Saturday, October 15, 2016

Highs and Loes

My final PSA order of the year arrived yesterday. I sent nine cards in, and I (almost) always specify a minimum grade of EX 5 and no qualifiers. We'll do these in reverse order:

1961 Golden Press Joe Cronin

I now have four cards from this oddball set - Carl Hubbell and George Sisler were already slabbed, and I had a Jimmie Foxx lying around in my collection forever that came back in a previous PSA order as an EX-MT 6.

1957 Topps Wally Post & Billy Pierce

I love the photography of 1957 Topps, but they're so hard to find in high grade. COMC described both of these as [Near Mint]...they were close enough for me.

Antonelli didn't make the grade. $6 wasted (at PSA). Not a huge loss, since I only paid $1.82 for the card. The rest of my 1956 Topps cards graded well:

I'm now at about 10% completion of the 1956 Topps set. You can see my progress here.

For the grand finale, I sent in two 1953 Bowman Color cards: Roy Campanella and Billy Loes.

The Campy was purchased on eBay from Battlefield Vintage for well over $150:


Was it near Near Mint?

Um...not quite.

It barely made my minimum grade. I've said before that Battlefield inflates the condition of their cards, and this confirms it. Not making that mistake again.

That said I love this Campy and I'm happy to add it to my Brooklyn Dodgers vintage collection. Just wish I hadn't paid so much.

It all worked out, though...

I bought the Billy Loes on COMC for $13.52 in a two-card 'best offer' deal which included the Antonelli. COMC is always hit-or-miss with buying ungraded stuff; sometimes they come back from PSA as high-grade gems.. other times they come back below grade or miscut.

Loes was not one of those.

COMC for the win! That pretty much made my weekend.

I can't wait to take my chances on some more COMC vintage. Sent in a few hundred cards to sell, so hopefully I'll have some COMC cash to spend on Black Friday.

Have a great weekend everyone. Enjoy the LCS games!

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