Monday, February 18, 2019

$100 Sports Card shopping spree

I recently spent nearly $200 on sports card supplies, which my collection had been needing for years. But every time I had a few bucks to spend I'd inevitably spend it on cards. And so, in lieu of actually buying cards I went window shopping. 

This idea came to me from a few different blogs, a classic Simpsons episode, and a kids show that I watch more than my daughters do. But it should be credited to Beckett:

Remember "C-note"? It was a section where readers would submit a short list of cards they would buy if they had $100 to spend on singles. A winner would be selected every month and the grand prize would be an actual Hundy. Let's play that game now, shall we?

For this list I'm using recent eBay sale prices, not Beckett. Also I'm only considering cards that are reasonably easy to acquire -- not low serial-numbered cards, white whales, or pre-war vintage. Here's my list:

Ah, the Stadium High Number Brett. The biggest hole in my Favre collection, aside from an on-card autograph. I've never been able to make a decision on this card - do I want a graded or ungraded copy? Can I bring myself to spend this kind of coin on a junk wax-era single that isn't an RC? I really should address this one day.

There are still at least a dozen HOFers I need for my 1956 Topps set build. Harmon Killebrew's 2nd year card is one of the most affordable needs on my list. I'd jump at a PSA 5 Killer for under $50.

I've been watching this David Ortiz minor league card on COMC and the price hasn't dropped. If I could have found one for $10 I would have bought it by now.

The last key card I need for my 1986 Topps football set is the Steve Young RC. I'm not buying graded copies but I am picky about condition, so I'd be willing to spend a little more for a well-centered copy.

Finally, a Charlie McAvoy Young Guns RC because I still haven't added a McAvoy card to my collection. (for those who don't know, my wife's maiden name is McAvoy)

My total comes to... $97.05. I'll leave it there, since there would be tax or shipping charges on a real purchase (and if not, the Killebrew would likely cost more anyhow.)

How would you spend your hundy?



  1. I remember that feature and I have to say it's more fun seeing folks like you play this game than the people from the magazine who tended to pick the same kind of stuff. Nice choices!

  2. Beckett has gone way down hill over the years. They had such great content like this at one point. Sad times. This looks like a fun blog bat around.

    1. I was just thinking this would make an interesting Blog Bat-Around. I'll post my "hundy" this week sometime.


  3. I don't remember this Beckett series, but I do agree with Matt about this sounding like a fun BBA.

    I've never looked up Steve Young's rookie before, funny though, I would've thought that it would sell for more?

    1. Yeah, I'm a little surprised myself. I think the fact that he had USFL cards prior to 1986 probably brings down the value a bit.

  4. Steve Young has USFL Topps from 1984.