Monday, March 13, 2017

3-sport repacks from Target

I was expecting my PSA order to be delivered today, but even though the package has been "out for delivery" since 10am it somehow did not make its way to my door. And we're supposed to get a major snowstorm tomorrow, which means I wont be getting my cards until Wednesday at the earliest. So I thought I'd share some repacks while I wait.

The last time I was in Target, I stopped by the sports card aisle to see what was out there. There were dozens of 2017 Topps Heritage hanger packs and fat packs, but the dispenser was empty and there were no blasters. There was also plenty of 2016-17 Upper Deck hockey packs and tins, mostly series 2 but some leftover series 1 as well. Even though I had no plans to start the set I was tempted to open a few packs.

But then I saw some repack boxes and decided to choose quantity over quality. I bought one hockey, one baseball, and two basketball repacks for $30, or the same price as a tin of Upper Deck S2 hockey.

The hockey repack promised 100 hockey cards + 1 pack.. and 1:4 repacks contains a "hit". I got a 7-card pack of 2012-13 Score:

As for the loose cards...pure, unadulterated junk wax. 91 of the 100 cards came from sets released between 1989 and 1995. (I did not get the "hit".) Even though I've got loads of this stuff, there were a handful of decent cards that came out of this box:

I have no idea who Mike Allison is. Apparently he was in the NHL for at least ten years, and I had never even seen his name until now. Todd Hartje doesn't ring a bell, either - but I know I have that card because I have all the Upper Deck base sets before this year's. That practice rink is interesting to me - the wooden rafters, the multi-colored sections in the lower tier (and no upper tier) where is that?

 This Neil Wilkinson took a beating. Good thing I don't need it for my set.

This Selanne was probably the best card in the box. But the Kasparitis/Malakhov was definitely the coolest.

Best of the rest. I sold the David Perron Ovation on COMC a while ago... and now it's back in my collection.

Hey, who snuck this into the hockey box? I kinda feel bad for John Rocker. He was ahead of his time - if he had released that racist rant more recently, he'd have a loyal social media following, a potential political career, and a job writing about baseball on Breitbart. (I'm just kidding. I don't feel the least bit bad for Rocker.)

I've had so much fun with the basketball cards Jon sent me, it's reignited my interest in the sport.. andso I bought two basketball repacks - one had 4 packs + 50 cards and a "bonus item", the other had 75 cards + 1 pack. Let's take a look at that one first:

Most basketball collectors would probably groan at the sight of 1990-91 NBA Hoops in a repack. But this brings back fond memories of junior high for me; I haven't seen much of these in over 25 yrs.
It was an okay pack:

Probably can't do much better than that, though the Worthy has a bent corner so it was pretty much MJ, Thunder Dan, and Sarah Palin's ex-boyfriend.

As for the 75 loose cards... I picked this particular box because of the Hakeem Rebound King on the front.

There were some other interesting cards in the box:

I think the Pacers logo card is my favorite, but I also like the Dee Brown dunk champion and the fireball Benoit.

 These cards were all damaged, though the print marks on the Hardaway aren't as visible.

Once again, Fairfield sneaks in another baseball card - Rey Sanchez isn't as notorious as Rocker.

Now for repack #2: 4 packs, 50 cards, and a bonus. I got this miniature New Orleans lil' bratz looking thing that's the size of my daughters' Shopkins:

The loose cards were less interesting than the first pack:

The Louisville card reminds me to check in with Gavin re: my Jennifer Lawrence custom.

The Jerry West card reminds me to check in with Matthew Scott re: breaking the ice on a trade.

Here are the four unopened packs; I usually open from worst to first so I'll start with 90-91 Skybox:

I really like the Hornacek. Very symmetrical. The rest are okay - I didn't have the Isiah, and the McHale is an upgrade.

Now the Leaf pack:

Ah, logoless. Bummer.

2012-13 NBA Hoops: 8 cards in the pack, and the first 5 were legit superstars:

Way to wreck the streak, Perry Jones III.

Finally, we have 2015-16 Prestige. These have a distinct smell, like woodland cologne or something. The photography is reminiscent of Stadium Club:

It's a little distracting how prominent the crowd is in these cards. That's my first Klay Thompson card, btw. In this pack, the best cards were the last three.

