Monday, April 8, 2019

Stanley Cup Contest 2019

The Stanley Cup Playoffs start this week, and I've got way too many hockey cards. So I thought I'd give some away in a Stanley Cup Contest!

The Contest:
Choose one of the sixteen playoff teams in the comments below. It can be a team you're cheering for, or a team you think will have a good chance of winning the Stanley Cup. (Your choice of team will not determine which cards you receive.)

For every playoff game your team wins, your name will be added to the randomizer one time. That way your odds increase with your claimed team's success - but you can still win the big prize even if your team doesn't.

If your team is swept in the first round, no worries. There will be a second prize drawing where I will randomize the names of everyone who didn't win the first prize.

Both drawings will be held a day or two after the Stanley Cup is awarded.

The prizes:
First prize is a bubble mailer full of hockey cards (from all teams) including inserts, parallels and a relic or auto. I might even include a sealed pack or two, depending on the selection at Target.

Second prize is a PWE full of hockey cards from the same surplus pile as the first prize.

The fine print:
The Stanley Cup Contest is open only to regular readers, and anyone who commented on my previous post. [Last time I did a giveaway, more than one participant claimed a prize and never commented again.] Contest is open until Friday, April 12 or until all teams are claimed. 

The teams:
Tampa Bay Lightning - Gregory (Nine Pockets)
Columbus Blue Jackets -

Boston Bruins -
Toronto Maple Leafs - Commishbob (The Five Tool Collector)

New York Islanders - Corky (Pack War)
Pittsburgh Penguins - Brian (Collecting Cutch)

Washington Capitals - Greg (The Collective Mind)
Carolina Hurricanes -

Calgary Flames - Gavin (Baseball Card Breakdown)
Colorado Avalanche -

Winnipeg Jets -
St. Louis Blues -

Nashville Predators - Jon (A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts) playing for Billy
Dallas Stars -

San Jose Sharks - Fuji (The Chronicles of Fuji)
Vegas Golden Knights - Billy (Cardboard History)

I realize that there aren't a lot of hockey card collectors on here but hopefully this will generate some interest. Enjoy the playoffs, and good luck to all the participants!



  1. If I enter and win, can you send the cards to Billy? If so, I'll go with the Predators, if only because they're the only team that I know anything about!

    1. You got it Jon. That's very generous of you. I know you're not a hockey card collector, but I'm glad you found a way to participate.

  2. I'll pick my Rang...wait, rats. OK....I'm pulling for the Leafs so I'll take them.

  3. The New York Islanders please. I came in to the world with the team in 1972 on Long Island and even though I don’t pay as much attention the hockey, I usually keep an eye in the Islanders.

  4. Thank you Jon! Too kind. I'll claim the Golden Knights. I would never have watched hockey if not for them.

  5. I got the Caps! Back 2 Back!

  6. I'll take Tampa Bay. Fun idea for a contest, thank you!

  7. hmm... I guess I'll randomly pick the Flames.

  8. Rooting for the Penguins. Even got a jersey bet with an Islanders friend. Winner of series has to wear other person's jersey for a week.

  9. Contest is closed. Thanks everyone!