Thursday, December 29, 2016

Holiday giveaway from Dennis @ Too Many Verlanders

This has been a particularly stressful week for me, at home and at work. Collecting sports cards is my go-to stress relief; whenever I need retail therapy I usually put a few bucks in my PayPal and hit COMC or eBay for some singles. Or, if I need instant gratification, I head over to Target and buy some packs or a blaster box.

Unfortunately I did not get any cards for Christmas. Not a blaster or a repack or even a single pack. Nothin. I did get some money from my mom, and put a few bucks in my COMC account. Those cards should arrive by the end of next week.

It was not an entirely card-less Christmas, thanks to the card blogging community. Wes (Jaybarkerfan) sent some great stuff my way - and I'm thrilled to hear he was happy with what I sent him in return. I sent cards to Adam (Infield Fly Rule) and Tim Henson, and they arrived safely so I might try that again next year. 

I made a trade with Robert ($30 a week habit) and I haven't heard if he got his end yet - probably backlogged on posting as many of us are. Hope everything arrived without any issues. Also, I have not received word from my Secret Santa recipient if he got his cards. He doesn't blog as often as most of you, and I didn't include my e-mail.. but I did reveal myself. Hope he likes that Jacob deGrom Strata jersey!

Just before Christmas, I got a box in the mail from Dennis at Too Many Verlanders/Manninghams which contained the items I picked out from his Christmas giveaway/tradeapalooza.  Dennis offered up some great stuff - lots of cards, figurines, and oddball stuff. I claimed a Dale Murphy starting lineup (which I'm saving/hiding) and a Mo Vaughn SLU which I'm letting my girls play with. My four year old loves posing and twisting my SLUs.

I also claimed these oversized Red Sox cards:

The Mo Vaughn is a box topper from from 1998 Topps Chrome. I think I have a Sammy Sosa from this set. I've never seen the Stadium Scenes before - it's the same size as those old Gameday/Power Play oversized cards that Fleer produced in 1993-94.

 Apparently they made baseball cards, too. 

There was also an opened pack of 8 Red Sox Team Snapshots from 1998 Pinnacle. I had never heard of these, either. They're exactly like the photo stock you'd get from developing your own pictures back in the day. I got two photos of Nomar Garciaparra, two of Mo Vaughn, one of Tom Gordon, one Jim Leyritz, and two others I couldn't easily identify.

The Trading Card Database says these are Tim Naehring (top) and Damon Buford.

Dennis also included a bonus lot of about 40 Red Sox cards and a pack of 2008 Topps:
When I think of "The Prince" I don't think of Albert Pujols. Yes, I get the reference. But to me, "The Prince" is this guy:

Papi and the Prince both retired this year. Albert Pujols, (aka "The Machine") is still playing.

Yes, Ted Williams did play at Wrigley the 1947 All-Star Game.

A pair of former Sox - Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz. Both pitched no-hitters for Boston.

Lots of Jim Rice - including a 1977 Topps, which is now my oldest Rice card.

The best of the rest, including a Fisk PATP.

I got another Red Sox card in the 2008 Topps pack.
I know most baseball fans think Pap's a jerk - and he is. But I would have welcomed him back to Boston if they had worked out a deadline deal with the Nationals.

Dennis, thanks again for the trade! I hope to do more in the future. In fact, it is a New Year's resolution of mine to make 12 trades (one per month) with fellow bloggers in 2017. I'll have to find time to add a tradelist to my blog tabs and  get some more addresses so I can send "surprise" mailers for team collectors.

My other goal for the coming year is to purchase my first-ever case of hobby boxes. I'm saving my pennies for 2017 Topps Heritage baseball (burlaps, baby!) and even if I can only afford a few boxes I'll still have hundreds of dupes and inserts to trade.

I'm planning to list a lot of cards on COMC and eBay to fund the Heritage cards (and I finally figured out how to do COMC challenges!) so if you want me to set aside some cards of your favorite team or player for a potential trade, let me know in comments or via e-mail.

Hope you all have a happy and safe New Year. Here's to 2017: it can't possibly be worse... right?



  1. It looks like you got a lot of nice cards anyway...I have not figured out how to do the COMC challenges. I can get to the page but when I click on start, nothing happens. I've tried on IE, Firefox and Chrome so I figured I'm just not eligible.

    1. I had the same problem, until last week. I've got it to work on Firefox-but I'm not sure if the browser matters. When you click on the link to COMC challenges, if the category has 100% community progress that basically means 'closed'. But if it says 99% you should be able to get in. It's glitchy, but it usually works.

    2. yep, that did it, thanks! I'm almost to my first dollar, and boy you aren't kidding about the glitching, yikes.

  2. Definitely recommend trading with Dennis full time. He was one of the first people I traded with when I started blogging.