Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Big Boost To My Basketball Collection

Just before my Topps Heritage boxes arrived, Jon (A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts) sent me two large boxes of basketball cards. This was an incredibly generous gesture, and I had hours of fun looking through all the early 90's NBA cards I used to have - while also seeing so many new (to me) cards from the last two decades. I tried to think of a way to show just how much my basketball collection has grown thanks to Jon, and this is what I came up with: 

I've sorted each card in my collection by team, and each card from Jon in a second pile. All this week I'm going to display and discuss some of my favorites from each team, starting with the NBA's Atlantic Division:
The Canadiens of Basketball

Before: 14 commons, 13 star base, 1 low #d base, no inserts 
After: 46 commons, 33 star base, 1 low #d base, 1 insert

Favorite cards (click to embiggen):

I love me some Larry Legend. There was a whole bunch of Bird in this box. The Bill Russell is one of two Prizms Jon sent me, and the Wilkins is my first non-Hawk 'Nique. I'll be interested to see if the Celtics are the highest-populated NBA team in my collection; I can't fathom having more than 80 cards of any other franchise.

Piss off, Prokhorov. Jersey forever.

Before: 21 commons*, 3 star base, 1 rookie card, no inserts
After: 43 commons, 5 star base, 1 rookie card, 1 insert

*all but one from the New Jersey years

Favorite cards:

I remember when Petro died.. he was on his way to a great career (much like the NHL's Pelle Lindbergh) Love that sketch of Byrne/Meadowlands/Continental/Izod Arena. I really wish Topps didn't add discoloring dye to the early Finest sets; it really wrecks some beautiful cards. The Kendall Gill refractor might be one of my ten favorite cards of the hundreds Jon sent me. And yes, I got a few Brooklyn cards.

New York City's longest title drought

Before: 23 commons, 3 star base, no parallels, no inserts
After: 45 commons, 12 star base, 3 parallels, 1 insert

 Favorite cards:

This is how I'd fix the Knicks: fire Jeff Hornacek, hire Whoopi Goldberg, give Stacey Patton the ball, and let Ivan make basket. (Am I the only one that loves the movie Eddie?) Anyway.. I already had that "Sky" Walker card, but I love it. The Knicks are the only team that fits well with the orange borders of 99-00 Topps. And I left the 4 slot vacant for Charles Oakley. Let him in, Dolan.

Trust The Process

Before: 8 commons, 5 star base, 1 rookie card, no inserts
After: 35 commons, 11 star base, 5 rookie cards, 3 inserts

Favorite cards:

Lots of A.I. in the box (both Allen Iverson and Andre Iguodala) and some cool Dr. J cards, too. I really like the Raja Bell, it's the first and only Heritage hoops card in my collection. Speaking of Hoops.. I dislike the wordmark on the Iverson but everything else is awesome.

They The North

Before: 3 commons, 4 star base, 2 rookie cards, no inserts
After: 16 commons, 6 star base, 3 rookie cards, no inserts

 Favorite cards:

Thanks to Vin-sanity I had more Raptors star cards than commons. Now I can actually fill a whole Raptors page in my binder. I spent a lot of time in Canada back in the Carter/McGrady days.. never saw a (Raptors) game at ACC, but there was a big mural painted on one of the tunnel walls that said "Come Back, T-Mac." Apparently he was unmoved by the mural, 'cause he was in Orlando the next season. 

I'm making an executive decision: Kyle Lowry goes in the star player box. Not sure what to with DeMar DeRozan though.

Tomorrow I'll cover the cards from the Central Division (I wish the NHL still had six divisions of five.. so much simpler)



  1. Good stuff! Some I don't have too. DeRozan is a star for sure.

    1. I did not realize DeRozan was that good - he's 5th in the league in scoring. See, this is why I need you set me straight!

  2. Nice look at some basketball..

    1. Thanks..I'm not sure if you care about the Raptors at all, but either way it's going to be less interesting from here ;)

  3. Sounds like a creative/fun series of posts! Be prepared for a drop in page views though, as basketball cards don't usually garner a lot of attention.

    1. That's okay, as long as you and Billy are reading them I'll keep writing them.