Monday, June 14, 2021

Boog, Moon, Strong, and Associates


It's been a while since I've done a mailday post. TCDB trades have come in regularly but I haven't been scanning the cards before sorting them into my collection. I made sure to do so this time.. for the most part.

Michigan man and Justin Verlander fan Dennis is one of my most frequent trade partners here on the blogs - and possibly the most generous. He sent me a small flat rate mailer last week that briefly had me worried as it felt very full. Not to worry as Dennis didn't send me 200+ base cards.

Nothing but the hits, including these Red Sox relics and a Brandon Moss auto numbered to 199.

Even the Dustin Pedroia Stadium Club is a holofoil parallel. This worked out perfectly because my Red Sox binders are stuffed - and my bookshelf is stuffed full of binders!

The box was packed with supplies including top loaders, some penny sleeves, and a handful of uncirculated Topps Pristine cards. I've mentioned my affinity for these beauties a couple times on this blog:

*These didn't come from Dennis.

I'm always on the lookout for 2002 baseball and football singles and 2003-04 hockey RCs. Dennis handles the rest for me. He plucked these out of a 50 cent box at a card show and sent 'em my way:

These were all encased by Topps but the dealers scratched the heck out of them so I busted 'em out.

That Josh Howard refractor looked familiar to me... turns out I already had one!

How many of these are circulating in the Ann Arbor area?

Dennis, thanks so much for the Pristine singles, supplies, and the Sawx! Next time I'm at a card show (or shop..?) I'll be looking for something to send your way.

As for that Boog Powell card at the top of this post, it arrived in a Beckett Marketplace purchase from Birmingham Sportscards. It was one of three cards I selected to upgrade my All-Time Teams binder. Unfortunately the seller was "way behind" on filling orders and by the time he filled mine.. the other two were sold out. Hmm. :/

Everything else in the order was a football card, including this Ken Strong Classic Singles insert:

2008 Donruss Classics cards account for over 25% of all Ken Strong cards ever produced. I now have four different Strong singles.. but the photo is the same.

The rest of the cards were set fillers including these two rated Rookies from 2016 Donruss:

I'm one big ass ham away from finishing this 400-card set.

Rounding out the order we have a dozen singles from 2015 Panini Prizm:

The eleven base cards bring my total to 138 of 300. I added the Warren Moon blue prizm for my Oilers mini-collection. 

Here's a closer look at the blue Moon. I still love the look of color-matching refractors and prizms, even if they're no longer a focus of my collection. Which reminds me.. I've updated my wantlists. The first three tabs are at the top of the blog (I'll probably add hockey later.)

I'm planning a celebration of basketball around the start of the NBA Finals and I'll be hosting a PWE swap so prepare those unwanted hoops cards! This time I might go "rack pack" style and let participants pick their own return PWE based on the front-facing cards :D

Thanks for reading!



  1. Glad you liked 'em, Chris, and I'm a fan of the Boog and your Panini-branded set-fillers! The Strong and Moon look really sharp.

    I'll make sure to take a hammer to the Pristine cases I send your way next time if they're super scratched up like those were, and hopefully they don't get delayed by a spill on the highway of all of the Josh Howards in the area!

  2. Any post with a Boog Powell card in it gets a nod from me!

  3. I have never seen that Boog Fleer card. It is marvelous.

  4. I'm a Giants fan but don't really know enough about their team history. I clicked on the back of the Strong card to find out more about him and learned . . . that he played football. Thanks Donruss.

    I've got plenty of basketball I'd love to trade for baseball or football.

  5. Sweet Red Sox cards - I miss Napoli...

  6. There's a lot of neat cards in this post, especially the Boog and Moon. And I don't usually care much for the Gold Label brand, but that Carl Everett is pretty sharp, I like the pop-iness of the image.