Friday, February 10, 2017

Set Fillers from Kin Kinsley

Today has been a great day. My favorite internetainer Taryn Southern acknowledged and appreciated my comment on her latest video (I 💕 her) .. and I got a PWE from Kin Kinsley of the blog I Feel Like A Collector Again

Kin had contacted me about helping me with some set needs, and thanks to his generosity I can cross thirteen cards off my list.

First off, we have ten pieces of Flair:

#177 Tim Salmon. I was always on the lookout for Salmon, Jim Edmonds, and J.T. Snow cards in 1993 and 1994. This may have been because they were expected to blossom into superstars, but for me it was all about those awesome Angels unis. It makes me happy that Mike Trout (Salmon...Trout...hmm) is sporting these throwbacks on his Topps Update RC... and it makes me sad that I can't afford one :/

#83 Marquis Grissom. This card looked familiar, and I thought I might have had it and mistakenly added it to my 'need it' list. But my initial assumption was correct. Maybe I had one originally and it was all scratched up so I discarded it. Not sure why I wouldn't have held onto it as a placeholder, but whatever. It's here now, and that's the important thing.

#61 Doug Drabek and #65 Doug Jones. This completes my collection of mustachioed Astros pitchers named Doug.

#238 Shane Mack. There aren't a whole lot of horizontal cards in the 1993 Flair set, but in most cases they look better than the vertical cards. There's no 'ghost' effect with these, as you'll see below.

#19 Randy Myers. See what I mean - where is his lower body? Maybe one of the 5,000 Cubs bloggers can tell me if that blue armband was part of the uniform, or a tribute to a late legend (Harry Caray perhaps?)

The rest of the Flair. I'm now 31 cards short of a complete 300 card set - and my first order with Just Commons should get that completion percentage up over 90%.

Kin also tossed in some 1990-91 Pro Set Hockey:

I used to have a complete set of this, but I've no idea what happened to it. No matter, I'm now just one card away from completing it once again (all I need is the Neal Broten.)

Thanks again Kin! I'll be sure to send something your way soon. 

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Kin definitely has a "Flair" for generous trade packages!

  2. I was hoping I could help with the Broten, but I don't have it..

  3. Happy to help! I've just gotten back into set building so I appreciate how enjoyable it is to knock some off the list. I've received a package each of the last two days with set needs for three sets!

    -kin (

    1. Awesome! I haven't done much set building in a while, either. I hope I can help you out with some of yours in the future.