Saturday, January 15, 2022

A Barrel of Fun

What an absolutely exhausting week. I had two job interviews that went well. One of them told me to call and let them know when I can start. However I held out for the second job (much closer, better pay/benefits) and after that interview I was told I was "at the top of the list." Unfortunately they had two more days of interviews and I didn't get the job (yet?) If you chase two rabbits, you will lose them both.

Meanwhile my current place of employment has become a shitshow. We were operating as part of a franchise until January 1. Our owners decided to sever ties with the franchise and change the name of the company, which makes it really difficult to follow up on jobs that started before the name change. Also it's tough to keep track of which customers know us by which name, and some customers have to be asked to re-sign documents because the original copy had our company's old name on it. Fun times.

Anyway... here are some cards I bought at CardBarrel. I got a big order from BaseballCardStore too, but that deserves its own series of posts. I don't have the energy for that yet.

These Conlon Collection cards were a mixed bag. I already had the Rice. Cuyler has a small crease across the front. Wood is fine though. This is my first non-Red Sox card of Smoky Joe, who passed away in my hometown when I was four.

A pair of newer Brewer cards. I now have 117 different Robin Yount cards but not his 1975 Topps RC. I do have a Yelich RC incoming, as soon as Nick stops giving away cards :D

The rest of my Cardbarrel order featured set fillers, including two from 2013 Topps Update. I need just 16 cards to complete the 330-card set, and all but two or three of them are big names. The 2018 Chromes you see here leave me just 29 cards shy of a complete set, 25 of which are rookie cards.

2019 Topps Update got a big boost as well. Does anyone know why Mike Trout is wearing #45 here?

Every other card I ordered was a 2014 Topps common. I forgot to scan any of those before putting them away, so here's a Domonic Brown from my duplicate pile. Sorry folks, it's been quite a week.

I was hoping to visit my mother today, whom I haven't seen since before Thanksgiving. After I got Covid, my girls got Covid, and my mom got Covid I thought that there was no one left to get Covid and delay our visit. LOL. Her heart doctor got Covid, so she had to put off having a test done until... today. 😡

Perhaps I'll see her next weekend. This weekend I plan to put away the rest of my new card purchases (and Christmas gifts), update my wantlists, update my tradelists on TCDB, and visit your blogs while watching playoff football. Since my Packers have a bye I'm hoping for the Bengals to win and the Buccaneers to lose. I'd add Dallas to the 'lose' list but I've got no love for the Niners, either.

Enjoy the games, and have a great weekend!



  1. Trout wore 45 during the ASG to honor the death of Tyler Skaggs.,the%20information%20in%20the%20article%20may%20be%20outdated.

  2. I've never actually made an order on Card Barrel. Dime boxes are usually enough for me.

    Have a good weekend too!

  3. I just got an order from card barrel as well. I usually don't spend that much on modern cards but I did get some 76 sspc hits and some cracked Kellogg's for trade bait

  4. Haven't used Card Barrel in a while, but it's always fun to dig through their inventory.

  5. Best of luck on the job front. I hope you get the job you want. Someone at my lunch table brought up the website you mentioned and I was blown away. She told us you can pay to look at this woman's feet. It gave us a good laugh. Hope you get to see your mom soon. And I'm with you on seeing the Bucs lose. (imho) They are the biggest threat to the Pack in the NFC.

  6. I've got a bunch of Conlon dupes (at least the first series) if you want any more

  7. It's probably because I'm officially old now, but I don't understand the Only Fans thing at all.