Monday, July 2, 2018

A Surprise PWE, a HOFer Auto, and contest news

This might be my last chance to write a 'regular' blog post for a while since I'm determined to finish Sports Card Tour by the end of July. So I'm going to dump a few random thoughts here and hit the ground running with the last 12 SCT posts, starting in the next day or two. 

Douglas (Sports Cards from the Dollar Store) sent me a surprise PWE which arrived Saturday. It was stuffed with 15 Devils cards - including two thick inserts from Upper Deck Synergy:

A pair of Parkhurst cards, including another Jesper Bratt:

And three cards of the newest member of the Hockey Hall of Fame:

Martin Brodeur will be officially enshrined on November 12 (my wife's birthday) along with Martin St. Louis (fine), Willie O'Ree ('bout damn time), Russian star Alexander Yakushev (meh), and Canadian women's star Jayna Hefford.

Oh, and NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. I have no problem with this - though I do wish there was another NHL player elected (Jeremy Roenick? Daniel Alfredsson?)

Like some of you, I've had to cut back on card buying due to family financial issues. I had a few bucks in my COMC account but most of it went to this 2000 Fleer Greats Fergie Jenkins auto:

It has some corner wear (don't they all?) but I couldn't pass up the sale price of $6.18. However it may have cost me a shot at a Brett Favre insert I've been watching; I'm now 17 cents shy with nothing to sell.

It's been really tough to stay away from my LCS (also known as Target) what with 2018 Stadium Club and Topps Series 2 baseball hitting shelves. That said, I joined my first group break - hosted by Trevor P. (Bump and Run Cards). Stadium Club and Topps2 were included, along with a box of Diamond Kings. 

I picked the Red Sox and was randomly assigned the Brewers as my second team. Not the best team to get for Diamond Kings - there's only one Brewer in the set, and it's not Robin Yount. He isn't in Stadium Club this year, either. Figures. There is this cool Keon Broxton though. 

Trevor busted open the Topps2 and DK boxes last week and the Stadium Club boxes yesterday. I'll let you know what I got when I get 'em in hand.

Hopefully I can make one more Target run before my birthday in six weeks, but if not there's a sports card store in Connecticut that I've been itching to visit. I might have to give up on an NES Classic if I want to go.. but those are tough to get your hands on anyhow.

Another thing I might have to sacrifice is the special Capitals Stanley Cup issue of Sports Illustrated. My wife was kind enough to pick up the regular issue-and we both got sticker shock.

$5.99 for this flimsy thing? Sheesh. I knew SI was sinking but that's just sad. I'm really going to miss print journalism. 

I mentioned in my Pittsburgh post that the Penguins special issue was part of a Sports Card Tour prize pack. Here's a complete list of the 24 prizes that will be available:

box of books/magazines
box of baseball cards

box of baseball cards
box of hockey cards (possibly some other sports mixed in)
box of football cards/memorabilia

box of action figures/memorabilia
*I can only ship these within the USA

mystery box of baseball/football memorabilia with about 40 cards
mystery box of baseball/hockey memorabilia with about 40 cards

400-ct box of Boston Red Sox cards
300-ct box of 1996-97 Fleer Basketball cards

four base sets of SP Authentic hockey from 1999-2004
a handful of unopened packs (including 2018 Leaf Football)

Wrigley Field plaque (featuring Hank Aaron) 
New York memorabilia - including an autographed 8 x 10
Panini NHL sticker albums & hockey magazine(s)

2017 Topps Heritage advertising panel (lot of 3)
2007 Topps Heritage felt logo box topper (team will be a surprise)
Washington Nationals t-shirt size XL (like new/worn maybe once)

lot of about 60 oversized cards (1989 Bowman, Topps Big, etc.)
lot of about 50 TCMA cards from 1977 and 1979
your choice of 50-100 cards from your favorite MLB team
your choice of one vintage baseball card from the 1950s (five to choose from)

Sports Card Tour passport - (at least) one card from every "big four" team 
Mark Teixeira Museum Collection bat relic card

Pictures of all these prizes will be posted on draft day. I promised to add 20 cards to each prize but it may not be possible with some of the flat items, or anything that ships in a PWE. I'll try to throw in some surprises whenever possible.

There are 16 players signed up (two bloggers commented once to join in the contest but never came back) If you have signed up but haven't been leaving (m)any comments, I urge you to do so. It will improve your draft position for the prizes listed above. If you have been commenting on my posts but you did not join the contest -- now's the time! I will close this contest at midnight EST on Sunday July 8.

Here are the rules:

  • Comment on this post to let me know you wish to participate. (You can just say "Count me in", "I want to play" or something similar) If you do not comment on this post your scores will not count.  
  • One point will be awarded for any comment on any Sports Card Tour post from now until the end of the contest if they are posted within seven days of the publish date.
  • A half-point will automatically be awarded to new players for any comment you've already left on a Sports Card Tour post. (A half-point had been awarded for any comment on any of my posts not related to Sports Card Tour - but this will likely be the last such post until the contest ends.)
  • No points will be awarded for blatantly lazy/spam comments. Please try to put a little effort into your comments.
  • Ties will be broken by Draft order will be announced on or about July 31.

This will be my very last post about Sports Card Tour until draft day. Check the Standings tab at the top of my blog for up-to-date scores (I'll count up the comments as frequently as possible - but scores won't be official until the tour ends.)

Thank you to all those who have read and commented on these posts. And Doug, thanks again for the Devils cards!



  1. As a Martin Brodeur fan/collector, I am excited to see him inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame this fall. Those are some cards of Brodeur that you received. I am really enjoying this contest and check the status of my points almost everytime I am on your blog.

  2. How many pages is the Capitals commemorative issue?

    Commemorative issues in general tend to get a mark-up so I wouldn't necessarily consider it a sign of SI print struggles (although as a member of the print media I'm well aware of how lazy readers have become. :))

    1. Not sure, I didn't get it (yet?) The regular issue has 72 pages and cost $5.99. Also it's bi-weekly now :/

      Keep fighting the good fight with print media. Perhaps SI's struggles are their own, and I'm overreacting.

    2. That's actually the regular issue of SI, not a commemerative. NHL article is about 5 pages, I read mine last week. There was more space in the issue devoted to "the world cup of food".

  3. I didn't realize I was sitting in 3rd place! (At least I'm assuming I'm the Matt in question - there's just so many of us!) If it wasn't for that run of NBA cities I might have had a chance to catch Billy! :)

    1. Yep, that's you! There are at least 4 bloggers named Matt but you're the only one that joined the tour (unless the author of Sport Card Collectors is also named Matt? I think so...)

  4. That was a good price on that Fergie auto. It's almost impossible to find cards from that set that don't have some sort of wear, I've actually kind of stayed away from them just because of that.

  5. Love that Fergie Jenkins auto. Great design on that whole set

  6. I did terrible pulling the Devils rookies this year. Not a single Hischier, Bratt or Butcher has made it's way into my collection yet. Still have some packs to open from both UD series so I am still holding out some hope.

  7. *wipes drool from side of mouth after seeing Fergie Jenkins auto*

    He's one I really want to get an auto of..

  8. "Count me in" (Per the rules in this post, I'm the only one whose score counts, making me the grand winner outright. Yay!!!!)

    1. Lol..that's what I get for copying the rules from a previous post!