Monday, November 6, 2017

Mergers & Acquisitions

I've fallen into a bit of a blog block lately - haven't felt like writing much even though I've had a couple trade packages and a major eBay "trade" to report. I've had some ideas about the future of my blog(s) and I'll share those at the end of this post. For now, here are the latest additions to some of my set building projects.

Earlier this Autumn I sold my collection of Bowman baseball prospects - mostly to consolidate my collection, but also to take advantage of the Aaron Judge craze. Here are some of the cards I sold in the Bowman box:


The bid price (with shipping) ended up being the exact same amount as the best offer price (with free shipping) that I made to acquire this:

I don't like to do these very often, because I know that selling large lots on eBay isn't nearly as profitable as selling each card elsewhere would be. But I'm happy to add another HOFer to my 1956 Topps set build.

I also purchased these two on eBay, around the same time I bought the Banks. Schoendienst was virtually free, I used accumulated eBay bucks to cover all but the shipping. Kell was acquired with a best offer of $25 (plus $3 for shipping) so my total for the pair was about $30.

Now for a pair of actual trades...two months ago Dan Rauer of the blog The Other World
read my post about Panini baseball stickers and offered to help fill some holes in my wantlist. I sent him a stack of Phillies cards (which I hope he got - haven't heard back from him) and he sent about 30 stickers my way, including these:

I still need about 75 stickers from the set, but this was a huge help. Thanks for the trade Dan!

I also completed a trade with the legendary Matt of Bob Walk The Plank fame. I sent him some Pirates a while back and he returned fire with these:

The Clemens relic is #d to 50. Very cool. Nice on-card auto of Steven Wright there, and three SP's for my never-ending Heritage set build. Thanks to this trade I've now got 81 of the 100 short prints.. in the main set. Now I need 15 of the 25 shorties in the High Number set. What have I gotten myself into?

This was a nice little trade package but Matt said he has "more to come." If that is the case, I'll be ready to fire another round ;-)

As for the blog news... I've been thinking about merging my two blogs into one, which would likely be this one. I have a concept that would work better here, and I'm assuming that my sports card readers are more open to reading about non-sports topics once in a while than the other way around. Still brainstorming about it, but if I do plan to follow through with it I'll let you know. It wont be until after Christmas, because I've got a whole lot of Black Friday posts planned once my COMC cards are shipped to me.

Speaking of COMC...have any of you hit the Autumn specials yet? I've got a few cards targeted but haven't pulled the trigger on anything over $1. I'd pimp my port here but I'm still waiting for COMC to complete my submission. Hope you all find some great deals!



  1. Considering how different your two blogs are from each other, it would be interesting to see what this possible merging of the two would be like.

    As for the Autumn Sale, I'm not too crazy about the idea of it, if only because it just ends up watering down the Black Friday sale. That being said, I did spend about $15 in credit today on like 10 cards.

    1. I agree, a summer sale would have been nice but why do this 2 weeks before Black Friday?

      The non-sports blog was where I did a lot of venting and brooding, and I'd like to cut down on that if possible. A lot of the stuff I wrote about has lost its luster for me anyhow.

  2. Haven't hit up COMC lately... mainly because of my self-imposed budget cuts. Might need to look for these autumn sales though.

    P.S. Love the Banks!

    1. I'm trying hard not to add actual cash to the site and only use store's tough, but I'm going to make more of an effort in 2018 ( just hit on the idea of my potentially merged blog)

  3. Not really related, but I am working on a trade package for you that I hope to get to you before Christmas. I remember you needed a LeBron in Cavs uniform but that's all I remember, lol. Will have to page through your older posts when I am ready to go through my cards.

    1. I'm going to e-mail you a list of what basketball players/teams/sets I'm short on, but I'll be happy with anything you send.

  4. More to come.....just have to find some more trade bait. I know too many Red Sox collectors!

    1. You're not the first to run out of Red Sox, I've heard that a few times in the year+ I've been blogging about baseball cards. I'm pretty low on Pirates actually, but I've got some COMC finds with your name on 'em.