Tuesday, March 7, 2017

More From the Basketball Box - Southeast Division

This is part three in my series of posts showing off my favorite cards from the basketball box Jon (A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts) sent to me last week. If you're not following his blog yet, go do it now. Today we'll wrap up the Eastern Conference with the Southeast Division:

At least they haven't choked away a championship

 Before: 20 commons, 3 star base, no rookies, no parallels
After: 43 commons, 7 star base, 4 rookies, 1 parallel

Favorite cards (click to embiggen):

I'm usually a fan of 'retro' logos returning, but the Hawks "Pac-Man" thing is just too bland for me. These cards are far from it, though I wish the Pistol Pete (my first) was colorized. The Spud Webb Hoops card lists his height as 5 ' 7", while the Prizm (issued 25 years later) has him as 5' 6". The legend..shrinks? Fun fact: Pearl Jam initially named their band Mookie Blaylock..and they're in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. So, in a way, Mookie could have been a Hall Of Famer. One more fun fact: Jason Terry is still an active NBA player.

Now it gets complicated...

The best player...is the owner

Before: 22 commons, 1 star base, 1 rookie, 1 insert
After: 51 commons*, 3 star base, 3 rookies, 2 inserts*

*includes Bobcats (but not New Orleans Hornets)

Favorite cards:

Let me see if I have my Charlotte hoops history straight...the Hornets entered the NBA in 1988 as an expansion team (and ushered in the era of teal uniforms.) About 15 years later they moved to New Orleans. Shortly thereafter, the NBA gave Charlotte another expansion team - which owner Bob Johnson named after himself. The BobJohnsonCats were later sold to Michael Jordan, who decided not to name the team after himself (The Airs? The Flyers? The Gamblers?) but instead re-branded the team the Hornets after the old Hornets re-branded themselves the Pelicans. (I don't even have time to discuss the cards after all that.)

Winning ain't easy without the King

Before: 11 commons, no star base, no rookies, no inserts
After: 28 commons, 6 star base, no rookies, 3 inserts

Favorite cards:

Plenty of stars like Hardaway and Mourning took their talents to South Beach long before LeBron & Bosh arrived. The Panini Brilliance is actually my first LBJ base card (I have a Topps Chrome RC and a couple of inserts.) Hopefully Bosh is able to come back at some point, but they're going to be Cavalier roadkill with or without him. My source for all things basketball (besides Billy Kingsley) is Bill Simmons - and he goes next level with Mario Chalmers' Simpsons-themed nickname.

Before: 16 commons, 2 star base, 5 rookies, no inserts
After: 30 commons, 13 star base, 9 rookies, no inserts

Favorite cards:

I really don't know what to say about the Magic.. I couldn't even think of a caption. They were hugely popular when Shaq and Penny played for them. Now they're just kinda there. Jon didn't send all that much Magic (compared to other teams) but there were a few Shaqs, a few Prizms.. and a Shaq prizm. I like the old-school black jerseys Nikola Vucevic is sporting. Orlando could really use a big star to play with him and Aaron Gordon.

The Great Wall of Chinatown

Before: 14 commons*, no star base, 2 rookies, no inserts
After: 42 commons*, 1 star base,  2 rookies, no inserts

 (*includes Washington Bullets)

Favorite cards:

Is that the Capital Centre on the Michael Adams card? It sorta looks like the Calgary Saddledome. I still have a lot more Bullets than Wizards, including some of "My Giant" Gheorghe Muresan - who was a decent player and actor (I forgot he did two Snickers commercials.) The Rip Hamilton rookies will fit nicely in my UConn Huskies collection. John Wall is my first Bullets/Wizards star (I don't even know who else would qualify) and the Dudley Donruss makes me want to buy a blaster or two. Those are some colorful cards!

Tomorrow I'll take a break and re-charge (I'm not really happy with this post, the first two came out better IMO.) Maybe I'll catch up on trade posts. Western Conference coming soon.



  1. I like the Spudd Webb and Pistol Pete Hawks cards. Never liked the Magic uniforms. They remind me a little of the Cubs "pajama" uniforms c.1980.

    1. Yeah, those were pretty bad. Baseball had some hideous uniforms back then.

  2. The Bullets had quite a few stars before switching over to the Wizards. Wes Unseld, Elvin Hayes, Bernard King, and Chris Webber, are just a few of the bigger names.

    1. I have a coach card of Unseld, but nothing from his career. Thought I had a Bernard King from 90-91 Hoops but I guess it's long gone. And for a star player/possible HOFer C-Webb sure played for a lot of teams.

  3. I have a pretty big Gheorghe Muresan collection. His Snickers commercials are classics. Thanks for giving me a reminder to watch them again.

    1. You're welcome. I remembered the cologne commercial but forgot all about the other one..which is odd because whenever i'd play ball or have a team practice my friends and I would encourage each other to "score one for the kids"