Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Back to the basketball box - Southwest style

I'm back to showing off my favorite cards from the basketball box Jon (A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts) sent my way. He's currently running a contest so click that link and enter for a chance to win a $15 COMC spending spree!

Today we cross over to the Western Conference with the Southwest Division:


 Before: 15 commons, 3 star base, 1 rookie, no inserts
After: 41 commons, 9 star base, 4 rookies, 2 inserts

Favorite cards (click to embiggen):

When I was a kid, one of my favorite NBA logos was the Mavs' cowboy hat-on-ball wordmark. I even have a magnet of it somewhere. I can't say I'm familiar with Tim Legler's work on ESPN (he is on ESPN, right?) but he's gotta be better than Stephen A. Smith. I like the court view cards such as the Finley; you can see all those old Vancouver Grizzlies colors. When Dirk Nowitzki led Dallas to the title in 2011 it was the first time I was happy for an NBA champion in over a decade. If only Steve Nash and Vince Carter could have collected a ring.

Before: 11 commons, 3 star base, no rookies, 1 insert, 1 parallel
After: 29 commons, 15 star base, 2 rookies, 1 insert, 2 parallels

Favorite cards:

Before the Mavs' 2011 title, the last NBA champion I truly rooted for was Hakeem Olajuwon and the Houston Rockets. They were my favorite team through most of the 90's, which is why I chose the old logo here. I think all of these guys except Yao Ming were on the Rockets' back-to-back title teams (correct me if I'm wrong.) There were two Yao in the box Jon sent me, and they're the first two in my collection. I don't have a James Harden...yet.

 Before: 3 commons, 2 star base, 1 rookie, no inserts
After: 15* commons, 6 star base, 3 rookies, no inserts

(*6 from Vancouver, 9 from Memphis)

Favorite cards:

I know they're a lot more successful in Memphis than they ever were in Vancouver, I just wanted to show off my Grizzlies logo card. One of the first cards that jumped out at me when going through this box was the Pau Gasol Chrome. I've always been a fan of Chrome brands, and most of the basketball (like the Dickerson) is all new to me. I have Marc Gasol in my star player box even though he's probably not a hobby star (or is he?) Carter is still active and technically has a chance at a championship - but I'm not betting on Memphis getting past the Spurs or Warriors in the first round. 

Before: 2 commons*, no star base, no rookies, no parallels
After: 7 commons, 1 star base, 3 rookies, 1 parallel

(*1 Hornet and 1 Pellie)

All my new NOLA cards:

No one else will remember this, and I can't find video evidence.. but back in the old days when ESPN carried NHL games and the Anaheim Ducks were Mighty, there was a commercial where the coach tells his team that they have a game coming up against the Mighty Pelicans. One of the players corrects him: "I think it's Ducks, coach." The coach slams a stick on the ice. "It's Pelicans! P-E... Pelicans." I thought of that immediately after the Hornets changed their name. It will be interesting to see if Boogie Cousins can clean up his act and complement Anthony Davis. I've got this Immaculate card on my wishlist.

Before: 17 commons, 6 star base, 3 rookies, 1 insert, 1 parallel
After: 47 commons, 24 star base, 3 rookies, 1 insert, 2 parallels

Favorite cards:

Remember when the Spurs had pink in their color scheme? Remember when arenas had names like "Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum"? Remember when the Spurs were lousy enough to draft first overall...twice? I can't be sure until the final tallies are in, but 24 star cards of one team might be
the most in my collection (though I haven't counted the Lakers yet) There was a lot of David Robinson cards in the box, and a few Tim Duncan. I wonder if Gregg Popovich has a card. Does Hoops still make coach cards?

Tomorrow I'll discuss my new cards of Northwest Division teams. I hope you're having as much fun reading these posts as I am writing them. 



  1. Pop has cards in the two Topps Total sets and 2012-13. The Trading Card Database has scans of them all

    1. Thanks for the info as always. I should probably do some research before publishing my posts, but I don't like to "cheat". I'm glad he has a couple at least.. coach/manager cards were standard back in the glory days of collecting and they're practically non-existent now, which is kind of a bummer.

  2. It's unfortunate that Marc Gasol isn't considered a star, hobby or otherwise, because he is a heck of a player. He's just not flashy enough to draw a lot of attention, and playing for the Grizzlies doesn't help either.

    I may be mistaken, but wasn't Barry Melrose in that commercial? I only vaguely remember it, but it feels like it was one of those Sportscenter spots as well.

    1. It might have been Melrose actually.. I cant recall, but that would make sense.

      My very limited NBA knowledge means that I rely on stats to guesstimate who is a star and who isn't. In addition to Gasol I've been unsure of DeMar DeRozan (which is really embarrassing), DeAndre Jordan, Jimmy Butler, and a couple other current players. I also assumed Mark Aguirre is a Hall of Famer (he isn't) and found out that at least three players I had never heard of or didn't consider to be anyone special were elected to the HOF.