Saturday, December 7, 2019

Day of Giving

Today is a big day of gift giving here at The Collector. My daughter's birthday party is this afternoon and before the party starts I'm going to the post office to mail a pile of packages for my card collecting friends (and one eBay buyer.) A handful of cards I planned to send out were being held at COMC and, since they included a Secret Santa gift, I had to request shipping on these the week before Black Friday. 

It's a relief to finally be able to send these gifts out because I received my Secret Santa gift on Monday. CaptKirk42 of the blog Curly W Cards drew my name out of the hat and sent three wrapped packages (I'll save the largest one for a future post..)

Before opening these two packages I'd assumed that one would be a retail fat pack of new product like 2019 Topps Update or something and the other would be single cards.

I assumed incorrectly. Both packages from Kirk were loaded with cards from all of my favorite teams, including the Devils team set from 2019-20 O-Pee-Chee..

..and Devils cards from back in the days when they actually won a few games.

Six Red Sox, including a serial-numbered Matt Barnes auto...

And a bounty of Brett Favre cards! 25 in all! I haven't had time to check how many are new to my collection, but my guess is that three or four of these were needs.

These Chrome cards are fantastic! I remember buying as much 2004 Bowman Chrome as I could find that year - which wasn't more than a few packs here and there.

So many cool cards here, including the 2004 Bowman's Best and Fleer Showcase. I definitely did not have that Standing O football in the middle.

Kirk also sent a Brett Favre Starting Lineup figure, which is timely given my recent posts.

Brett Favre is by far my largest player collection, but the only PC I prioritize ahead of him is..

I had gone months without adding any new Peter Worrell cards until recently, and it means a lot more when they're part of a care package. Kirk, thank you so much for this very thoughful Secret Santa gift!

Here are some of the hand-picked singles I received in the COMC shipment. Normally I would make this a second post but there's so much going on I didn't want to drag it out.

I prioritized thicker cards since I have an abundance of thick top loaders sitting in my closet. The Clemens Museum Collection was $0.37 - cheaper than a flagship set filler of a nondescript Braves reliever! The Banks Museum single was $0.46 - cheaper than a Topps Big League set filler of a failed Yankees prospect! The Soto copper parallel was $2.25.

Two more exquisite singles, which I bought previous to the Chara and MacKinnon. Staal cost me $1.44 but if I'd waited until the BF sale I could have grabbed it for under a buck - as I did with the Subban relic. The Pedroia patch was the most expensive item in this order at $6.20.

These were the only other cards that cost $4 or more. I was especially thrilled to add an Aaron Rodgers relic to my Packers PC for just $4.75. The Soto Heritage RC cost $4.48. I was busy hunting down his singles during the World Series. If I had the cash to buy high-end prospect autos he's the one guy I'd go "all-in" on right now.

The rest of my keepers, including another Favre. The Green foil at the bottom right is Sean Doolittle. I've wanted an Oakland A's card in that color for a while, and Doolittle is one of a handful of Nationals players I've cheered for recently. I was very happy Kirk's Nationals won the Series this past year. Hopefully they can bring back Steven Strasburg and/or Anthony Rendon to defend their title, but even if they lose a big-name free agent I wouldn't count them out next year ;-)

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend!



  1. Happy birthday to her! Post office told me your package from me should arrive today or Monday, so one of your collections is getting another boost, but probably not as nice as you got from Kirk. My Secret Santa arrived in November but I open it on Christmas Eve.

  2. Love those Favres! The A PC stuff is especially nice.

  3. You will have some more TV-set Worrells coming your way soon . . .

  4. Hope you and your family (especially your daughter) had fun at the birthday party! I've just picked up a few of those Heritage Sotos as well just in case he explodes in value and I can't afford him next year.

  5. Breaking the Secret Santa package into two posts? Thanks, that's gonna mean more work for me when it comes time to do the wrap-up post :)

    That was a pretty solid first package though, I really dig the look of the Bloody Battles card, that's definitely a new set (subset?) to me.

    1. If you're making a link list, just use this post. The SLU is going to be part of a post about sealed figures so 90% will be stuff I've had in my collection for years.

  6. Unless I missed soemone, I think you're the first to post about their Secret Santa gift! I always look forward to these posts. Hope your daughter had a great birthday! (Mine celebrated hers the week before!)

    1. I think you're right. I don't know if its because I got mine earlier or if I'm just impatient, lol.

      Hope your daughter had a great b-day as well!

  7. Jack Simms. Love that dude. Great cards and post.