Saturday, May 1, 2021

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Some quick updates as I'm on my way to Connecticut for the weekend:

I'm thrilled that the A to Z Music Challenge caught on. It's been fun to see so many lists. I wish I could have been more active in commenting this week. Think I saw six or seven A-Z posts :)

My daughter wanted me to play Pokemon Sword so I started a game this week (I wanted to play Animal Crossing) Also took her outside a time or two before dinner.

Most of my time has been spent listing cards on eBay. I made the difficult decision to break up my 2014-15 Panini Prizm basketball set and my 1984-85 O-Pee-Chee hockey graded set. Perhaps I'll write another post about these, but the only blogger that seemed to show any interest in my OPC set .. is no longer a blogger.

I haven't been writing here or at the 1993, but I have been working on a mysterious 3rd blog journaling all of my thoughts and experiences at work.

A. Aron Rodgers wants out of Green Bay. The Packers drafted a receiver for him in the third round. His name? A. Rodgers. lol

I wont get to see my mother on Mother's Day but I'm bringing her a gift: a pewter picture frame with postcards inside:

Ran across an eBay seller with all kinds of ephemera of our home town. I asked mom if she would want anything specific and she requested this white horse carousel. Childhood memories, you know? 

Naturally, it was the most expensive postcard by far. Cost about as much as the picture frame.

I picked up two more postcards for her. These were much cheaper:

I can't fathom that such buildings existed in our home town. You should see some of the things on the other postcards. I can't even picture where The "White City" would have been 80+ years ago.

The bottom postcard, Savin Rock Theatre, is in pretty rough shape. It was only about $3, and I figured the frame would hide some of the flaws. All three cards have unmarked backs:

I surely would have put pictures of my children in the picture frame but it's 2021. How would you even go about getting a physical photograph anymore? (don't answer that. I know how. I just dont have the DIY tools.)

Got another round or two of eBay selling to do, and then my Spring Cleaning will be complete. 

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!



  1. I can imagine the decision to break up those sets were difficult. Hope you're able to get some good money in return. Mysterious 3rd blog? Can't wait to see that (if you decide to share it with your readers).

  2. I love carousels. The area where I grew up is famous for them.

  3. And I'm sure like most places, these wonderfully designed structures have been replaced with even more amazing buildings, right... right?

  4. Vintage postcards look really cool, but they don't seem to come particularly cheap.

  5. After breaking up the graded 1984-85 OPC hockey set, are you going to try and complete a non-graded version? There are some great-looking cards there, and some nice rookies, too.

  6. Nice idea for mothers day. Thanks for sharing your day's events!