Wednesday, February 15, 2017

COMC Mailday Part 1: Bargain Hunting

My latest COMC order arrived yesterday. (Happy Valentine's Day to me!) The box contained a few cards I had held back from my port sale, a few cheapies for various PC's, and the dozen vintage cards that I bought for my PSA submission. There were 38 cards in the order, and the total spent on them (over the the past three months or so) was $74.87. That's just under $2 a card, on average.

Here are the cards I pulled back before selling my port:

Albert Pujols 2016 Topps Strata Clearly Authentic Relic ($6.45)

Is it possible that we baseball fans are under appreciating how great Albert has been? Yes, he's clearly on the back nine of his career. His averages are down, and he can't play first base anymore, but his peak was just bonkers. He's closing in on 600 career home runs, has a chance at collecting his 3,000th hit this year, and will likely earn his 2,000th RBI next year. This is the most expensive card in the lot, and my fourth Pujols memorabilia card.

 Seth Jones 2015-16 Upper Deck Ice Signature Swatches ($4.00)

You may have seen this card before on my blog. I held it in my inventory for a while, unsure if I should sell it or keep it. Once Jones made the Metropolitan All-Star squad I decided to keep it. Now with the Columbus Blue Jackets, Seth is the son of former NBA player Popeye Jones.

Victor Hedman 2015-16 Ultimate Collection Jumbo Materials #d/40 ($3.25)

E-Pack strikes again! Even cards from high-end products like Ultimate Collection have been devalued by Upper Deck's virtual storefront. I picked up three of these Jumbo jerseys since Thanksgiving - a Patrick Kane which only cost me $2.25 (I would have kept it if it wasn't a white swatch) and an Adam Henrique which came home in my last COMC order.

Some assorted football I got cause I liked it...LaDanian Tomlinson was one of my favorite players of the 2000's. I don't have any great cards of him, but he's a guy I will pluck out of a dollar box (this 2003 Topps Chrome black refractor cost $1.45) I know nothing about Anthony Barr but the 2014 Topps Fire cards are so colorful and creative, and it only cost $1.25.

I'm still bitter about the sack Matt Ryan took in the third quarter of SB51; these cards will serve as a painful reminder of how badly Atlanta blew it. That said, these two cards of Matty Ice didn't cost much - the
2015 Topps Chrome Pink Refractor (I prefer to call it a "Cherry Coke" refractor) only cost $0.50. The 2011 Panini Prime Proof cost $1.05 - and it is thick. I tried to flip it after the Falcons beat my Green Bay Packers, but no one wanted it so I took it home. 

I also bought another thick football card, which I'll share in tomorrow's post (I'm going to try for a seven-day posting streak. This is day four.) 

Speaking of Packers (and playoff chokers) here's a pair of Aaron Rodgers cards I half-heartedly tried to flip on COMC (I thought I had sold the 2014 Topps Strata Die-Cut but I guess not (that was a similar-looking 2015 Finest QB Cuts). Both the Strata and the 2013 SP Authentic 1996 design were $1.05 each. I also picked up a couple of Corey Seagers from 2014 Bowman Platinum Chrome for $0.85 each. I kept one and re-sold the other for a small profit. The Koufax Die-Cut was only $1.45.

My collection of 2015-16 O-Pee-Chee retros gets a boost with the magenta Doan ($0.58) and Platinum rainbow Kessel ($0.45.) I had that one in my inventory for months and couldn't move it, but after I bought a box of Platinum I decided to keep the Kessel.. and now I'm entertaining the thought of building the Platinum Retro set. (talk me out of it! I have enough unfinished projects already!)

I added some more Devils to my PC (mostly Marty, and one $0.93 Adam Henrique relic.)

Sox in my box!

When I had started saving for my $250 Blowout Cards coupon I had a hard time convincing myself not to spend any of the COMC cash I was accumulating. I finally gave in when the Pedroia Triple Threads jersey appeared. It's #d to 27 and only cost $2.95. I threw in the Purple Refractor for $0.65 as well. Couldn't resist. 

The Moncada was a more recent purchase, right before I sold my port. I know Chris Sale is a stud, but man... we could have had the top two prospects in all of baseball. I'm still hoping Yoan will blossom into a franchise player - even if he's wearing the wrong Sox. This 2016 Topps Heritage Minor League card set me back $2.69.

Meanwhile on the north side of Chicago, the World Champion Cubs look to defend their historic title. I've been hoarding 2014 Bowman Kris Bryant cards since their release, and I made a best offer to snag the four cards below for a total of $4.14 ($0.92 for each Bryant, $1.15 for each Schwarber.)

I now have four of the Bowman Chrome Schwarbers - and nothing else from 2014 Bowman products (no paper, no parallels). I now have this many Bryants from 2014 Bowman:

I really should try to get another Chrome or parallel. Anyone want to help me upgrade? ;)



  1. Good stuff! I always enjoy seeing what others pick up on COMC, usually makes for some of my favorite blog posts.

    1. Glad to hear it, I'm always happy to share. And I think I borrowed some things from your posts, like discussing the price I paid and how it fits in my collection.

      I've got two more COMC-related posts coming up this week.

  2. Many nice looking cards on this blog post. I collect Pujols and Brodeur cards. Unfortunately hockey cards are hard to find in my area.

    1. I'll have to hook you up with some hockey. Perhaps we can trade once the 2017 Heritage baseball cards come in.