The Collector Collects...

My card collecting preferences vary slightly from year to year, but my top priorities rarely change. Fellow bloggers and Trading Card Database users have helped boost my team collections, sending stacks of Red Sox, Packers, and Devils my way. It's easy to associate a certain collector with a certain team and set aside various cards for them. I always appreciate specific card trades, blind swaps, and care packages that include these teams.

However this page will be focused on other teams and players I collect, with the goal of expanding these PCs. I've listed them in order of priority, starting with Permanent PC Players:



Connecticut baseball teams:

I collect any minor league issues of teams from my home state including (but not limited to) West Haven Yankees, West Haven A's/Whitecaps, New Haven Ravens, New Britain Red Sox/Rock Cats, Connecticut Tigers, Norwich Navigators, and Waterbury Reds.

Connecticut hockey teams:

I collect any cards of teams from my home state including Hartford Whalers, New Haven Nighthawks, Bridgeport Sound Tigers, and NHL/AHL/CHL cards of players who played for the Beast of New Haven.

Players from my hometown:

Hall of Famer Ken Strong hailed from my hometown of West Haven, CT. The high school football stadium is named after him. Nearly all of Strong's cards have the same photo but I'll take any and all of them I can find.

Current Stars I Collect:

Hall of Famers I've always enjoyed collecting:



My wife's favorite players:

She doesn't collect anymore but I still pick up cards of these guys (and Jim Everett) whenever I can.

Defunct/Relocated Teams:

Other secondary collections:

  • Christian Yelich

  • Buster Posey

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick

  • Derrick Henry

  • NFL quarterbacks (Bartkowski, Kosar, Esiason, Cunningham, etc.. plus obscure backups)

  • Reggie Lewis

  • Gheorghe Muresan

  • Tom Chambers

  • Tacko Fall (still don't have any of his cards)

  • UConn Huskies alums

  • Taylor Hall
  • P.K. Subban

  • Henrik Lundqvist

  • any team logo/helmet cards

If you have any cards of these players/teams for trade please message me on TCDB (I'm hockeydude) or email me (sutherlandct

Thanks for reading!



  1. Don't want to throw my email address all over the interwebz, but I have a handful of cards for your set needs. Can you look at my page ( and see if you're any of the places under the "Where to Find Me" on the right side so we can connect and I can get your address?


    1. Thanks for reaching out! I'm only on COMC and eBay, but if you want to drop me an e-mail my address is on this post (that way you want have to post yours in public)

    2. I totally missed that. Oops.

  2. I think I may have a couple Red Sox cards that would interest you. Won them in a case break at my local card shop yesterday, just have to go pick them up/have them shipped. 2018 Topps Allen & Ginter Dual Patch/Auto Booklet Card (Dustin Pedroia/Chris Sale) #d 1/10 and 2018 Allen & Ginter Rafael Devers Game Used Jersey Card. E-mail me if you're interested!

  3. Forgot to add my email,