Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Platinum Retail Therapy

Ever have one of those days where absolutely nothing goes right and you're in such a foul mood that the only thing that can cheer you up is a brand new box of cards? I'm having one of those days today. 

Work was particularly stressful - I got in an argument with a really nasty debtor, which only happens about once every six months or so.. which prompted me to follow up on the job I applied for last week even though I knew I didn't get the job. I called the place, and I spoke with the receptionist.. who had just been hired and started on Monday. So that's cool.

Then, shortly after I made that phone call I smelled something awful downstairs. My four year old (who has been toilet trained for at least six months) failed to reach the bathroom in time. I had to clean up after her not once but twice - because she made an even bigger mess not twenty minutes later.

The only good thing that happened today was the arrival of my order from Blowout Cards. I had some Paypal cash burning a hole in my pocket and after Friday came and went without getting the call back about that job, I placed an order with Blowout and an order with Dave and Adam's - which should arrive tomorrow.

My Blowout order was mostly supplies - various sized top loaders for all of my memorabilia cards, some one touch holders in various sizes... and this box of 2015-16 O-Pee-Chee Platinum hockey:

I've decided not to collect Upper Deck flagship this year, mostly because I'm out of room in my card closet, but also because I don't want to outbid all those crazy Maple Leafs collectors on Young Guns rookie cards of Matthews, Marner, Nylander, and co. when I still need YG's of Carey Price, Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Taylor Hall, and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins to finish past years' UD sets. As a result, this is the first hockey box I've purchased in at least a year.

This box cost $58.51 for 80 cards (20 packs, 4 cards per pack) so it's a lot more of a gamble than the two boxes incoming from Dave and Adam's. Let's see what's inside...

46 base cards, including superstars:

All-Stars (yes, Zemgus Girgensons was an All-Star)

and goalies:

There was at least one card of every NHL team except the Blackhawks, which is pretty impressive given that there are 30 NHL teams and only 80 cards. Unfortunately there was only one Devils card - a base Adam Henrique. That was kind of a bummer. 

Every pack had one Marquee Rookies card or an insert or parallel card (some packs had a rookie and a parallel.) There were 14 Rookies in the box, and many of them were Vancouver Canucks:

Sooo many Canucks in this box:

There were three die-cut inserts, including the top two scorers in NHL history:
One of these things is not like the other...

The odds indicated one autograph per box, but the main draw for me was the retro parallels. Here's the autograph:

Meh...at least it's signed on-card.

And here are the parallels (sooo many parallels)

 Another Gretzky! And another Canuck. That's 10 now, or 1/8th of the box. There was also an Evgeni Malkin retro rainbow parallel that was waaay off-center.

 Here are the other rainbow (and traxx) parallels:

 Our boy Aaron Ekblad is back! Both of the Avs stars might be traded by season's end.

Now I know that some of you do a top three pulls whenever you post a box break, but I don't have any idea how to rank my best "hits" (the Petan might even be one of them.) So I'll just scan 'em up and if you'd like, you can tell me which card you think is the top pull. Here we go...

Chandler Stephenson Marquee Rookies Seismic Gold (#d/50)

Jake Virtanen Marquee Rookies Black Ice (#d/99) another Canuck?!?!?

Mario Lemieux Retro Gold Rainbow (#d/149)

I'm not sure if there was $58 worth of value in this box, but it was definitely a fun break - and it temporarily took my mind off the crappy day I had (pun intended.)

Tomorrow I'll have some Topps baseball and a value box of Score hockey to blog about. Not sure which one I'll share first, but I'm definitely more excited to crack open the Topps box.



  1. Nice batch of cards there..

    I've had months like that.. Never fun, but yeah..

    Eric Staal is from Thunder Bay, the city I was born in.

    1. Staal drives me nuts... I can't decide if I should put his cards in my star player box or my commons binders. Same with Rick Nash.