Friday, February 17, 2017

COMC Mailday Part 3: 1956 Topps lot

The 28 cards I discussed in previous posts weren't enough to fork over $4 for COMC to deliver to my door. It was only after I purchased ten singles from the 1956 Topps set that I requested shipping - so that I might submit them to PSA by the end of February.

 Here are the newest additions to my 1956 Topps Baseball Project, along with a couple other vintage cards I added to the order:

 The front of this McCall looks great. The back...not so much:

I also picked up two more vintage cards, in case I couldn't meet PSA's 25-card minimum. This is one of a handful of '59's I've accumulated, but I've got no plans to start the set. 

 George Susce 1959 Topps #511 ($2.50)

The centering isn't great, and the top left corner is dinged (it actually looks worse in the scan) but other than that it's a beauty. I think this is a high-number, too. 

 Joe Torre 1971 Topps #370 ($1.04)

I'm not exactly a fan of Torre or the '71 set (too much black, and too susceptible to chipping/paper loss) but I like cards that say "cards" and this was Torre's MVP season. 

Many of these are good candidates for my next/last PSA submission - but I still have ten days to decide whether to get them graded or keep them as is. Right now my '56 set is about half and half, and I wont be renewing my subscription after it expires in April. I'll keep you posted.

As I started writing this blog post, my first order from Just Commons arrived. I'll discuss these cards in more detail tomorrow, but I wanted to include one card here.

The dozen cards in this post were all purchased on COMC. None of them cost more than $4.13 each (Groat, Pierce, and Ron Jackson) When I filled my cart with commons on Just Commons, I was amazed at the selection of 10- and 15-cent singles available. I had intended to fill some team and set wantlists, but after two hours of shopping I still hadn't reached the minimum $15 for free shipping. Andso I checked their selection of 1956 Topps cards and took a chance on a $6 Walker Cooper card that was listed as an "EX". 

Does this look like an EX?

I should have just paid the damn shipping charge. Lesson learned.

Hope you all have a great weekend!



  1. Love the 56's. I have a thing for nicknames so the McCall stands out. There's even a cartoon reference on the back, "No wonder they call him Windy!." And no, I don't suppose the Cooper is EX.

    1. The cartoons are one of my favorite things about the 56 set. Nicknames aren't what they used to be, are they?

  2. That's pretty cool group of cards! It's unfortunate that the Copper wasn't in the condition you had expected, but like you said, at least you learned not to buy vintage sight unseen, especially if it's something you hope to get graded. It's still a neat card though, with a really great action shot.

    1. Next time I'll just load up on recent base cards and either spend the extra money for shipping or spend the extra hour to reach $15.

      I did manage to get enough cards together for a grading submission, so I'll hold on to the Cooper as a placeholder. At least it's not creased!