Sunday, April 18, 2021

A to Z Music Challenge

My sports cards have been organized enough that all I need to do is put away new purchases, and so last night I moved on to my CD collection.

As you can see, my CDs are all stored in a drawer. This drawer, which has one busted wheel, slides underneath my bed and gets quite dusty. After removing all the CDs to clean and organize them I noticed that I have a favorite band or artist for nearly every letter in the alphabet. 

Once upon a time I participated in a blogging challenge that took place in April. We'd all pick an overarching theme and a daily topic that matched each letter. It was fun. Unfortunately the people who ran it showed their whole ass and I didn't want to be associated with them anymore. Still like the concept though.

So here's an idea if you have some time or you're out of blog topics: make a list of your favorite musicians from A to Z or do a Sporcle-style speed round and just type out the first ones that come to mind as quickly as you can.  Here's my list of favorite musical acts by the letter:

All Time Low

This video gives me all the feels. I used the song in a story I wrote. Never finished that thing. Maybe someday.


A surprisingly tough letter for me. Sixteen Stone is the only CD in my collection from a 'B' band. Is there a "Best of Bush" greatest hits CD? [edit: There is .. but its frigging expensive!]

The Cure

One of my all-time faves. I hadn't listened to them in years and then earlier this week I popped in Disintegration because it was raining (again.) Love it. A more current 'C' band I'm listening to is Chvrches. Thanks for pointing me in their direction, Shane!

Depeche Mode

Good news: Dave Gahan, Martin Gore & co. were finally elected to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!
Bad news: They were elected last year, and the ceremony was virtual due to Covid.


Evanescence? Erasure? Echo and the Bunnymen? I'm drawing a blank here.

Fall Out Boy

One of my top three favorite bands of the last dozen years.

Green Day

Also receiving votes: Garbage

Jimi Hendrix

I haven't listened to Hendrix in years, but H is not a strong letter for me.

I Don't Know How But They Found Me

I saw them open for Silversun Pickups in 2019. They're good enough to knock Incubus off the list.

Joy Division

The cover art for Unknown Pleasures might be even more popular than the band itself.


They're a Swedish band and one of my all time favorites, even though about 80% of their recordings were in Swedish. The Killers are another fave, and I listened to a ton of Keane in college.

Linkin Park

I actually don't have any of their CDs. I've been planning to get at least one, likely a Greatest Hits compilation.


My wife's favorite band, and one of my top five. If you haven't heard them yet, hear them live first. While I'm on 'M' bands, I should mention that the restoration company I work for did an inspection at the home of My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero. I was very excited about this. Naturally I was the only one in the office who'd heard of him.

New Order

I mentioned them on The 1993. Obligatory Nirvana mention here, as they're the reason I got into alternative music.

Oasis/The Offspring

Call it a tie between two '90s acts I liked a fair amount. Nowadays I listen to a little more Oasis.


When I first heard "Fire" it reminded me of another female-fronted band, Paramore. I love Riot more than any single Pvris album, but Hayley Williams & co. lost me a couple albums ago. Use Me isn't my cup of tea in general but Lynn Gunn hasn't lost me yet. (Also, their cover of "Chandelier" lays waste to the original.)


I challenge you to find a better artist for the letter 'Q'. Really feeling this track lately.


I mentioned them on The 1993 as well.


Smashing Pumpkins are my all-time favorite band. Silversun Pickups are my current favorite band. I listen to a lot of Silversun and very little Pumpkins these days. Love 'em both though.

Thirty Seconds To Mars

Number bands are left out of this exercise (sorry, 311) but since Jared Leto & co. spell out the word Thirty I'll tuck them in to 'T'. [bands that start with the word The obviously do not count here.]


See Queen. I was just remarking to the Mrs. that I haven't listened to enough U2 lately. I'll fix that.

Van Halen

I wasn't the biggest Van Halen fan in the world but I do like their hits (and Balance brings back junior high memories) Here's a question for those of you who are fans: David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar?

The White Stripes/Weezer

Another tie between two different but equally good alternative bands. I like more Weezer songs but I like White Stripes songs more, if that makes sense. Also I should mention that I'm kinda digging The Weeknd lately.


Ah, the dreaded X. I know XTC is a band that exists but I can't name any of their songs. And I can't count Lil' Nas X.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Another tough letter. This is really the only YYY song I like though I haven't dug too deep into their catalog. Yet.


