Tuesday, April 25, 2017

92 year old sports page

I did some spring cleaning over the weekend, and half the reason I dug through my boxes of sports memorabilia was to find all of my 8 x 10 autographs and put them in one place. Unfortunately I found a few and assumed that was all of them, then put all the boxes back before remembering I still have half a dozen autos unaccounted for. Perhaps I'll go back into the crawl space this weekend.

Though I didn't find my in-person Robin Yount auto (or some other goodies) I did find a 92-year old newspaper page from the New York Evening Journal:

This article recaps the New York Americans' 6-2 victory over the Montreal Canadiens on December 8, 1925. (The blurb at the bottom left is from a much more recent Hockey News article, which I added for the provenance)

I'm not sure exactly when I acquired it, likely sometime around 2000-01. My friend Chris was living in a small house that was being demolished, and after he packed up and moved out most (if not all) of his stuff, the structure was stripped bare. Chris claimed that it was totally cool with the owner if we wanted to help out with the demolition by breaking down some of the plaster walls. (I didn't exactly believe him, but no one was around, so I went along with it.) As soon as I put some hammer holes in the walls, I noticed they were lined with old newspaper - the oldest newspaper I've ever seen outside of a library. 

It was tough to remove the fragile paper from the wall without tearing it, as you can see. But I managed to keep most of the article intact. It's a fascinating look at the early days of hockey. Also, it's the oldest piece of sports memorabilia I own. 

What's the oldest piece of memorabilia (sports or non-sports) in your collection?



  1. I have a couple turn of the century cards. My favorite older piece is a newspaper that featured the Black Sox scandal.

  2. I'm not 100% sure if this is my oldest... but it might be. I have a 1905 Player's Countries Arms & Flags tobacco card of Japan.

  3. What a cool piece of history. I love old news articles and history pieces.

    For me its a couple of cards from the C56 hockey set 1910-11.

  4. Cool story! I think I have a few 1880's tobacco cards with actresses on them. I have a copy of The Strand magazine from 1893 that includes a Sherlock Holmes story.