Tuesday, April 18, 2017

My Favorite Autographs part 1: Red Sox and Devils

I recently read a post by Fuji in which he listed his five favorite autographed card as part of Tony L's 30 day baseball card blogging challenge. At the end of the post Fuji asked readers "What's your favorite autographed card of your favorite player?"

I didn't have a good answer. Mostly because I didn't read the question completely and thought he was merely asking "What's your favorite autographed card?" But also because I have a few favorite players - current and all-time - and I have a few favorite autographed cards (and other items) but I don't really have a clear favorite. Or do I?

In this post I'll show off a bunch of my best autographed cards of the two teams I actively collect, and in my next post I'll scan up some autographs of Hall Of Famers who didn't play for the Red Sox or Devils.

I don't have very many Red Sox autos, but the few that I have are signed by recent Boston stars... and a converted catcher who doesn't really have a role with the team.

The Swihart came from Mike Matson via Topps redemption replacement. It's a personal favorite because it represents the very first official trade I made here on the blogosphere (my first unofficial trade was P-Town Tom sending me an 800ct box of 1993 Flair and 2013 Topps baseball in exchange for freeing up space in his closet.)

I have a lot more Devils autos than Red Sox, in part because my wife was a hockey card collector and Devils season ticket holder for many years....

This would be her favorite autographed card...if she still cared about collecting.


... and partly because the Devils are a much less popular team than the Sox or Green Bay Packers (my favorite football team) and therefore these are much cheaper to purchase, especially on COMC. This John Moore Cup rookie cost me $3.25 on Black Friday:

He was one of the few Devils who had a good season in '16-17. It feels like forever since these guys were wearing the black and red:

The Brodeur ruby auto is numbered to 50, and it's one of only two Marty autos in my collection; my wife has a ton of signed Brodeur/Devils items, including these:

The first cup in 1995. D didn't store this too well; when I unpacked this after we moved a few years ago I noticed a lot of wavy lines that looked like water damage. It's possible that some moisture found its way into the paper-thin sleeve she had it stored in.

2000: The goal. Jason Arnott just happened to be D's favorite Devil, and one of her two favorite players of all-time (the other is Trevor Linden.)

2003: Forever Devils. I may be wrong, but I think Dano, Marty, and Patty are the top three games played leaders in franchise history.

Do you have a favorite autographed item in your collection? Do you prefer single-signed items, or team/group autos signed by multiple players?



  1. That Scott Stevens autograph is sweet.

  2. Good stuff! Now that I've pulled an autograph for the NHL, they will be open season on COMC next time I set aside some money for there. An auto-patch for anything under five is a steal, but what you paid is incredible...wow!

  3. That Swihart looks nice in your collection.. Glad it's in a place where it'll be appreciated.

    My "favourite" autograph would probably be any of the Charlie Simmer cards I have autographed. Though the Adam Lind I got in person is nice too..

  4. I like the Hart Attack. Speaking of hockey, here's one of my favorite signed items:

  5. Ohhhh my....what Devilishly great autos. Puns aside, I enjoyed seeing them all! You and your wife have great taste and I can't wait to see part 2.

    As far as my collection goes, my Gordie Howe auto I got in person and Bill Guerin auto I got TTM as a kid are the most valuable sentimentally and are among my favourites. I have quite a few other cool ones that others may like more (such as my Gretzky auto) but each card has special meaning and I remember how I acquired all 400+ autographs.