Wednesday, July 28, 2021

2021 baseball breaks

I just got a huge box of baseball and basketball cards from Bo which I will spread out over multiple posts here and at The 1993. First I want to catch up on some cards I received from a pair of Nachos Grande box breaks.

I was lucky to grab the Red Sox for his break of 2021 Stadium Club. They're usually claimed pretty quickly.

Pulled four base cards and a red parallel of Chris Sale. There are often bonus packs in a Nachos Grande break and 2015 Topps was included in this one. I have the complete set and duplicates of almost all of the Red Sox so I was fortunate that one of the two inserts in the pack was a Nomar I didn't have.

At the time of the break, the Red Sox were the best team in the American League and the Giants were the best team in the National League. [Huh, look at that - they still are.] I decided to pay a few more bucks for San Fran with an eye toward Buster Posey, Joey Bart's RC, or one of the Willies - Mays or McCovey. McCovey isn't in this year's set, and the Mays is nothing special. I didn't get it anyway.

I didn't get Buster Posey, either. Got the Bart though, plus a Yaz, two parallels (say hi to Longo for me, Fuji :P ) and a Will Clark insert that I kinda liked - before I saw literally everyone else pull the same card.

I've watched enough box break videos to know that sometimes the biggest pulls go to low-profile teams that are either bought at the last minute or not at all. With that in mind, I took a shot at the Rays for $2.

Swing and a miss. Luis Patino was a key piece of the Blake Snell trade. He hasn't been great, but he's still only 21. I basically paid $1 for a lottery ticket of a pitcher and $1 for an Austin Meadows base card. Oh well :/

Don't let this discourage you from buying up low-profile teams in a box break, however. Earlier this spring I bought into a Nachos Grande break of 2021 Topps Heritage and Opening Day.

I paid $4 for the Twins, and got a whole team set, plus a Kenta Maeda dupe:

One of the four Blue parallels Chris pulled from the box was a Twin, as well as one of the Legends of Baseball:

Not bad for $4. But that was actually a bonus box. The main attraction was a box of Topps Heritage. In addition to the ten Twins above I got these:

And these:

And a high number short print:

Oh, and this:

That was the hit of the box, IIRC. I know I laughed when Chris pulled it because there was a 1 in 30 chance that I'd be the lucky winner of the relic, and because it looked like a bat piece (or a band-aid) in the video. It definitely feels like a piece of cloth more than a jersey, but it's been quite a while since I pulled a jersey card out of a pack.

Either way, I certainly got my money's worth for the Twins lot - and spent less than $20 on everything in this post. It's a bummer that Brian (Highly Subjective) hasn't surfaced in a while cause I'd be happy to send some of these to a true fan of the team. But since he's not around to see this...

At least they won't lose another playoff series this year.

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  1. The Twins did clean up in that Heritage break, I kind of forgot about that now! Glad you got some cards you can use, always happy to have people join in my breaks (and buy up those cheap, unloved teams as well).

  2. Thats a very unique Cruz relic. I guess better than a white/gray swatch?

  3. I think that J.D. card needs to be my computer's background screen. Beautiful shot.

  4. Wish I would have seen this SC Longo last week. Maybe then I would have recognized him at the show ;D

  5. They don't tell you what the relic is supposed to be from on the back anymore? It's an interesting piece of material whatever it is, and as AJ said, definitely better than some plain colored swatch.