Saturday, December 17, 2016


My COMC Black Friday order arrived today...which meant I was finally able to send out trade packages, Secret Santa gifts, and Christmas Cards. The only thing I couldn't send was a thank-you "trade" package to Jaybarkerfan - since I don't have his address, either :/

I couldn't open them right away. I had to watch my 4 year old daughter because my 7 year old daughter was invited to a birthday party. I was afraid that the party (and the 3 inches of snow on the ground) would prevent me from getting to the post office. Thankfully my wife was nice enough to go right back out (in the slushy snow) and mail everything for me. I really appreciated that. 

More than half the cards in my Black Friday haul have already been discussed on this blog - because I'm impatient like that - but I've still got plenty to scan and share..

I've always wanted to own a 1955 Bowman Sam Mele card. Why?

Mele was a journeyman outfielder who played two stints with the Red Sox, and in '55 he was nearing the end of an unremarkable ten year career -- though he did lead the Twins to the 1965 AL pennant as a manager. He attended Yale (and I do collect Red Sox and players with Connecticut ties) and, at nearly 95 years old, Mele is one of the oldest living baseball players

But...why did I want this specific Sam Mele card? Because this particular card front has no logo or position, or even his first name. It just says 'Mele' 


..and that happens to be the last name of a girl I crushed on for more than three years. It amuses me that there is a baseball card of someone (who once played for my favorite team) named Mele. Yes, I know I'm weird. 

I was hoping to add it to my next (and possibly last) PSA submission, but I'm not sure it will make the final cut. The surface is squeaky-clean and shiny, and the borders have very little chipping - which is rare for a '55 Bowman. But the card is a bit curled and the back isn't great. Still, it only cost me $3.25 to add this card to my Red Sox vintage collection and/or subset of players who share surnames with girls I've liked. So far it's Mele and former Cardinals pitcher Mike Parisi...

 ... at least until I get a card of Sox minor leaguer Kevin McAvoy.

McAvoy is my wife's maiden name

As for the rest of the vintage cards in my COMC order, I'm happy to report that they're all crease free and appear to have no major flaws - though the Jacques Plante 71-72 OPC has a slight bit of gum staining above the Maple Leafs logo. 

Can I get an EX-MT 6 (NQ)?
I plan to submit about 15 cards to PSA when (if?) I get my Christmas bonus from work. That doesn't include a 1960 Topps Stan Musial I'm submitting for re-grade and a 1994 SP Alex Rodriguez RC I'm sending in for a crossover.

Perhaps I'll pull another Billy Loes, but I'm not expecting anything that spectacular in this batch.

Have you submitted anything to PSA recently? Do you have a PC of players who share your last name - or your wife's/girlfriend's/crush's? Let me know in comments!



  1. I've never done any grading. I do have a few PCs dedicated to my wife and family. I have a few cards that have her name on the back. There are 2 players with her maiden name (Nix) that I know of and I have a few autographs and relics of them. There are a 3 guys that have my last name (DeJong) so I've been building my PCs of them. We just had a son named Kyler in November, so I'll start collecting all players with that name (so far only 1). My first date with my wife was at Planet Hollywood where they have a revolving door, so I took a card from Allen & Ginter of a revolving door and wrote the date of our first date and added it to my PC as well. I should really start collecting Jeremy's too, but just have never got around to it. Too many players to collect I suppose.

    1. "I have a few cards that have her name on the back." You made custom cards for/of your wife? If so, that's pretty cool!

      "There are 2 players with her maiden name..." Would that be Lance Nix and Jayson Nix? I think there's a Chase DeJong and a Jordan DeJong, but you'd have to help me with the third. Not sure if I can recall the Kyler... Burke maybe? That's a very unique name!

      It's pretty neat to collect cards of someone with an uncommon name, either first or last. I have a couple cards of a player with my last name (Sutherland) but I've never actively searched for more. Forget our first names though! Way too many players indeed!