Sunday, February 19, 2017

Political Cards For President's Day

This is the second of two "cross-promotion" posts I'm doing across both of my blogs.

Tomorrow is President's Day here in the US, and I thought I'd discuss it today so that I can spend the day off reading and commenting on your blogs. (Plus I've got bigger plans for tomorrow's post.) 

I usually refrain from political commentary on my sports card blog (#safespaces) and I only refer to my political leanings on my personal blog indirectly, as a source of stress in my family life. Andso I wont go into (much) detail about my opinions, though I will say that it has been a pleasant surprise to find that many in the sports card blogging community have either hinted at their opposition to the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave - or at least not gone out of their way to show their support for him and/or insult those of us on the blue side.

The same cannot be said for a much smaller group of music-loving bloggers who formed a bloghop that started off as a match-up of classic cover songs and somewhere around Election Day morphed into a bi-weekly Klan meeting. But I digress.

I'm going to share two politically-themed trading cards, and then I'll split this into two different endings, like those old Choose Your Own Adventure books.

For a more opinionated ending, head over to my other blog The Pedestrian Writer.

For a card-centric ending, keep it here. (Or you can read both!)

2008 Upper Deck Goudey #237

I got this card in a grab bag at a Pack War game. (I think I had a Calvin Coolidge from this set, too.) This man needs no introduction. He's arguably the greatest president since and possibly including George Washington. 

2008 Topps Campaign 2008 #C08-HC

Obviously Hillary Clinton is not our president (but many of us wish she were.) I pulled this out of a pack of 2008 Topps which I found in Target at least a year after its release. They were heavily discounted and included some sharp-looking cards from previous Topps baseball sets (I got a 1977 Rick Rhoden and a 1978 Don Stanhouse) in addition to this Clinton card.

It's kind of interesting to look back on this insert set, which included President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden, as well as Mitt Romney, John McCain, and Ron Paul.. but also Sarah Palin, Rudy Guiliani, and John Edwards. (Glad I didn't get stuck with one of them!)

When I started writing this post I thought that these were the only Political cards in my collection - until I remembered this:

(not my pic)

I bought this set at a K-mart in the summer of 2004, and I will never forget it as long as I live. That's because I considered buying a Red Sox-edition 2004 Topps Factory set and passed on it cause I was still mad at the Sox for blowing the Grady Little game. And so I bought a history set instead. D'oh!

Anywho.. The History of the United States factory set is not numbered 1-300 like the sports card sets we're used to. These cards are numbered by/divided into twelve subsets

The War Between The States (15 cards)
Into The 20th Century (15 cards)
The Revolution (15 cards)
Birth Of A Nation (15 cards)
The Presidents (50 cards)
Inventors and Inventions (50 cards)
The States and Capitals (50 cards)

Reconstruction & Reform (10 cards)
Early Americans (10 cards)
Colonial Days (10 cards)
Into the West (10 cards)
Explorers (50 cards)

Since this is President's Day weekend, let's look at some of the cards from that subset.

George Washington
Abraham Lincoln
Ulysses S. Grant
Calvin Coolidge
Grover Cleveland had two cards
Franklin D. Roosevelt
John F. Kennedy
Your parents' Presidents*
Your Presidents*

(*unless you're Canadian)

Do you have any political or Presidential trading cards?



  1. There's only one presidential card in my collection. The 2001 American Pie John F. Kennedy piece of the Berlin Wall. Of course, it's available for trade.

    1. I remember that one. That was quite a big deal at the time.

  2. I'm a huge fan of political trading cards and two of my favorite designs are featured in this post: 2008 UD Goudey (Presidents subset) and 2008 Topps Campaign.

    1. At first I thought the Goudey Presidents was an insert set, until I wrote this post. I really should examine my cards more carefully!

    2. I do that all of the time. It's part of being a blogger ;) As for those Goudeys... they deserves to be an insert set. I for one would build it :)

  3. I have the same UD set. Love it! I have a couple/few packs worth of Obama cards. I also have a complete set of 2008 Topps American Heritage, another really fun one.

    1. The UD cards are really nice, I of course opened the set right away since I figured there's no way to increase or decrease their value. The American Heritage set is a nice one, too.

      I really should get a Barack Obama card one of these days. I do have the David Ortiz "selfie" card, but that's just an Obama cameo really.

  4. I have Japanese sets that feature world leaders from the early 1900s. I love political cards too!

  5. Back in the 70s I collected a bunch of cards of Presidents from boxes of snack cakes or something. I think they're still in one of my boxes of cards somewhere.

    Interesting theory in the other post. I think Hillary would still have gotten a lot of opposition, but you're right that the Tea Party, among other things, never happens. Be careful what you wish for, eh? Then again, where would we be if the combination of Nader, bad ballot design, and the recount rules hadn't stolen Florida from Al Gore?

    1. Oh I know. So many things fell apart when Gore lost. Gun control, the economy, the environment. He was just so vanilla though. I was still a teenager so I don't remember much about the election (other than the damn hanging chads and the fact that Bush's brother was Gov. of Florida at the time) but I think Gore, HRC, and maybe John Kerry lacked that charisma or style or whatever it is the majority of voters value above all else.

  6. I have some presidential cards in my collection, and always looking to add more to my collection. Besides baseball, I love to read books on the United States presidency. I also have that U.S. history set. I got it dirt cheap at Meijer when I was in college with hopes of becoming a history teacher.

    1. You probably got it cheaper than I did, I think I paid $30.

      I wouldn't mind picking up a few more POTUS cards - especially those old Topps issues.

  7. There was a set released by In the Game that has some politicians in it, but mixed in with entertainers and sports figures. All Canadian..

    1. Canadiana, right? I wonder how many names I'd recognize from the checklist. I can name a few PMs, but I couldn't tell you what party they belonged to or what they accomplished.

  8. I wasn't aware of the UD History set. I did a little digging and I liked what I saw. I made an offer on one tonite. We'll see how it goes.

    I love the '08 Goudy Lincoln. Seems there are a lot more Presidential sets out there than I knew about.

    1. Awesome, good luck getting the UD set.

      I thought the same thing after seeing your blog post and some others - I didn't realize how many there have been, or how long they've been produced.