new card. I just sold ungraded Upper Deck rookie cards of Steven Stamkos and Taylor Hall so I could buy a BGS 9.5 Stamkos RC. Now I need another Taylor Hall - especially since he's now a New Jersey Devil. 

Mazara isn't the highest priority for me right now, and he's regressed to the mean over the summer, so I guess I'll just let it sit in my COMC "Not For Sale" queue until I can decide what to do with it.



  1. You made a good investment! It has probably been over 5 years since I've sold a card. Blogging helped me thin the herd!

    1. I've had a Chris Archer-like season with selling cards, but this was definitely a win.