Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Set Break: 2000 Topps Chrome Traded Baseball

A few years ago I started hoarding factory sets of 2000 Topps Chrome Traded & Rookies.

I've thought about selling one or two but I probably won't get any more than I paid (about $100 each).

Since the set itself isn't worth much more than the best card I thought I'd open one up and see if I get a gradeable example. I'd do a box break video but I don't have a laptop or a digital camera. Also.. I know exactly what's in the box so the only drama is the condition of the card in question....

(fyi: I chose to open the set in the top right of the picture, since the wrapper was already peeling. hope it's a good one.)

The packaging confused me for a minute...it didn't open from the bottom like I thought it would. I am not the sharpest knife in the shed.

There's a sleeve covering, a top covering, and then the cards are stacked on top of one another. The top card is a Phillies pitcher named Keith Bucktrot.

After carefully taking a small stack off the top I've realized two things: the cards are not in sequential order..and they are horribly centered on the back. This concerns me just a bit.

The third and forth cards are familiar names:

And so is the next card in the stack:

Naturally, this is the card that was well-centered on the back.

The whole pile is sticking together like old cards often do. It's a bit time consuming to peel off each card one by one, but they don't leave any damage - and they still smell pack fresh. (What, you've never smelled your cards?)

This is a sample of the player selection: some names you know, mixed with some prospects that never made it - like "Round" Tripper Johnson here.

Nice Rocco Baldelli. The colors of those old Devil Rays uniform look like Mountain Dew.

Curt Schilling and Jose Canseco were stuck together - kinda reminds me of the Congressional hearings.

Btw, if anyone is team/player collecting and you want something out of this set - let me know. I'm only going to keep the Red Sox and maybe four or five other cards.

Actually I'm 44 cards in and I have not come across any Red Sox. But there are four Yankees. Typical.

Then again, they did with the World Series that year.

I'm actually surprised at how many traded veterans are in the set compared to rookies and draft picks. There were ten straight veterans before the next rookie (Twins 2B Ruben Salazar.)

Oh, wait. It appears that the rookies are all stacked together. That might be it for the established stars.

Finally a Red Sox! And a young(-ish) looking Jose Molina.

Underrated Rangers great Michael Young. Still waiting on the big prize...

Oomph. Poorly centered and the bottom corners are dinged. Not happy.

Oh well, at least I have three more sealed sets. I guess we should see what else is in here..

Have I mentioned the centering is horrible?

Last stack. The Juan Pierre looks pretty nice. Fyi, Oscar Salazar was the bottom card.

Welp, that's it for 2000 Topps Chrome Traded & Rookies. I'll probably sell the Cabrera and keep the two Red Sox (Asadoorian and Brad Baker) plus the Gonzalez, Baldelli, and Pierre rookies. Everything else is tradebait - message me if you're interested in any teams or players.



  1. Odd seeing Michael Young in a Jays uniform.

    Kind of surprised there were no Expos.

    1. There were some Expos, I just didn't scan them for some reason. Brandon Phillips, Tomas de la Rosa, and Andy Tracy were the rookies and Lee Stevens was the only veteran.

      John Sneed and Leo Estrella were the only other Blue Jays.

  2. I enjoyed buying the couple Topps Traded boxed sets Topps put out in 1999 and 2000 (after doing it years earlier) and wish they'd just go that route again instead of doing huge Update sets year after year.

    By the way, your experience reminds me of opening various traded/update boxed sets and having fun getting to sort them since they almost never arrive in order!

    1. Yeah I wish they would just release a 100-card update/traded set in factory set form. I'm dreading the $$ I'll have to pay next year because I'm going all in on Topps Heritage '68

      It's probably easier to sort the Topps cards since they don't stick together like Chrome.

  3. I have a feeling that Miggy guy will turn out ok.

    1. Haha...I hope so. I've invested quite a lot in that guy's RC ;-)