2015-16 O-Pee-Chee Retro Franken-set

Inspired by various bloggers and their unique set-building projects, I have completed my first Franken-set: 2015-16 O-Pee-Chee Platinum Hockey Retro Parallels

This is one of my favorite hockey sets in recent years, and it is loaded with parallels. 

Some of these were pulled from a hobby box I purchased at Blowout Cards, but most of these were plucked from COMC. My goal was to have one of each card shown below, in any of these five flavors: Retro, Rainbow (think refractor), Gold Rainbow (#d/149), Orange Rainbow (#d/49), or Red Rainbow (#d/15). Here is the completed 100-card set:

The Anderson appears to be trimmed, which is a bummer. I have a 'base' backup though.

I already had two Taylor Hall parallels when the red popped up on COMC. Now I have three :)

I have Ryan Getzlaf in orange and gold (both color match) and nearly bought a second Corey Perry gold before I checked my collection.

I have three Adam Henrique parallels; the other two are 'base' retros.

The Kyle Baun red was my COMC find of the month for August 2017. Only cost me a dollar.

Daniel Sprong was one of the last additions to the set. And I had to have a Gold-dobin, haha.

I didn't plan to include Blue Rainbow autos, but the Kenins cost a mere $1.55 during the COMC Black Friday sale.

Here's a breakdown by parallel level (including 20 'extra' cards):
base retro: 48 cards
Rainbow: 38 cards
Gold Rainbow: 25 cards
Orange Rainbow: 6 cards
Red Rainbow: 2 cards
Blue Rainbow Auto: 1 card

I would be open to upgrading any of these but I'm more than satisfied with the set as-is. 

Thanks for scrolling through this scan-heavy post!


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