Monday, July 31, 2017

Quick Tour Of My Card Room

I borrowed my wife's camera to take some pictures of my backyard for a post on my "personal" blog (feel free to follow me) and so I thought I'd take a few pics of my upstairs room before I gave it back.

My bookshelf of figurines (and a few books), with Robin Yount as a centerpiece. The first shelf features a Jerry Rice bobblehead that I found on someone's trash table while walking home one day - and some Starting Lineup figures that probably aren't worth more than they cost 20+ years ago (except maybe the Neil Lomax.) Ignore the old Smashing Pumpkins posters in the background; I had nowhere else to put them or the rest of the music/movie posters from my teen years.

Shelf #2 has a Duke Snider autographed baseball (pack war prize) next to a Duke Snider SLU (my aunt bought it from me in a yard sale and my mom gave it back to me when she passed). The ball behind it is a foul ball from an independent minor league game when Rickey Henderson played for Newark. The ball on the far right, next to the DVD set, was signed by Don Mattingly (probably; I bought it when I was a kid and didn't get a COA.) The bottom shelf holds my books (I'm a huge John Green fan) and my VHS boxed set of Ken Burns' Baseball - and a Mariners sticker I just pulled out of a vending machine.

From my computer desk, facing out. That's not my bed; it's an ottoman that wouldn't fit in my living room. I threw an old Packers blanket over it and use it as a couch. My daughters might be able to sleep on it. The Devils pillow was a Christmas gift; it obviously doesn't match but I don't mind.


A closer look at the IKEA bookshelf, which just barely fits all of my card albums. It's a tight squeeze in some of those squares. These albums hold everything from commons (sorted chronologically by team and alphabetically by city) to team collections (Red Sox, Packers, Devils, and Whalers) to a player collection or two (my 600+ Brett Favre cards and my wife's Brendan Shanahan cards.) The rest are some of my favorite sets like 2017 Topps Heritage baseball and others that I want to look at rather than stuff 'em in a monster box.

Like this.

This is the closet where I keep all of my bulk sets, relics/autos, and graded cards. That black box is full of vintage goodies; its the first thing I'd grab if my house were on fire.


And finally, a wider view of the room - with a partial pile of my McFarlane collection and some replica Stanley Cup trophies stacked on top of my CD shelf. (the rest of my McFaralane figures are in boxes; I dont have room to display them all.) The white boxes on top of my IKEA bookshelf hold all of my inserts/parallels/rookie cards; there's one box of nothing but New Jersey Devils and one box that holds my 1956 Topps baseball set build.

The card table at the bottom left is my "work bench"; any time I'm selling or trading something I'll put the package together on that table. 

Hope you enjoyed the tour!



  1. Always enjoy seeing this stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Neat, and welcome back. I know I owe you a package but misplaced your address.

  3. Very cool! I always enjoy these "behind the scenes" posts. You're quite organized!

  4. Very organized indeed. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Jealous of your organization! Nice to see you back. Hope all is well.

    1. It's been a tough spring/summer but I'm okay now. Thanks.

  6. Cool to see how everyone displays their collections! Good post

  7. Great setup. Love seeing McFarlands and SLU's being displayed.