Friday, July 30, 2021

Stew, you should buy that

Once in a while I search eBay for Panini Immaculate relics and autos in the $10-20 range. My primary focus is the 2015 Immaculate Numbers acetate football patch relics. These are serial numbered to each player's uniform number. I won't ever complete the set but it doesn't stop me from accumulating as many as I can.

Last week an Aaron Rodgers card serial #d 12 of 12 popped up. I knew it would be too expensive based on the numbering and the seller - Probstein123. The single-color relic sold for $100.99. However, Probstein had another acetate relic from this set - a three-color patch numbered to just 28 copies. And it was much cheaper.

Carolina Panthers cards always look cool, especially patch cards from high-end sets. I'd just purchased some penny sleeves the day before so I only bid $6 for this Jonathan Stewart, fully expecting to get outbid because it's Probstein. I didn't. I scooped up Stew for $5.50, plus shipping and tax for a total of just over $10. I'd buy these for $10 all day long. 

This is the 12th Immaculate Numbers relic in my collection. There is a Hall of Famer on the way to me via COMC, and I just got an email that my 32 cards have finally been packaged - with an expected shipping date of August 18. We shall see.

Meanwhile, I made a Time Travel Trade with Matt of Diamond Jesters, acquiring these two cards:

And I claimed three freebies from Trevor at Bump and Run Football Cards:

I was surpised that the Jordy Nelson wasn't already in my collection, but now it is :) Never saw any Score McDonald's cards before. And I couldn't resist a color-matching Whit Merrifield parallel.

Trevor also threw in some basketball cards for my PWE swap. I'll have to scrounge up a return for him soon.

Thank you both for the cards!

I've got two ideas for posts at The 1993 - and I'm not sure which one I will write first. Perhaps I'll publish both this weekend. If you're not following me over there now's the time. I might even focus on that blog for a while. We'll see.

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!



  1. I know it happens, but still, it's hard for me to imagine a non-autographed relic card selling for over a hundred bucks. It also makes me glad that I'm not the one spending that kind of money on such things.

  2. That Stewart is a great looking card. The patch is awesome!

  3. I was going to say what you said...I had no idea there were Score McDonalds cards.

  4. Now let's give it up for table five! Ah, ah, ah ah, table five, table five.