Sunday, February 12, 2017

Trading Post #1.1 - My Best Baseball Tradebait

I had three trade packages to mail out yesterday - one for Marc (he does not have a blog), one for Kin Kinsley (I Feel Like a Collector Again) and a surprise bubble mailer for one lucky blogger. Unfortunately, I could not ship them yesterday as planned. I was in a hurry when I went to my town's post office and there were ten people in line ahead of me with only one cashier. I waited...and waited...and waited, for about 15 minutes. One of the customers had a full box of packages to ship, and that's when I had to cut out of there. I was not the only one.

Long story short - I've got some stuff to mail, and a day off to make another trade or two. When I first started blogging here I scanned up a few traders that I thought would appeal to specific bloggers, but I was still new to this scene and so it didn't quite work. Now that I'm a little more experienced and a little more familiar with you all, let's try this again.

Here are some of my best baseball cards available for trade. I will scan them up by team because it's easier than posting a (picture-less) tradelist, and that's how I have them organized. If you are interested in any of the cards below, leave a comment or e-mail me (my e-mail address is on my wantlist tab) I'm always open to checking tradelists or taking a blind stack of cards if you don't have any of my specific wants. Let's start with teams that I know (at least) one blogger collects:

Atlanta Braves:
The Mathews Triple Threads is #d/99

Baltimore Orioles:

Chicago Cubs:

 The Sosa Donruss is #d/80

Chicago White Sox:

I got smart and left them in the top loaders to scan

 Colorado Rockies:

The Iannetta is #d/99

 Detroit Tigers:

The Bonderman is #d/100, Granderson is #d/149

 Houston Astros:

 L.A. Dodgers:

The Kershaw Bowman Platinum is #d/999
 N.Y. Mets:
Granderson, deGrom, and d'Arnaud are all #d/250

N.Y. Yankees:

Whitey Ford is #d/50, Chien-Ming Wang is #d/250

Pittsburgh Pirates:

 St. Louis Cardinals:

 I haven't found a Cardinals collector on Blogger yet, but there has to be one..right?

San Francisco Giants:

Assorted 2015 Topps pulls:

Random miscellany:

And one from my previous attempt at a trading post:

If there is any interest, I will do a similar post for hockey traders in the near future. Please note that I can always add handfuls of base cards to a trade, so let me know which team/players you collect.

Let's make some deals!



  1. Hey Chris! I'd love to trade for that Jeter Cutting Edge insert.

    1. I got your e-mail...I will get back to you tonight.

  2. I'm not a baseball collector per say so I won't claim any but Matthew Scott at Bob Walk The Plank might like to take a shot at that Maz auto.

    I know of two Cardinals collectors...
    Cards on Cards
    St. Louis Cardinals Cardboard

    I don't know how to put an active link into a comment so I'm afraid you'll have to copy and paste. I've traded with Cards On Cards (He also collections Trail Blazers) but not St. Louis Cardinals Cardboard.

    1. I sure hope he needs it, we've discussed 'breaking the ice' with a trade and that's my only decent Buc card.

      I'll check out those two Cardinals bloggers, thanks for the tip! In exchange, I'll share the only HTML knowledge I've retained from my early computing lessons. Follow this link, and in step one where it says "specify the target" that's where the website's url would go. Step 2 is simply naming the link (ex. Cards On Cards) in between the brackets. Then you close the bracket in step 3.

      I'm probably dumbing it down too much, but this really is the extent of my coding knowledge.

    2. Thanks! Let's see if I followed along properly!

    3. Nope...trying again...

      I think that I got it this time! Thanks again!

  3. Chris, since no one is laying claim to any of this awesomeness, do you want to set aside the following for future considerations: All the Chasing History inserts, emerald green Prince Fielder, Bill Terry Cooperstown parallel, and the two Lineage autos.

    Sorry for the lateness of this comment, I'm just getting caught up on posts from earlier in the week.

    1. You got it Jon! Shoot me an e-mail when you're ready to swap. I should send you most of this anyway for the basketball cards.