Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Trio of Trades

I'm taking a "halftime" break from my basketball posts to catch up on some other cards I've received from fellow bloggers. First up is a pack from Shane (Shoebox Legends). I sent him some Topps buybacks for his Franken-set and he sent me a bunch of Whalers, including this team logo sticker from 95-96 Panini:

Some more stickers from 95-96 Panini, and some cards from 94-95 Select:

I couldn't fit Andrei Nikolishin in the scan

Some well-loved 80-81 O-Pee-Chee Whalers:

Shane also sent some Red Sox (I nearly bought the Betts on COMC - good thing I didn't!)

A rejected buyback? I'll take it!

Trade #2 was with Ryan (Base Card Hero). I sent him some Twins buybacks (and some Heritage base) ... and he sent me these:

The top four are for me, the bottom Brendan Shanahans are for my wife. She stopped collecting when our daughters were born, but I still set aside Shanny and Trevor Linden cards for her. I have an Aaron Rodgers Red Prizm, so the Matthews makes it a nice pair.

Last but certainly not least... Judson (My Cardboard Habit) had requested the Yu Darvish relic I pulled from my jumbo box of 2015 Topps. I set it aside for him and added a Cole Hamels relic from 2017 Heritage. (I also threw in an extra Ranger.)

Judson sent two relics my way...

the Han-Ram was a surprise

and some Heritage inserts I didn't have...

and some Red Sox, including two David Ortiz photo variations and a third Papi where he's getting a little too friendly with the enemy. (nah, its all good.)

The Betts Game insert will go with the rest of my Heritage inserts

Shane, Ryan, and Judson - thanks again for the trades! Your cards should arrive soon. 



  1. Received the buybacks today thanks!!! Got another small stack going here already for you!

  2. Thanks for the trade! I have so much mid-1990's hockey just sitting in a box. I was very glad someone else could enjoy it.