Friday, December 29, 2017

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

In my last post I implied that Jennifer Lawrence has never appeared on a trading card. That's not correct, as Brett Alan pointed out.

These boxes have been sitting in the clearance section of Dave & Adam's for at least a year. I'm a big fan of the series in print and on film, and so I made a mental note to pick up a box of these one day. When I placed an order earlier this month for some sports cards and supplies I decided it was time to toss these in to my cart. (Side note: I've no idea why there's no Mockingjay set. Lack of demand maybe?)

No inserts, no autographs, no frills. No wonder these were only $8.95 a box. 

There's a lot lacking with these sets but one thing I can't complain about is collation - The Hunger Games is a 72-card set and I got exactly two sets in the box.

The first 18 cards are character profiles and have text on the back. Here's J-Law, as Katniss:

 The good guys:

Stanley Tucci absolutely killed it as Caesar. He took a minor character that was hardly noteworthy in print and gave him pizazz and flair and excitement! You can't help but like him, even though he's neutral at best and a pawn of President Snow at worst.

The bad guys:

Donald Sutherland (no relation) was perfectly cast as President Snow. Thresh allied himself with the Careers, but his most memorable moment distinguished himself.

Cards #19-62 are action scenes:

Four of my favorites here: Classic Caesar. Cinna and his Girl On Fire. Foxface cleans up nice. Sneaky little Rue.

Here's a look at the back. Same photos re-used, no text:

Not only that, the horizontal fronts work better for these photos - and the mockingjay logo eats up too much space.

The last ten cards are a 9-piece puzzle and a checklist. I wont bother to scan those, since I've got to get to the Catching Fire set - which doesn't even have those things.

There are only 40 cards in Catching Fire. Here are the first six:

Want to see the rest of the set? Here it is:

 I think I found my favorite Catching Fire card.

That's it. That's the whole set- barely more than half the size of the first set. I get that they didn't want to give away any spoilers, but damn. 

So there you have it - my favorite actress on a trading card (or ten). I would have preferred to grab a set of these somewhere and save a few bucks, but this was pretty much my only option. (Unless someone would like to make a Jennifer Lawrence card.)

Are you a fan of the Hunger Games series? Do you collect movie/TV trading cards? 



  1. Never watched the Hunger Games, believe it or not. I do collect movie/TV Cards, but they are usually from the 70's (Star Wars, Charlie's Angels, Mork & Mindy, etc).

    1. Did you happen to receive any mail from me lately?

  2. I saw one of the movies. I think it was the first one.

    The only movie/tv related cards I own are related to Batman and/or actor Robert Wuhl a long time friend. There is actually and intersection there as he was in the first Batman film.

    1. You're friends with Robert Wuhl? That's awesome. He was great in Cobb and Arliss. I'm sure I've seen him in other things, just cant recall at the moment.

  3. Those are not all that bad compared to some other movie sets I've seen.

    As far as the Hunger Games, I've watched all the movies because my wife loves them and the books, but I just could not get into it.

    As far as other tv/movie cards, I collect cards for the shows Lost and Jericho.

    1. Two of my favorites right there. Under The Dome, too.

      You didn't like the Hunger Games series at all? I know at least one of the films were weak, but I thought they were fantastic overall.

  4. Read the 1st book years ago... and I think I saw one of the movies. Wouldn't call myself a fan, but I do remember enjoying Rue's character.

    1. I'm not ashamed to admit I was quite emotional over Rue.