Sunday, November 15, 2020

Anyone got these Ginters?

I traded 15 stickers from my 1988 Panini Baseball duplicate pile to TCDB user NetScans for eight baseball cards and two football cards.

Two more for the 2011 Topps Lineage set build. I'm down to 15 needs for this set. My last TCDB trade had set fillers from both Chicago teams, too. How about that.

Two more relievers for my All-Time Teams project. My last TCDB trade had two All-Time needs, too. I'm down to 50 needs for this set - though I need to update the wantlist with Red Sox and Barnstormers. More All-Time Team cards are on the way from COMC, and I just ordered something on Friday that will add some pre-war players to the project. We'll see which box arrives first.

Two New Haven Ravens for my Connecticut Collection. This is from the one year when the St. Louis Cardinals were the parent club. I have a Layfield Cardinals card even though he never pitched above triple-A. Correa's time in AA New Haven was his highest level.

These cards are pairs, too. At first glance the top pair appears obvious - McCarthy and Favre are Packers cards. Reese and Tomlinson are Hall of Famers on teams that moved to L.A. That's it, right?

Sure, that works. But actually the left side duo are baseball cards while the guys on the right are football cards.

That's right - the McCarthy is a baseball card.

He's one of several non-baseball subjects in the 2013 Allen & Ginter set, including Chrissy Teigen, Mike Richter, Lindsey Vonn, Barry Melrose, and McKayla Maroney. 

2013 A & G also includes cards of the Bundys - Dylan and Al. This one is going on my wantlist:

This year's A & G checklist has a lot of names I don't recognize. Maybe that's a sign I'm getting old. I'm familiar with R. L. Stine and Ken Jeong and Ryan Nyquist. And this gentleman, of course:

Send me all your Doc Emrick cards plz. kthx.

There seem to be more comedian/entertainer/reality show personalities in this year's set. Anyone familiar with this lovely lady?

This is Kelsey Cook, who is listed on the back as a comedian and - I kid you not - professional foosball player. Well guys, it looks like I gotta add foosball to my sports card collection. Can anybody help me out?

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  1. Fun post! I like the way you wrapped up your post on the election too - well said.

  2. Shoot me an email with your Lineage needs. I don't have those up on TCDB (yet) but I've got a pile of duplicates, might be able to help ya. Same with any Ginter needs (only the last couple of years are up on TCDB for me at the moment - uploading trade bait is a real bear on that site)!

  3. I've got an extra O'Neill - I'll throw it in your next PWE. It was actually in my Free Card Friday and no one claimed it! Let me know if you want any other of those non-player A&Gs I had posted.

  4. You're not getting old, A&G's non-baseball subjects are getting lame.

  5. I've got the following 2020 A&G you can have... Chip Gaines (TV), Bucky Lasek (Skate Boarder), and Derrick Goold (Writer). Let me know if you can use any or all of these and I'l PWE them to you this week.

    1. Thanks for the offer Fuji! I'm not building the set, just looking for these particular singles. Looks like two out of three are on the way, which is great. Just need Kelsey Cook now.

    2. I PWE the Cook out to you this weekend.

  6. McCarthy? Didnt know he had a ginter

  7. I want a Doc Emrick autograph badly, but man they're surprisingly pricey. Hope to find one at a discount someday once everyone moves onto the next new set...