Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday Mailday - Two trades in from Daniel & Marc

My mailperson is going to be busy this week - I'm expecting a shipment from COMC tomorrow, a shipment from Just Commons later in the week... and I've got a few trades coming in. The first of these arrived today, one from Daniel Wilson (It's Like Having My Own Card Shop) and one from Marc, a Boston Bruins collector who reached out to me via e-mail.

Daniel posted on his blog about receiving some random extras in an eBay purchase, and I offered to take a few off his hands. Namely these three:

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've started buying Garbage Pail Kids again as a way of bonding with my daughter (and reliving my childhood.) Judging by the fact that my GPK post got zero comments, I figured these original GPKs weren't going to be missed (after all, the eBay seller dumped them off on Daniel.)

Daniel decided to pay it forward and added some of his own extras to the PWE:

Four 'Rookie Cards' that are all new to my collection. I wonder if he saw my comment on Fuji's post that 'Tek was my favorite catcher?

Daniel, thanks so much for these! I've got some Snakes with your name on 'em!

My second trade package was a bubble mailer from Marc. We did a 'blind trade' where he offered to send me some New Jersey Devils in exchange for a package of Boston Bruins.

I had no idea what was headed my way, and I always worry that I'm not giving as much as I'm getting. There are about 30 B's headed his way, and about 30 cards were in his mailer to me. So far, so good.

Not every card was a Devil. There were some surprises:

Marc hit all of my favorites - a cool Manny insert, a "Lost Rookie Card" of Ronnie Franchise, a shiny Shanny, and four cards of #4 (there was also an Alex Ovechkin insert  i forgot to scan.) The only card I already had was the Favre SP All-Pro.

In the trade packages I've received so far, there are a bunch of base cards mixed with a few inserts and parallels. Maybe a rookie card or a low-end relic. So that's kind of what I sent. Half and half. This and that. Nothing major. 

Marc sent me one base card..and a big handful of inserts:

Now I feel bad for sending more than one Bruins base card. Also, there was a Brett Hull Card-supial attached to the back of the Doug Gilmour card.

Really neat stuff, and so far nothing that would make me feel guilty.


There were relics in Marc's package.

Thick relics.

 GOAT relics. 

And there were autos...two of them. Both on-card.

Now I definitely feel like I didn't send enough. 

Marc, thank you very much for these! I hope you are as happy with your Bruins as I am with these. And if not, I'll make it up to you in the future. 

Anyone else interested in a hockey card trade?



  1. Glad you liked everything sent your way. I'm certain whatever you sent will fit flawlessly in my collection. Don't sweat the small stuff. I have tons more that I can send if/when you'd like to do another trade. Just shoot me out an email.

  2. Awesome stuff, Marc is a great guy. In fact, this reminds me that I owe him an email! I haven't forgotten you either, I swear!

  3. The Joe Louis Arena piece is interesting. They've had those for baseball but I didn't know there were any in hockey sets. The Brodeur is sharp as well.

  4. Glad you liked the cards I sent. I got your package the other day and I'll post later today. Thanks!