Sunday, October 22, 2017

All Good, Pham

This weekend I've been pulling some cards to sell on COMC in advance of their Black Friday extravaganza. I had 22 cards I definitely wanted to sell and another 6 or 7 I was on the fence about. Hoping to reach an even 30, I flipped through my 600-count box of dupes, commons, and low-end tradeables. Basically the stuff that didn't get claimed in 50/50.

What the heck could I possibly find in a commons box that would be worth the price of seller fees? 

Oh, nothing... just a photo variation SSP of St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Tommy Pham.

Yep, this was just sitting in my commons box because I assumed it was a dupe. Somehow I caught the Cody Asche 'Jackie Robinson Day' SP right away but not this one. There was also a DJ LeMahieu '42' variation in the box I bought, which I sent out in a 50/50 trade. I probably would have done the same with this Pham, if anyone had claimed my Cards cards. Instead it's off to COMC.

While I'm happy to have a card that will sell for much more than the price of a common, I'm frustrated with myself for not finding it sooner - and with Topps for making photo variations in the first place. This is a cool card that I would keep in my collection if it were "only" an SP like the Asche; the 42 variations sell for a couple bucks each. Why doesn't Topps save these photos for Stadium Club or another product, instead of using 2-3 pics for the same card? 

I've had some good luck this year pulling photo variations and whatnot, but I still hate them.

At least the Yankees aren't going to win another World Series this year. Which is why I'm holding on to this card until they do. It will happen. Probably next year, after they trade for Giancarlo Stanton. Or 2019, after they sign Manny Machado.

Enjoy the World Series, everyone. It might be the last Yankee-free Fall Classic for a while.



  1. I keep thinking about trying to send some stuff in, but it seems like half the stuff you read online, makes it sound like the site is sinking and all the sellers trying to abandon ship. Of course on the flip side of that, a lot of people are saying that their sales have never been better, so I don't really know who to believe?

    Isn't it a little late to be sending stuff for the sale, what with their frequently slow processing times?

    1. Now that you mentioned it, I did have a major issue with COMC the last time I submitted cards to sell. They deducted 100% of the seller fee while only uploading like 80% of the cards. However they did (eventually) make it right and gave me a fair amount of store credit for their failure to upload everything in time.

      I'm going to trust that they can upload 25 cards in four weeks, since I'm paying for 2-week service but I'll let you know how it goes.

  2. Glad you found that LeMahieu for me! But I do wish the variations were easier to spot.

    1. The code at the bottom of the card helps, but it's still tedious to look at hundreds of codes. And it's second nature for us to look at only the card number at the top.