Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Hurry Up And Wait

I'm sort of stuck in a holding pattern right now. My Black Friday order from COMC hasn't shipped yet, and I can't send any Christmas packages until it arrives [Which reminds me - if you'd like some cards for Christmas please comment on my previous post.] 

I've started trade talks with a couple bloggers but haven't been able to finalize anything yet. My Christmas giveaway/tradeapalooza packages aren't here yet either - but I'm not expecting those until next week. I did receive my Secret Santa gift a couple weeks ago.. and I'm itching to open it while I wait for the other stuff. But I'll hold off until we get closer to Christmas, as promised. 

Meanwhile I had a few dollars in COMC cash after a (very disappointing) weekend of sales. It wasn't nearly enough to convert to Blowout Cards cash, and I'm in no hurry to pay for another sale.. so I bought a few cheap singles instead. I've been trying to add to my 1956 Topps collection via trade, and while that's still in the works I picked a pair to purchase:

Chuck Diering 1956 Topps White Back ($2.65)

This is not the first time I've purchased a Chuck Diering 1956 Topps card on COMC. I paid $1.25 for my previous copy, and it had a nice big crease across the middle that somehow eluded me in the scan. Hopefully I'll have better luck this time.

Ray Jablonski 1956 Topps White Back ($2.25)

Whoooa Jablonski! (if you get that reference pls comment below and I'll send you a prize. show your work.)

The top left corner is visibly soft and there appears to be a surface scratch on the left side of Ray's chin... but the rest of the card looks squeaky clean. This might even be gradeable - I might have to hold off on my next PSA submission until this card is in hand.

Devils Team Checklist 2016-17 O-Pee-Chee Black Rainbow Foil #d/100 ($0.95)

I really like this year's OPC hockey set, and I have yet to see any in Target. If I get any cash for Christmas I might order a box or two - though I've been saving up for some 2017 Topps Heritage Baseball. This "Liste de verification d'equipe" was a best offer win, and it's numbered 26 of 100 - Patrik Elias's uniform number. (not pictured: Patrik Elias.)

Pierre Bouchard 1977-78 Topps ($0.64)

Last but not least (though it did cost the least of the four) we have this Pierre Bouchard card. I've started collecting Montreal Canadiens of the 1970's but I can't afford the names I know such as Ken Dryden or Guy Lafleur..or most 70's O-Pee-Chee issues. I know nothing about Pierre Bouchard - except that he bears a striking resemblance to fellow Habs blueliner Larry Robinson (or did everyone have curly hair and a mustache in the 70's?)

According to hockeydb.com, Pierre is the son of legendary Canadien Butch Bouchard. The younger Bouchard won five Stanley Cups (one more than his father) and played 12 seasons in the NHL (though he only appeared in one game for two of those seasons.)

The back of Pierre Bouchard's card has some interesting facts as well: he was the 5th overall pick in the 1965 draft...

...which sounds impressive, except for the fact that only 11 players were chosen that year. And if he was such a "valuable member of squad" why did they waive him after the 77-78 season? (because they're the Habs and they were frickin' loaded, that's why!)

I've already got a half dozen posts planned once my mailbox starts filling up with boxes and bubble mailers. My excitement and impatience might rival my kids at this point.

Do you have any sports card orders you're expecting soon? What are you looking forward to this Christmas/Hanukkah season?



  1. Thanks for getting that shot of them wrapped up. I just got my comic order from black Friday yesterday (Monday but yesterday for me) but I had them ship it on Saturday so it was probably in the queue sooner...I should have held off I retrospect because I bought two more cards before it shipped...next time. I just made two trades on the Trading Card Database today and I have not checked the po box since jaybarkerfan said he mailed the Christmas tradeathon package, so it's going to be busy in the mail the next few days...not even counting Christmas itself which is usually a big card day for me as my family always gives me cards.

    1. COMC, autocorrect changed to comic (although I did get two comics as well!)

  2. I have nothing on order..
    I'm also not looking forward to the Christmas season. It's always been a bit of a depressing time for me but made worse when my mom passed on Dec 20, 10 years ago. Of course, this will also be my second since my marriage fell apart, so.. Yeah there's that too.. lol

  3. I have one or two trade packages backlogged that I need to post about, and I just received a GIGANTIC lot of buybacks I picked up on eBay which will give me months of posts for my buyback franken-set project. Aside from that I'm eagerly awaiting the 200+ cards I had shipped from COMC over Black Friday weekend. They haven't shipped yet though they're still showing an estimated delivery before Christmas. Like you I'll have plenty of posting material once that package arrives...

    1. Having plenty of material is always good.. Especially like seeing the older Expos in your Buyback project

  4. Oddly enough... I have a Larry Robinson rookie card given to me by a friend of mine to get rid of.. He gave me most of his hockey and baseball cards. Aside from the Robinson though, they're mainly Pro-Set and late 80s/early 90s OPC

  5. Like a lot of people, I'm still waiting for my COMC stockpile. Which consists of over 400 cards (401 to be exact), I'm thinking that just might be enough to provide all of next year's blog material if necessary.