Friday, October 7, 2016

$25 here, $25 there

I mentioned in last weekend's post that I spent $25 on COMC and another $30 on eBay. That's not exactly accurate. I had just over the minimum $5 in eBay bucks and so that made the two purchases basically equal. So I thought I'd list my purchases here for a little comparison.

Total cards purchased:
eBay: 3
COMC: 16

Total shipping cost:
eBay: $3.70 ($3.50 + $0.10 each additional card)
COMC: $4.00*

*I'm not having these shipped until Black Friday when (I assume) COMC will have free shipping

The eBay purchases were geared toward my 1956 Topps baseball project. Invest In Baseball posted hundreds of cards from a set break. Most were ungraded, but a few were slabbed. I initially focused on this Jim Hegan card:

...but my web browser was too slow and my bid didn't go through (I guess I should have given myself more than 45 seconds.) So that minor annoyance forced me to turn my attention to the ungraded singles:

Roy McMillan - #123 ($13)

Dave Pope - #154 ($4.25)

Joe DeMaestri - #161 ($10)

My three winning bids totaled $27.25, plus $3.70 shipping. After deducting $5.08 in eBay bucks I spent a total of $25.87 on this trio of vintage cards.

Now for the COMC lot....Let's start with hockey:

2015-16 O-Pee-Chee Retro parallels - 5 cards

This is one of my favorite 'retro' designs, and I added these former Devils for $0.44 each. I also picked up two goalies at that price (Sergei Bobrovsky and John Gibson) and a second Duck (Corey Perry) for $0.38. Total $2.14 for all five.

Max Domi 2015-06 O-Pee-Chee Update Rainbow Foil

I already have this card, but at $0.35 I couldn't resist. Might try to flip it for a tiny profit...or I might start a Max Domi PC.

Seth Jones 2015-16 Upper Deck Ice Signature Swatches (#d/315)

I'm not sure where this card fits in my collection but it's a really cool design, Jones is a future fixture of team USA's blueline, and at $4.00 it was well within my budget.

Martin Brodeur 2012-13 Panini Certified Goalie Pulls

I had this card on my wantlist for quite a while. There was one on COMC last year, but the condition notes indicated a scratched surface. When a new and (presumably) scratch-free example hit the site, I jumped on it. At $5.25 this wasn't exactly a bargain (especially compared to the Jones) but sometimes you gotta pay a premium for PC cards.

Now for the baseball portion of this purchase...

Spencer Kieboom 2015 Bowman Chrome Refractor and Refractor Auto (both #d/499)


Honestly, I got these because I saw he got called up late in the year, and I like his last name. "Kee-boom"...haha. I got the auto with a best offer of $2.25 and the non-auto for $0.54. So I spent $2.79 on a backup catcher with a cool name.

Paul O'Neill 2012 Topps Tribute Unity Relics Sepia (#d/27)

I'm setting this one aside for a potential trade with Frankie M. Even a Red Sox fan like myself can't resist bargain priced memorabilia cards of Yankees stars; earlier this year I bought a Whitey Ford jersey for $5.25 and a Phil Rizzuto bat relic for $4.68.

Bret Boone 2002 Topps Gold Label Major League Moments

This is one of those cards COMC listed as [???] which might partially explain why I was able to add it to my collection for $0.97. No real use for this one, but it's a relic card for under a buck. I'll take it.

Carlos Gonzalez 2014 Topps Finest X-Fractor

Part of the reason why I'm so addicted to COMC is because you can pick up star player parallels for the price of a base common. This CarGo Xfractor was only $0.45.

Dustin Pedroia 2016 Topps Chrome Pink Refractor

This pink Pedroia parallel proves my point. Thanks to a dinged top right corner this card was at the bottom of the baseball barrel - at $0.31 it was the third cheapest card on COMC at the time. Pedey is my favorite current player to collect and I would have been thrilled to add this to my PC for three times what I paid.

Dustin Pedroia 2014 Topps Tribute Titans Relics Sepia (#d/35)

Another bat card, and another Pedroia - though this one cost considerably more. $5.37 is the most I paid for any single card in this purchase, but for a low-numbered Pedroia relic I think it's well worth it. This and the Brodeur Goalie Pull were the main wants here, everything else was icing on the cake.

David Ortiz 2013 Topps Finest 1993 Design

With my very last dollar I found room in the budget for this Big Papi card. It took some back-and-forth offers but in the end I was able to add this to my Ortiz PC for only $0.90.

That brought the total spent on this wave of COMC cards to $24.99.

What do you think? Did I get more for my $25 on eBay, or COMC? Would I have been better off with one graded '56 card or the three ungraded cards? Leave a comment and let me know.

Hope you all have a great weekend!



  1. I'm praying that Kieboom becomes a major league superstar.

  2. Great cards all around! I especially like the Seth Jones, very solid auto pick-up for just $4 there. I've been toying with starting on the '56 Topps set myself, how many do you have now?

    1. I'm still cataloging, but I think I have about 40 from 1956 Topps. More than half are graded EX 5 or better. Four HOFers- Koufax, Rizzuto, Spahn, and Nellie Fox.

  3. Great pickups. I really like the 2015/16 OPC Retro design. It's not quite up there with the 1956 Topps baseball design.. but it's really, really nice.

    1. I bought a bunch of the OPC/OPC Platinum Update Retros on COMC earlier in the year but I didn't have any from the main set until now. If I were going to build one of the two sets you mentioned I should have picked the cheaper one. But...nah. '56 Topps it is.

      Btw..for some reason I don't get e-mail notifications when you comment, so if I don't reply right away (or at all) please don't take it personally!

    2. The 1956 Topps baseball set is my favorite set of all-time... so I second your decision.

      As for notifications, i have the same issue with specific bloggers out there too. i think my email thinks they're spam.