Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Non-Sports Post on a Non-Sports Day

This post contains no sports or sports card content. It's just a somewhat random post about somewhat random actresses and TV shows. Feel free to skip it if you're so inclined.

Back in the late 1990s I used to watch a fair amount of teen "soap opera" shows, as my mom called them. I got into Dawson's Creek because I heard the girls at school mention that Dawson was an aspiring filmmaker; I got into Roswell for the sci-fi angle - and because my girlfriend at the time was a huge fan. (My wife was a fan of the show, too.)

The original Roswell starred Jason Behr (my wife's crush), Brendan Fehr (my ex-gf's crush), Shiri Appleby* (my crush), and Katherine Heigl. I don't remember a whole lot about the show or any specific episodes, and you guys probably don't care anyway. 

*I'll get to the point in a sec, but first I wanted to share something random. There's a quote on Britt Robertson's IMDB page that mentions Shiri: 

I eat like no other, it drives everyone crazy. I eat donuts three times a day and I probably go through four Mountain Dews a day. I'm on like a sugar high at all times, pretty much. Shiri Appleby, who plays my mother, is a vegan and works out every day for two hours before she goes to work. When she sees me with my Mountain Dew, eating chips and a donut at 4 in the morning, she's like, "Wow. Wait until you're 30".

Britt Robertson looks like that and eats like me? Now that's a woman after my own heart!

Anyway, where was I? Oh, right.. Roswell. 

The CW rebooted the show last year and gave it a new name:

The Mrs. and I started watching Roswell, New Mexico a couple months ago - after Superstore and This Is Us ended but before Stranger Things returned. Now that we've finished watching ST3 we've started watching Roswell, New Mexico again.

The basics of the original show are still in place: Max, Michael, and Isabel are aliens who crash-landed in Roswell. Max and Liz have romantic chemistry in both shows.

The names are the same - almost (in the reboot, Liz has a more ethnic-sounding surname) but the plot lines and details are different. For example, the current show is a lot more "woke", getting a lot of mileage out of aliens in a border state struggling to blend in.

My wife hates politics, and the frequent reminders of it annoy her. I get that. But things were different 20 years ago, and the show is understandably geared to a younger, more diverse audience than its predecessor. We're not exactly the target demographic.

Anyway, the point of this post isn't to discuss the actual show - or its forebearer.

A few episodes into season one I noticed that one of the new characters, officer Cameron, looked familiar to me.

Once she had a decent amount of screen time I figured out why (or thought I did, anyway) This girl looks like Taryn Southern, I thought, and immediately did two things:
  1. I hadn't seen Taryn in quite some time, so I checked her Instagram to refresh my memory... and that is when I learned that she's battling cancer (#fuckbob)

  2. After that news knocked me for a loop, I hopped onto IMDB. And maybe from certain angles Riley Voelkel kinda resembles Taryn...but not really.

But! While I was on her IMDB page I learned that I had seen her before - in one of my favorite shows. And she played a significant role in one of the most significant scenes of said show..

Yep, that's Riley - asking the question that serves as a flashpoint for the pilot episode of The Newsroom. Damn I miss that show. 

I just wanted to share that with you guys. There's no sports to speak of today anyhow.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Shame about Taryn. Hate to see that stuff happen to lovely ladies.
    I volunteer myself to crush on Katherine Heigl since there's an opening...

  2. It's always sad to hear about someone discovering they have cancer... especially when they're so young. Hope Taryn beats it.

  3. Hate hearing news like that. Good post.

  4. Any character which graduated Northwestern AND was written by Aaron Sorkin is awesome in my book. I certainly miss having Sorkin writing TV. I should really try to see his To Kill A Mockingbird on Broadway.

  5. hey, thanks for the comment about Frampton Comes Alive. The effects are good on a few songs, but he seemed to use them on every song at the show.

  6. I loved the original Roswell show. Katherine Heigel was a chick I crushed on growing up. The Sci-Fi nature of the show appealed to me too. I havent watched an episode of the new series, but did add it to my list on Netflix.

    Sad to hear about Taryn. I'm not too familar with her works, but prayers for a recovery.

    1. Taryn is/was an internet celebrity, though she did some acting and singing back in the day. I used to love her YouTube channel; she was very funny and entertaining. She stopped doing that in the past year or two and now she's all about future tech type stuff which doesn't interest me. But I still click on her Ig page to see how her treatment is going.