Monday, January 30, 2017

I Like To Score

My best friend has always been a huge music fan, and when we were growing up his bedroom walls were covered with music posters - including a promotional poster for Moby's "I Like To Score". 

I thought it was a clever title, and I liked that Moby drew a little character on my friend's poster in lieu of an autograph. 

Anyway... I haven't collected Score hockey cards since that Moby album dropped about 20 years ago. When my wife and I merged collections after we got married, we found that we had each of the first eight Score hockey sets between us (though we're still missing a couple cards from 1993-94 Score Update). 

Panini rebooted the Score brand in 2010-11, and while that year's set was bland and uninspired, the "new" Score certainly stayed true to the original - white bordered sets with large checklists and quality action photography.

You're not going to get any "sick hits" in Score, but you'll get a lot a cards without spending a lot of money - especially if you're able to find a box on clearance sale, like this Retail box of 2013-14 Score:

The base set is comprised of 550 cards, followed by 30 Team Leader cards and 10 Season Highlight cards.

Then there are 60 Hot Rookie cards, for a total of 650 cards.*

*This does not count the 100 Score cards Panini added to the set as part of Rookie Anthology, which actually makes this set 750 cards. Yikes.

In addition to the base cards, there were seven inserts in the box:

Eight if you count the autograph, which was in the second pack of the box:

Gabriel Bourque (no relation to Ray) had a decent debut season with the Predators in 11-12, scoring 7 goals and adding 12 assists in 43 games. The following year he score 11 goals in 34 games, but failed to sustain that scoring rate in his next two full seasons with Nashville and was cut loose by the Preds this past offseason. He is now in the Colorado Avalanche organization, playing for their AHL affiliate in San Antonio.

In addition to the inserts, there were gold parallels in every pack. Some packs even had two gold cards, as I ended up with a total of 40. And when I sorted the singles I noticed something odd about the collation:

32 of the 36 gold cards  above come from five teams, which are alphabetically sequential: Colorado, Columbus, Dallas, Detroit, Edmonton. Followed by three from Florida and one from Los Angeles. Very strange.

The "bonus" gold cards were subset paralells.. and there was yet another Oiler included:

Nail Yakupov was the #1 overall pick in the 2012 draft, and the only one of the Oilers' three dozen #1 picks who has not panned out. He's now a member of the St. Louis Blues.

While there was nothing really spectacular in this box, it was a fun break that kept me busy for an entire afternoon - and it only cost $13.95. All of these cards are available for trade if anyone is interested. I'm planning to update my wantlist/tradelist and be more active in trading so I can add some variety to my blog posts (and my collection.)


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