Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween Treats - 2016 Topps Bunt & 16-17 OPC Hockey

Yesterday was a rough day for me - my six year old daughter had an 8 a.m. soccer game and we all had to wake up at 6:30 a.m. to leave the house at 7:30 a.m. Once again our purple team lost to our nemesis the red team, coached by a loud, obnoxious man who gets away with a ton of calls simply by shouting over the other coach or intimidating the poor 8th grade boys who have to ref these games for $5 an hour.

Said ref was not at all interested in calling fouls on any of the five red girls who pushed our purples blatantly and repeatedly. I refuse to be one of those "psycho dads" who insult and berate the refs or coaches to the point of threatening physical violence, but it's hard to watch. Especially because our coach is a nice guy who plays all of the players equally and gives them a chance at all positions. My daughter is new to the team, she's the most inexperienced player, and he went out of his way to praise her defense and improvement.

I definitely want her to keep playing soccer, and my wife is already talking about signing her up for spring. But I'm dreading another season of the red menace and their loudmouth coach exploiting the indifference of teenage referees.

Anywho... after the game we went out for breakfast at the local diner, and then I had to stop at the post office to ship out trade packs to Brian (of Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary) as well as AJ (of The Lost Collector). I was already in a foul mood from the game - and then the postal worker fingered my PWE to AJ four or five times before charging me the full bubble mailer price of $2.64. To ship a light PWE within my state.

The last eBay purchase I received came in a cushioned mailer and the postage was $1.10. I stared at the label longer than I stared at the card - how the heck was it so cheap to ship? I started to wonder how I was ever going to trade or sell again with USPS ripping me off. My depression started swirling again, and so I took a nice long nap. Nothing seemed to help.

Today is a much different story. For one thing, it's 75 degrees and sunny outside. On Halloweekend. Win! My wife took the girls to a Halloween party at the kids' little gym and then they're going to Grandma's ... so I have the house to myself all day.

I decided to do something I almost never do anymore... go outside. So many sports card bloggers have been writing about Topps Bunt that I've made it my mission to buy a box. Since I have no LCS within fifty miles of me, and it makes no sense to spend $10 on shipping for a $20-30 box that won't arrive at my door for 4-5 days my only option for retail therapy was the sports card aisle at Target.

Luckily they had one blaster of Bunt left. It was only $9.99 so I bought a couple packs of 2016-17 O-Pee-Chee Hockey, too. I'm really not as interested in hockey as I used to be - for reasons that I will explain in a future blog post. But the simple, old school stick design of this year's OPC set appealed to me. Pack one was okay:

The Dominic Moore is a rainbow parallel (I think?) but since I'm a Devils fan I have no use for it.

Pack #2 pretty much sucked:

The Plekanec retro is kinda "meh". Both packs were pretty "meh" - two inserts, four semi-star/star base cards.. and no Devils. :(

The Bunt blaster was much better, not only for "hits" but players/teams I collect.

Pack #1:
Ryan Zimmerman
Joey Votto
Dat Dude
Hanley Ramirez parallel #d/50!!!

No idea what they're calling this (a gold parallel maybe?) but I'll take it.

Elvis Andrus
Chris Sale (another angry lefty)

Pack #2:
Clayton Kershaw
Alex Gordon
Nomar unique unis!

I barely remember his Oakland A's days, and I've never seen them wear these awesome Philadelphia throwbacks. There's too much powder blue at the bottom but overall, this is a really neat card.

Jean Segura
Chris Archer
Michael Conforto (RC)

Pack #3:
Brandon Belt
Carlos Correa
a stupid code thing which counts as a card (wth?)
I guess this is for the digital Bunt cards, which I'm not going to bother with. I wasted enough time/money on Upper Deck's e-Pack. 

Marcus Stroman
Jose Berrios (RC)
Billy Hamilton

Pack #4:
Buster Posey
Luis Severino (RC)
Jake Arrieta lightforce

Apparently I forgot to scan this one, and now my scanner is being moody. Will try to add later.

Big Mac
Kyle Seager
Roberto Clemente

Pack #5:
Henry Owens (RC)
Adrian Gonzalez
Jon Gray (RC)
another code thingy

Seattle had the best uniform/color combo back in the day.

Hunter Pence
Brian Dozier

Pack #6:
Johnny Cueto
Hector Olivera future of the franchise

I don't think Olivera will be the future of any francihse...certainly not Atlanta's.

Yordano Ventura
Russell Martin

Pack #7:
Jason Kipnis
Wade Boggs!
Michael Brantley
David Price
Honestly, I wish the Sox would have kept Jon Lester.

Ben Zobrist
Joey Bats

Pack #8:
Johnny Bench
J.D. Martinez
Alex Gordon unique unis
Corey Seager (RC)!

I like when Topps mixes in a few retired stars who are not Hall of Famers - like Bo, Big Mac, and Straw.

Jacob DeGrom
Jonathan Lucroy

Pack #9:
Justin Upton
Nomar! (Mazara)
Aroldis Chapman
Starling Marte
Hank Aaron!
I also like when Topps mixes in a few retired stars who are Hall of Famers - like Bench, Clemente, and Hammerin' Hank.


Pack #10:
Ryan Braun
Evan Gattis
Papi program!

No, those aren't scratches on the card (or scanner) - the design has a weathered old program look. This and the HanRam parallel made this box a big win. Everything else was a bonus.

Blake Snell (RC)
Jeremy Hazelbaker (RC)

"bonus" Pack #11:
Jose Altuve
James Shields
Miguel Cabrera
Gregory Polanco
Willie McCovey
Shin-Soo Choo

Overall, a Sox-heavy box...the seven total Red Sox (5 base, 2 inserts) are the most of any team. Every team except for the Orioles, Marlins, and Phillies was represented in this 77-card blaster, and there were two or three cards of most teams which tells me that the checklist was fairly balanced.

If you haven't picked up a box of Bunt I highly recommend it. You can't beat the price, and the base and insert designs are really sharp for a low-price product.

Happy Halloween everyone!



  1. I think the only way I'll be able to get Bunt is through somewhere online.

  2. Wow I would have been pleased with that box of Bunt for sure!

  3. I was surprised that the PWE cost so much to ship. Sorry, man. But I did appreciate it, and will be getting you a return package next week.

  4. I can't get in to "Pedestrian Writer" Chris. Please leave the password at my blog. I promise not to get drunk and kick off in your members only blog. Do I have to wear a necktie?