Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Not Quite Finished

Quick post today..

I had hoped to finish the 2022 Topps baseball set before the 2023 edition hit shelves. Not that I'm planning to collect it -- although I do have an LCS near me, and a lot more space for card sets now that I've cleaned up my bookshelf. Hmmm..

Anyway, I was about 15 cards away from completion before a handful of TCDB trades arrived at my door. 


These trades, along with my most recent COMC purchases (eta: Feb 28) left me with just two cards to acquire. I found a TCDB member with both #360 Joan Adon and #506 Juan Yepez on their tradelist.

He rejected my offer.

And then today I learned that I have most likely been scammed. I'd made an offer to a user with zero feedback and asked if they trade. Without a word they accepted the offer and marked their end as shipped.

I waited to send my side because well, for one, their address wasn't visible. So I thought I'd wait until I received my cards - ten very common Whalers cards and a Romeo Doubs(Packers WR) Score RC. 

Ten days passed. Still no cards. I had other PWEs to mail out and the user's address was now visible so I considered sending the cards anyhow. He now had +2 feedback and I wasn't giving up anything major.

Hoping the cardboard gods would reward my good karma, I mailed out every trade. Yesterday I got five envelopes in the mail. Every open TCDB trade had arrived -- except one.

I sent him a message. No reply.

Since then he has received two negative feedback comments, outing him as a scammer with multiple user names. It's the first time I've been scammed on TCDB, and I almost didn't let it happen.

In fact it's the first time I was foolish enough to send cards to someone I didn't trust since the early days of this blog, when someone from San Antonio took advantage of my 50/50 swap meet. The guy  promised to send me 50 random cards in exchange for some Astros, but when I followed up he was "super busy" and I never heard from him again. Rookie mistake. I should have just sent them to Julie. 

It was bound to happen eventually, and it's certainly not going to turn me away from TCDB forever. But I've only got about 700 cards left to trade anyhow, trade matches are drying up, and I'm down to my last two stamps. If I could just find someone who has those last two 2022 Topps RCs, I wouldn't have to use the site again for a long while (except to log in any purchased cards, of course).

Anyway.... back to the Hall of Famer research. 

Have you been scammed/stiffed out of a trading card transaction lately? Have you finished the 2022 Topps set? Planning to buy the 2023 Topps set?

Thanks for reading!




  1. Wow that sucks. I haven't done any trades on TCDB and certainly don't like hearing stories like this. Hopefully it is a very rare occurence.

  2. Man, that's what I don't like to hear, that's what made me squeamish about TCDB trades to start, we don't need to be returning to the old trade forums nonsense. ... I had my 2022 set completed for me when my sister-in-law sent the whole set for Christmas.

  3. Yes, Completed the 22'. Yes, plan on the 23' set too. I am pretty sure I have those two cards you need, The question is can I get to them right now......Maybe so.

    1. Yep, got them found them. They are set aside for you. Call it done!

  4. Never been scammed on TCDB in over 200 trades. Good lesson to stick to the people with lengthy feedback history, for sure.

  5. A. I kinda got scammed back in December when I purchased a 1982 Topps baseball sticker album. The eBay vendor listed it as complete, but there were 3 stickers missing. I didn't open up the package until a week or two ago, so I didn't know about the missing stickers until over a month had passed. By that time, I figured I dropped the ball and wasn't going to bug the vendor about it.

    B. Didn't build the 2022 Topps set, but I did buy a factory set from Target.

    C. Probably. Depends on if I see it one on Target's website and if it's affordable.

    D. Sorry to hear about this transaction. It sucks that one bad apple can leave such a bad taste in your mouth.

  6. Out them. Let people know who the scammers are. Better yet, let Admin on the database know.

    There's some guy in Alabama who Admin has already banned five or six accounts from.

  7. Sorry to hear about the bad trade. Knock on wood, I have over 500 completed trades with 0 problems. Sooner or later it is going to happen though.