The Immaculate Collection

I'm not a high-end breaker. If I spend three figures on cards it's usually a graded vintage single, not a box of new product containing 6 cards or less.  But if I were a gambler, Panini Immaculate Collection would be my brand of choice.

Sometimes I wish I could talk myself into busting open one of these beauties. And then I search the top retailers..

A box of 2018 Panini Immaculate Collection Football will run you well over $600 - for 6 cards. And that's the sale price!

A box of 2015 Immaculate (pictured at the top of this post) costs only half of that - likely because you'll get stuck with players who have already been cut from NFL rosters.

It's a shame, because these are some of the most beautiful cards I've ever seen. Thankfully, the singles are available and affordable on the secondary market. On this page you'll see every Immaculate card in my collection, along with a tally of how much I've spent accumulating these cards. When I reach the SRP of a six-card box, I'll close this post. 

Baseball: 5 cards (2 autos, 1 patch, 2 base) total cash spent = $5.82

The Barnes and Scherzer came from fellow bloggers so I didn't count them in my tally.

Football: 20 cards (4 jersey, 3 patch, 11 base, 2 parallel) total cash spent = $63.48

Basketball: 14 cards (2 auto, 4 jersey, 2 patch, 4 base, 2 parallel) total cash spent = $35.97

Here's a complete breakdown (as of July 1, 2019):

sportyearsettypenameSN #/dprice
baseball2014Immaculate SwatchesrelicMax Scherzer49$0.00
baseball2015Shadowbox Signatures goldautoMatt Barnes23$0.00
baseball2015Shadowbox Signatures autoJosh Harrison99$2.25
baseball2017Immaculate CollectionbaseBuster Posey99$2.05
baseball2018Immaculate CollectionbaseJoe Jackson99$1.52
basketball2012-13Immaculate QuadsrelicBrooklyn Nets50$2.50
basketball2014-15Shadowbox Signatures autoTom Chambers49$3.97
basketball2014-15Shadowbox Signatures goldautoAlex English10$9.60
basketball2014-15Immaculate CollectionbaseLarry Bird99$2.88
basketball2014-15Immaculate CollectionbaseKyle Lowry99$1.15
basketball2014-15Immaculate StandardrelicBrook Lopez75$1.35
basketball2014-15Immaculate StandardrelicGary Harris75$2.02
basketball2014-15Immaculate StandardrelicGoran Dragic50$2.40
basketball2015-16Immaculate CollectionbaseGordon Hayward99$1.00
basketball2015-16Immaculate CollectionbaseDirk Nowitzki99$1.65
basketball2015-16Immaculate Collection bronzeparallelNerlens Noel49$0.78
basketball2015-16Immaculate Collection bronzeparallelTim Duncan49$3.25
basketball2015-16Dual Memorabilia PrimerelicDeMarre Carroll25$1.75
basketball2015-16Immaculate Memorabilia redrelicAl Jefferson25$1.67
football2015Immaculate CollectionbaseMarshall Faulk99$0.95
football2015Immaculate CollectionbaseLaDanian Tomlinson99$1.22
football2015Immaculate CollectionbaseAdrian Peterson99$1.75
football2015Immaculate CollectionbaseRoddy White99$0.88
football2015Immaculate Collection GoldparallelJulio Jones25$1.00
football2015Immaculate Collection GoldparallelMichael Strahan25$1.45
football2015Immaculate NumbersrelicTim Brown81$5.00
football2015Immaculate NumbersrelicEric Dickerson29$14.27
football2015Immaculate NumbersrelicRoddy White84$1.95
football2015Immaculate NumbersrelicSteve Largent80$8.75
football2015Immaculate NumbersrelicT. Y. Hilton13$4.52
football2017Immaculate CollectionbaseJohn Elway99$1.25
football2017Immaculate CollectionbaseBrett Favre99$2.20
football2017Immaculate CollectionbaseEric Dickerson99$1.62
football2017Immaculate PatchesrelicJordan Reed8$8.45
football2018Immaculate CollectionbaseLeonard Fournette99$0.95
football2018Immaculate CollectionbasePeyton Manning99$2.00
football2018Immaculate CollectionbaseDavante Adams99$1.12
football2018Immaculate CollectionbaseDrew Brees99$1.65
football2018Immaculate NumbersrelicTerrell Suggs55$2.50


This total would be much higher if Panini still made hockey cards. 

Thanks for reading! 


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