ZZ Top would be the obvious choice, or Frank Zappa. But I can't say I like them. Rob Zombie? His band had a song or two I liked okay, but those are listed under White Zombie. Rather than trying to come up with a 'Z' artist I like enough, how about Zooey Deschanel singing the national anthem at the 2012 World Series.

That's my list. What's yours? 

Thanks for reading & listening!



  1. Good stuff. I'll probably do this in my own way. A few of the letters will be the same for me ("S" is going to be as difficult as anything to settle on). I'm not uploading a bunch of videos tho.

    Also, all my CDs are now in the attic ... except for the ones I keep retrieving.

  2. When I saw the lone "E", for a moment I thought you had picked E, a solo artist and lead singer of the Eels whose real name is Mark Oliver Everett. There's a well-known band called X as well, but I don't know of one called Z.

    I was actually listening to a Dave Edmunds concert as I did this, so he was lobbying for that spot, but didn't get it.

    I didn't let myself put anyone in twice, so I couldn't pick The Beatles for B, Paul McCartney for M, and Wings for W, which is something I would do. Some tough calls here, and I'm probably forgetting someone, but here's what I came up with.

    Alarm, The
    Creation, The
    Dylan, Bob
    Electric Light Orchestra
    Frampton, Peter
    Gin Blossoms
    Isley Brothers
    Jackson Five
    Little River Band
    Nilsson, Harry
    Ochs, Phil
    PM Dawn
    Question Mark & The Mysterians
    Unit 4 + 2
    Velvet Crush
    Who, The
    Young, Paul

    I really do love XTC.

  3. Not sure if you're joking or not. But the Eagles seem like an obvious E choice to me. Maybe they're not your style though.

    1. I like the football team more than the band.

  4. E - Eddie & the Hot Rods. Q - Queensryche. H - J Hendrix & Hawkwind. Nice shout out to ? & the Mysterians & the Zombies.

  5. I'll give it a go here.

    The Alarm
    Black rebel motorcycle club
    The cult
    The doors
    Echo and the bunnymen
    Foo fighters
    Golden smog
    The hold steady
    The Jesus and Mary chain
    Lloyd cole and the commotions
    Midnight oil
    Nada surf
    The replacements
    Simple minds/the smiths - it's a tie
    Talking heads
    Violent femmes
    Wire train
    Zuzu's petals

    My musical tastes were strongly established in the early to mid 80s.

  6. Allmans
    Derek & the Domino’s
    Grand Funk
    Humble Pie
    Jefferson Airplane
    King Crimson
    Lynyrd Skynyrd
    Pink Floyd
    Queens of the Stoneage
    Rolling Stones
    Ten Years after
    Uriah Heep
    Velvet Underground
    Wishbone Ash

  7. I'll give you 2 per letter (well, almost all of them)

    Abba, America
    Beatles, Boston
    Cream, Chicago
    Def Leppard, Doors
    Eagles, ELO
    Foghat, Fleetwood Mac
    Grass Roots, Gerry & the Pacemakers
    Hollies, Heart
    Billy Idol, I got nothing else
    Elton John, Journey
    Kiss, Kinks
    Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd
    Mamas & Papas, Moody Blues
    Ted Nugent, Nilsson
    Orleans, Oasis
    Police, Pink Floyd
    Queen, Quiet Riot
    Raspberries, Rolling Stones
    Santana, Rod Stewart
    Temptations, Thin Lizzy
    U2, U could say Uriah Heep, but I don't like them
    Van Halen, Ventures
    Who, Wings
    Xactly which bands begin with an X?
    Yardbirds, Neil Young
    Zombies, ZZ Top

  8. Love this challenge. Took me over 30 minutes, but...

    Alan Parsons Project
    Beastie Boys
    The Cure
    Def Leppard
    The Eagles
    Fleetwood Mac
    Peter Gabriel/Genesis
    Bruce Hornsby & The Range
    Ice Cube
    Cyndi Lauper
    Notorious BIG
    The Police
    Tupac Shakur
    They Might Be Giants/Tribe Called Quest
    Van Halen
    Stevie Wonder
    ZZ Top

    * Don't actually own any CD's from these artists.

  9. We have vastly different taste in music. Vastly. The only one I like in your post is Evanescence.

  10. This will be tough, but I'm up for the challenge!

  11. Nice list. I'm not hip to the lingo, but I don't really know what "showed their whole ass" means. As if showing a partial ass is OK, but not the whole thing :) Based on the context, I assume it's bad.

  12. Fun challenge! Might take me a while, though.

  13. If I had the time to make a proper list, I would, but this such a bad time for me to be trying to spend hours working on post like this. I hope it'll inspire others to do so though.