Friday, February 22, 2019

Post 222

It looks like I'll be going to a card show in Connecticut this Sunday. I'll be on the lookout for dime boxes, set fillers, vintage, and some return fire for bloggers:
  • Raptors, Senators and 2/14-born players for Douglas
  • Prizm shiny and Panini Classics greats for Jon
  • Cardinals and Trail Blazers for Kerry 
  • and something for Shane, who sent me a nice PWE a short time ago:

I claimed this sharp looking Ken Lehman from Shane because he had a dupe. The rest were all surprise returns for a few buybacks I sent him:

Shane and I are both New Englanders and grew up Whalers fans, so we often end up with each other's dupes. My Whalers collection isn't cataloged yet (and my card room is a mess right now) but I think that these are all needs except the Propp.

The rest of the cards were all Red Sox, another fandom Shane and I share.

I didn't have any of these cards. The Valentin pairs nicely with my Jeff Bagwell card from the same set.

Johnny Damon was one of my favorite "idiots"..but I was naive to get too attached. Like most players, he went where the money was. It's too bad because Boston loved the guy.

A near team set of 2018 Stadium Club. I had all the horizontal cards already but I don't mind dupes of these beauties. With the addition of Bradley and Betts I'm only missing the Rafael Devers RC.

Shane, thanks very much for the great cards! If I see any more buybacks I'll send them along. Failing that, perhaps I'll pick up a Kylian Mbappe or something.

This is my 222nd post (and it just happens to be February 22nd) so here are two cards of retired tough guy Jordin Tootoo:

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. This is SO random/coincidental. 2 is my lucky number, was my jersey number in hockey growing up, and I was born on September 2nd at 2:22pm. True story I swear!

    Glad you enjoyed the cards! Thanks again for the buybacks.

    1. That's awesome! If only you were born on February 2, lol.

  2. Eddie Shore wore #2 and was born in 1902. I always forget Chris collects Whalers. My bad.

  3. What card show you going to? I spent my hobby budget on the new scanner so I can't go this time, but maybe next time. But if it's in the Danbury area I may go anyway just for fun.

  4. The card show is at the Milford Elks Lodge. I have a CT card show calendar bookmarked and the closest to Danbury would probably be Fairfield. There is a card shop in Danbury called Dugout Dreams that I want to check out sometime. I'd be down for a meet-up one day if we can work out the logistics.

    1. Cool, thanks! I wasn't aware of that shop, either. Danbury is about 40 minutes from me. I highly recommend the show in Enfield. I went this month for the first time, it was great! They run another show which may be the Fairfield one, I can't recall. I am going to attend their other show in March.

  5. Good luck at this weekend's card show. I'm looking forward to seeing what you bring back.

  6. Have fun at the card show this weekend! Can't wait to see what you pick up.

  7. The Whalers were so cool. Growing up, we had the Whaler's AHL franchise, the Binghamton Whalers, for several years, so I always felt a bit of a connection to them. The logo was great.