Friday, February 3, 2017

Topps Series 1 Baseball Box...from 2015

While everyone has been cracking open the first packs of the 2017 baseball card season, I was opening a box of Topps Series 1 from two years ago. 2015 is my favorite flagship design since 2011, and the only one in recent years that doesn't have all-white borders#ToppsCardsSoWhite

I still plan to buy loads of 2017 Topps Heritage, but this Jumbo box of 2015 Series 1 will be my last packs until then.

There were 10 packs of 50 cards in this box. I got an entire Series 1 base set (which skipped #7 for Mickey Mantle) and about 80 duplicates. In years past, if I liked flagship enough, I would buy the factory set instead of busting a box. With 2015 Topps Factory sets on sale for about $35 I could have saved myself $20 and had all of Series 2 (Including the Kris Bryant RC) .. but I'd just put it on  my bookshelf and be done in three seconds. What's the fun in that?

Each jumbo pack had six inserts - five of them were in the middle, while the Highlight of the Year card was at the bottom, so it was always the first card I saw when I opened the pack. Here's pack #1...the Mike Trout gold gets this box off to a good start:

Pack 2. A Ted Williams Archetypes for my Sox box, and my first buyback: a gum-stained, off-center Nelson Briles. From what I've seen on COMC (and Shoebox Legends) it seems like the majority of these buybacks are in sub-par condition. Also, I got The Dude.

Pack 3. Three Hall Of Famers... and another First Pitch card. The Willie Mays Gallery of Greats is pretty cool, I think I like these 'framed' versions better than their Chrome counterparts. Yes the codes count as an insert. And yes, they're expired :/

The autograph was in Pack 4. Unfortunately it was a sticker auto. More unfortunately, it was Allen Craig. Even more unfortunately, he wasn't a Red Sox at the time.

Nothing special in Pack 5, but the Ryan is interesting. He racked up 19 strikeouts against the RED SOX on August 12, which happens to be my birthday (six years early, but still..)

In Pack 6 we have a Pink Parallel numbered to 50...of Shelby Miller. There's also another code, and another First Pitch card. I'm not a fan of these First Pitch cards - but there is one from 2017 that I'm definitely interested in.

Pack 7 was a little more interesting - the Prado is a celebration variation. I don't care for these variations unless they're completely different players (i.e. the Legends) Justice Sandra Day O'Connor was appointed by President Reagan, back when both parties confirmed (or at least considered) Supreme Court Nominees (and back when Republican presidents respected women.)
And I take back what I said about buybacks..this Luis Melendez is sharp!

Pack 8. Can't go wrong with the Juniors - Ken and Cal. Another code and another First Pitch card, but at least I got one of the two relics I was 'promised' - a Yu Darvish jersey.

Pack 9 had seven inserts for some reason, but none of them thrill me. The McGwire Gallery of Greats and the Kiermaier rainbow are nice, and at least I got an, um, memorable First Pitch with Two Quarters. 

Here's the last pack, #10 was loaded with Yankees and also yielded my third Fernando Valenzuela card. But wait, this is only five inserts. Where's the sixth card?

Here it is, the last insert in the box...

I guess this is the second 'relic'? It's got a nickel and a 3 cent stamp, so that makes this card worth...8 cents! Jackpot!!!

I'm not sure how to feel about this card. On one hand it's shiny and unique, and numbered to 50 - plus Nolan Ryan is a legend. But on the other hand... my biggest 'hit' of the box isn't even a memorabilia card. It's a frickin' nickel from Nolan Ryan's birth year. And it moves around every time I pick up the card.

In all honesty I do like this card a lot more than a basic relic such as the Darvish, but I'd be happy to trade it to an Astros fan or Nolan Ryan collector. In fact pretty much everything in this post is up for trade if anyone is interested. I'm probably going to update my wantlist and try to get some trades going early next week.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Enjoy the Superb Owl (go Falcons!)



  1. The Gallery of Greats insert was my favorite from that year.

    1. I agree, the rest are kind of standard.

  2. I'm interested in the Darvish. Here's a link to my trade bait so you can see if there is anything you like.

    1. I see a few things I like so far. I'll take another look tonight and contact you when I have an offer.

  3. I think that Nolan Ryan stamp/coin relic is awesome. I prefer something outside the box like that over another bland jersey swatch. I used to collect stamps, though, so maybe I just have an affinity for them.

    1. It's definitely different. The jersey/bat cards are getting kind of stale. And it is neat to see a 70 year old stamp, since coins haven't changed much.

  4. Memo to Topps: Try to limit yourselves to one "Fernandomania Begins" card per set. Yeesh.

    You can always send the Briles to Night Owl for his 75 buyback collection. Or Shoebox Legends for his buyback Frankenset....

    1. It is a bit of overkill, isn't it? I didn't know Night Owl was working on a buyback set, and since Shoebox has one of that # I might see if Night Owl needs it.

  5. I'm not sure about the Ryan card... Just something offputting to me..