Saturday, March 25, 2023

600/600/600 Giveaway

I'm approaching both 600 posts here at The Collector and 600 completed trades at TCDB. And to celebrate, I will be giving away 600 cards once those milestones are reached. 

This will be two separate giveaways of 300 cards each - though anyone is eligible to win either or both prizes. Here's how:

Any TCDB user who completes a trade with me from now until my 600th trade (I'm at 580 now) will be entered into the first random drawing. If you are reading this from my blog, please feel free to send me a trade offer at TCDB (I'm hockeydude).

If you are a TCDB user and you are not following my blog please feel free to do so, as anyone who comments on my blog posts beginning March 30th and ending at my 600th post (I'm 34 away) will be entered into the second random drawing. That one will be randomized by post number, then comment number. More comments gives you more chances to win!

During this time I will be rebooting my All-Time Teams series with updated rosters for all 30 MLB franchises (and the "Best of the Rest" Barnstormers). I will also be sending out some TCDB trade offers for users who have some of my traders on their wantlist. I am happy to swap PWEs of 2-24 cards with anyone in the USA and Canada. 

If you have something on my wantlist but you don't need any of my tradebait, let me know. I may be willing to offer cards from my personal collection in exchange.

The winners will be announced on my blog sometime in June, or whenever both milestones are reached. I will also post updates on TCDB. Just my way of saying Thank You for reading nearly 600 posts! :)



  1. Nice way to bring the two communities together. I'll try to put together a TCDB trade with you. Thanks for the contest!

  2. Wish I had more free time to upload trade bait on TCDB, but right now isn't a good time. I am looking forward to reading those updated All-Time Teams posts though. Loved that series.

  3. Congratulations on both milestones! Now I'll have to see if we have some trade matches.

  4. Congrats on the upcoming milestones! Your All-Time Series was a really fun read and inspired me to do the "Around the Horn" series on my old blog. I'll probably do something similar with my new blog as well once my collection is organized. I'm not on TCDB often but next time I log on, I'll look you up on there.

  5. Great milestones, Chris. Congratulations! Looking forward to the rebooted All-Time Teams series, for sure.

  6. Hey man! Just started following today! Heading to TCDB now (I'm walkingshadow) to see if we have matches.

  7. Inventive way for a contest, congrats!