Finally, the baseball repack: 4 packs, plus 50 loose cards and an extra item. Again, I got a mini bratz thing (it was the catcher on the far left. you cant see it, but he's got a Dodgers logo on his hat.)

The loose cards were better than the hockey; these two jumped right out at me:

The Granderson was heavily curled.. but nothing a top loader can't fix.

There was also a fair amount of 2013 Topps, though none of them were worth scanning, and the empty space in the flimsy cardboard box meant the cards were moving around a lot. Many of them had corner damage as a result. Here are some of the more interesting cards:

It's nice to get a few oddball/non-flagship releases out of repacks. Makes them easier to trade.

Like Mike Allison in my hockey repack, I pulled a card of someone I'd never seen nor heard of before: Park Pittman. This card is from 1990 Fleer Update and I'm willing to bet it's his only major release card (I was wrong - he's also in '90 Bowman.) I scanned the Reuschel because I want to mention that his career WAR of 70 is higher than Tony Gwynn, Ivan Rodriguez, Ernie Banks, and Bob Feller. Does that mean "Big Daddy" should be in the HOF? (This is why WAR should not be viewed as the only stat that matters. Also, it's the Hall of Fame, not the Hall of Stats. And so on..)

Here are the four packs:

No junk wax there. All of this and the Jeter/Grandy for only $8? Sweet deal! Let's see what's in these year-old packs:

Hmmm..not a great start. 3 okay inserts (the Maddux is a Berger's Best) and only one player that's even close to being considered a "star". The Tommy Pham is cool though.

Maybe the Bowman pack will be better:

A Dustin Pedroia that I already had (and this one's damaged anyway) a non first-year Ozzie Albies...and these two:

Now that's more like it. The Holmes probably isn't much, but the Contreras is the best card in the box (though I do like that Grandy refractor.)

And finally, the five-card pack of Stadium Club:

The Pujols insert is nice, and I like the dugout photo of Erasmo Ramirez. It's rare to see an AL pitcher with a bat in his hand. I wish there were more cards in the pack though; this is one of the best looking sets in the past few years. 

All in all, not the best bang for my thirty bucks.. but at least I had fun and got some neat cards I'd never seen before.

Assuming I get snowed in tomorrow, I'll have plenty of time to visit your blogs.. I might even try to finish my basketball card posts before the PSA order comes in. 

Are any of you expecting to be snowed in tomorrow?



  1. I'll take that Shareef if you don't want it! The one caught in the packing machine. They say we could get anywhere from 7 inches to 3 feet. We usually get on the lower end of predictions but we rarely get a blizzard warning, which they issued a few hours ago. They've already mentioned the Hudson Valley on the Weather Channel.

    1. It's yours! I'll put the Shareef in with some hockey I'm saving for you. I've got some duplicate basketball cards I could add, but I assume you have them all.

  2. Looks like those were fun! I'm in the 12-18" belt, we'll see how it goes!

    1. It was fun, though I wish the baseball packs were a bit better. I was really excited to get all 2016s.

      We're expecting 12-18" here, too.

  3. 60 plus degrees in February. Mid March brings a blizzard. Gotta love New England. Of course, if you live in Buffalo, 12"-18" is probably a laugh.

    1. Isn't it crazy? It was 74f in Newark not too long ago. I went to work in short sleeves like two weeks ago. Now here comes the Nor'easter. This winter is wacky, man.

  4. They're calling for snow tonight/tomorrow.. Originally 20-30cm, but now it's 10-15..

    I really like that Pillar..

    1. 10-15 cm doesn't sound to bad. Less than 1 ft, right? (I've forgotten all the metric I learned when I was in Canada)

  5. One thing we can all agree on...John Rocker is a big honking doofus.

    I will definitely get snow tomorrow...we'll see whether I can go out on Wedesday. Hoping I don't lose power. I'm trying to fly to Salt Lake City Thursday morning to catch Northwestern's first-ever NCAA tournament game, and the weather is a real wrench in my plans....

    1. Good luck! Losing power is the worst..and I hope you're able to catch your flight and your game.