Monday, April 10, 2017

A Long "Lost" Trade and a '56 Sandy

Last week was absolutely brutal on me, and this week won't be any better. It was a picture-perfect day here in New Jersey.. but my wife is ill once again, and so I've been stuck inside attempting to keep my two daughters out of her hair. Fortunately I got some cards in the mail to relieve my stress.

A couple months ago I posted a few scans of cards I had available for trade. AJ (The Lost Collector) showed interest in my Derek Jeter insert from 2000 Topps HD, but he didn't have anything to trade at the time. However he recently acquired some short prints from the 2017 Topps Heritage set and we completed the trade.

I sent his Jeter last week, along with a few other trade packages so if you've received something from me recently please let me know. 

AJ knocked three cards off my Heritage wantlist - including my most wanted SP:

 These lava lamp backgrounds are far out, man.

 He also threw in some extra Red Sox cards:

Some random goodies, including a Kevin Millar MLBN insert. if Heidi Watney isn't in Series 2 I'm boycotting Topps. (ok, maybe not. damn monopolies...)

This is my first taste of 2017 Donruss. I don't hate it. And how cool is the Dumatrait Stadium Club? 

Thanks for the trade AJ!

While I was enduring a stressful week I had racked up a few bucks worth of store credit on COMC. I keep telling myself that if I can do enough challenges - and resist the urge to buy low-end inserts/rookies/parallels/etc. - I can add a 1956 Topps Hall of Famer to my collection for free.

But that'll never happen. I'm far too easily distracted by low-hanging fruit; over the past month I've spent nearly $40 on the site, and only $10 of that was PayPal. That would have been enough for a mid-grade HOFer like Bob Lemon or Monte Irvin... and I know this because I went shopping on 4 Sharp Corners as well (#retailtherapy)

4SC had a 20% off sale for cards under $50, and I really wanted to pick up at least one HOFer from '56..but I wasn't thrilled with the centering on the Lemon or Irvin. 

Instead I spent a tiny sliver of my tax return on these six cards:

 At $27.99, Sandy Amoros was the biggest piece. The other three were under $10 each. 

I've said before that there aren't many cards left on 4 Sharp Corners that I still need for this set; now that I have this Hamel the only PSA 9 need on 4SC is the Hakan Loob RC. Sutter was one of a dozen PSA 10 singles priced between $10 and $15. Kind of strange that it cost more than anything in this order except the Sandy Amoros.

I'm now at 71.45% completion on this set - and I don't see any way I'll pass 75% without another source for these high-grade OPC singles.

If I'm able to post again later this week I'll discuss the cheapo cards I bought on COMC - or maybe the NHL playoffs. Or both. :-)



  1. Replies
    1. Anytime AJ! I look forward to the next one.

  2. Chris, I received your PWE, thank you so much! I will put a thank you post up soon. Also, I'm very intrigued by both of your graded projects. I bet the OPC hockey set is more challenging in some ways than 56 Topps baseball despite being nearly 30 years newer.

    1. I'm glad you got it, I'm always worried when sending a PWE. You're right about 84-85 OPC being tougher in some ways than 56 Topps, and here's why: there are a lot more graded copies of 50's baseball cards than 80's hockey cards, and it's a tough pill to swallow when something you can find anywhere for 50 cents costs $10 in high grade.

      That said, the top-tier '56's are obviously much more expensive. A PSA9 Yzerman RC can be found for $150; I'm not sure you can find a PSA2 Mickey Mantle for that price!

  3. Well, I guess if I'm collecting Freddie Freeman due to Dual Citizenship, I must also do it with Jameson Taillon.
    That said, nice cards

    1. thank you. I pulled Taillon's 2010 Bowman Chrome auto RC out of a retail pack I bought at Target. Sold it a year later though.

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    1. Always a crowd pleaser! I wish I could get my hands on a HOFer. Maybe next year :)